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cheiraoba festival manipur



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Marks the beginning of the year.

Marks the beginning of the year.

Manipur is one of the Northeastern states which is known for its natural beauty and heritage. There are a number of festivals which are a symbol of their culture and their religious aspirations. Some of the festivals of Manipur include Lai Haraoba, Yaoshang (Dol Jatra), Radha Jatra etc. which is celebrated by the Manipuri people with great enthusiasm

About the Festival
About the Festival

Cheiraoba festival is the festival of Manipur which marks the New Year, and so the people celebrate this festival with immense pleasure and enthusiasm. The people send each other warm greetings and best wishes in order to bring joy and prosperity among the families and communities all year long.

Time of Celebration

This festival takes place in April which is also observed as the first lunar day of the Lunar month Sajibu. The festival is especially celebrated by the Meitei community which is one of the ethnic communities of Manipur.


As the festival is about celebrating brotherhood and love, on this day the local people clean their house and decorate it beautifully. They also enjoy a joint family celebration meal where they prepare local cuisines, and before they enjoy the feast, they offer the delicacies to their local deities at the entrance of their houses. This festival is usually celebrated by the Hindus but the Muslims of Manipur too take part in this festival to make it a joyous one.

Another exciting activity of this festival is that on this day the local people climb the Cheiraaoching which is located on the Chingmeirong or they climb the nearby hills in order to offer prayers as they believe that doing this will help them achieve great heights in life.

Married women also visit their maternal homes along with gifts for their family and relatives in order to wish them good luck and prosperity. The New Year celebration also includes ‘Thabal Chongba’ which is a traditional folk dance and the local people organize this dance at various localities at night where they dance their heart out and enjoy the festival of New Year with great happiness.

How to reach the cheiraoba festival?

Every year there are a lot of tourists who wants to visit and explore this beautiful festival as this festival is considered one of the grand festivals of Manipur. In order to reach the state of Manipur, you can find a number of transport options to reach its capital city Imphal. However, the nearest airport is about 8 kms from Imphal and the nearest railway station is in Kohima which is also connected to other cities of India.

So, you can plan your visit to this state and witness this great festival of Manipur.

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