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Best Things to do in Pushkar

Welcome to Pushkar

Fact & figure
  • Indian union territory:
  • Area:
  • Population : 21,626 (2011)
  • Language : Rajasthani, Hindi, English
  • Attractions : Forts, Palaces and Monuments
  • Rainfall : 501 mm
  • : 510 m
  • Monsoon : July to August
  • Best time to visit : September to March
  • Temprature :

City Information - Pushkar

Located in the northwest of Ajmer district, Pushkar is one of the oldest cities in India. This city is revered and remembered for many things, and one of the most significant ones is that Pushkar happens to be the only established abode of the creator, Lord Brahma.
Situated at a height of 510m, Pushkar is nestled amidst hillocks on three sides and separated from the rest of Ajmer by Nag Pahar, meaning Snake Mountain. The world knows Pushkar for the heavenly essence of the rose that grows here, and it is exported all over the globe for its uniqueness.

History of Pushkar

But what makes Pushkar truly fascinating is the blend of mythological significance and ethereal architecture to match that legend. As per the mythical stories, Brahma dropped the lotus flower that is always in his hand and goes by the name Pushkar into the ground here, and the lake sprung into existence. The city grew up around the waters of the lake, both bearing the name of the lotus which birthed them. Hindu scriptures describe Pushkar Lake as Tirtha Raj, which means the ?King of all Pilgrimage Sites?. Being the only shrine of the great creator of the universe, a Hindu pilgrim?s voyage is never complete without a visit to Pushkar and a dip in the holy water of the Pushkar Lake. There are 52 bathing ghats around the lake, and 400 small and big shrines. Together it is a magnificently spiritual ambience to be in. The Brahma Temple can be identified from far by its trademark red spire and the image of the swan, associated sacredly to the existence of Brahma. The idol inside is that of the Chaturmukhi Brahma, where he has four faces facing the four cardinal points, keeping an eye out at his creation all the time. Right behind this is Savitri Temple, dedicated to Lord Brahma?s first wife. But the largest and oldest temple of Pushkar is Varaha, which is dedicated to the third reincarnation of Vishnu as a baraha or a wild boar.
Pushkar is important to the Sikh devotees as well. One of the bathing ghats in the lake is in memory of Guru Gobind Singh. Gurudwara Singh Sabha in eastern Pushkar here was built to commemorate the visits of first and tenth gurus ? Guru Nanak and Guru GovindSinghji.

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