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dehing patkai festival



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Experience the wildness and the captivating beauty

Experience the wildness and the captivating beauty

The festival is a grand heritage tea tour, and the people celebrate the natural beauty that the state has been gifted with. The northeastern part of India is rich with its wildlife and the natural wonders and the locals celebrate many such festivals to pay gratitude to the natural deities and one of those festivals in the Dehing Patkai Festival.

The location and the time of the festival

The festival is held at LEKHAPANI in the Tinsukia district of Assam, once every year.
As the state is in its fullest naturals blooms during the winter season, this festival is also celebrated during the winter in the month of JANUARY.

History of the festival
History of the festival

The festival was inaugurated in the year 2002, and DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM was the first chief guest for the festival. This festival is organized by the Government of Assam to promote natural beauty and to attract more tourists into the state at the best time of the year.

It is a festival that showcases the Assamese tribal culture, and there are around 20 tribes that actively take part in the events at the festival.

The festival is named after the beautiful PATKAI range and the mesmerizing DEHING river, this festival is a stimulating mix of the fairs, the state’s legacies and is an absolutely delightful visit for the tourists.

Events at the festival
Events at the festival

The huge celebration incorporates indigenous Assamese community fairs, tea tours, adventure sports, and golfing. The visitors at the festival can take an elephant safari and get to know about the wildlife closely. There are huge food festivals, craft fairs, cultural functions and many other events arranged for the tourists visiting the festival. One of the major parts of the festival also includes a trip to the Tea gardens and the Digboi oil field.

The tribal people take part to exhibit their traditional dance and music forms along with games and local fashion. One of the main aims of the festival is to preserve local and native culture and traditions. The festival also offers an outing to the second world war burial grounds which talks about the history of the past and offers the tourists with some interesting insights on some unique facts.

The food festival is important where tribal and other delicacies are displayed to the tourists.
Para-sailing and Kayaking are some of the adventure sports arranged for tourists.
A trip to the Stilwell road, which once led to Myanmar, is also organized.

The festival is a colorful, culturally rich event and which encompasses plenty of activities, live music, dance, traditions, and culture of the people of Assam, exhibiting everything highlighting the life of the people there.

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