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Taj Mahal is the most popular Wonder of the World on social media

  • India Tours
  • 06 Aug 2019

Recently, an international taxi platform, Taxi2Airport analyzed the popularity of New7Wonders of the World on social media. The company did so by keeping a close eye on Facebook likes, Instagram hashtags, Twitter followers, and pins on Pinterest. Then, the results were ranked in the Social Engagement Index 2019 where all the monuments were ordered on a 100-point scale. India’s Taj Mahal stood the winner with 94 points in total.

According to the figures collected by Taxi2Aiport, Taj Mahal is trending all over the world with 929, 544 likes on Facebook and 179, 187 followers on Twitter. These figures make it the most popular Wonder of the World. However, it is at the third place on Instagram and Pinterest.

Next in the queue is Chichén-Itzá, Mexico, which scored 92 points. The wonder scored the highest on Pinterest with 2, 587 pins while it got the second place on Facebook and Twitter, whereas on Instagram, it got the fifth position. Following are the other Wonders of the World in sequential order:

• Machu Picchu, Peru – 89 Points

• Colosseum, Italy – 88 Points

• The Great Wall of China – 81 Points

• The Christ Redeemer, Brazil – 81 Points

• Petra, Jordan – 77 Points

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