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Purana Quila,Delhi

Get a visual treat of colors

Get a visual treat of colors

The capital city of India, Delhi has a lot to offer to its visitors from the extraordinary, mind-blowing festivals to the greatest of food and handicrafts. Delhi has always been one of the most famous and the most favorite destinations for tourists from all over the world due to its rich culture, heritage and the welcoming nature of the people. Each and every festival and occasion is celebrated here with zest and energy, the enthusiasm of the people is praise-worthy and really pulls huge crowds towards the city and its events.

Along with the religious and culture celebrating festival, the city also widely celebrates some amazingly unique festivals like the Mango festival and the beautiful Delhi flower show.

India is an agricultural country, and apart from its everlasting strength in cultivation food crops and vegetables, the country and its people also celebrate the local gardens, flowers and basically local flora and fauna which is also an important component of the country’s natural wonders.

The place and time of celebration
The place and time of celebration

The flower show in Delhi is held at the PURANA QUILA, which has a wide variety of flowers and so it attracts a lot of tourists as well as the local people.

The spring or the blooming season of the flowers in India is the winter season, and so this flower show is held in the month of February.

More about the festival
More about the festival

One of the grandest festivals celebrated in Delhi NCR; various flowers are put at the exhibition for the visitors. The flowers include hybrid flowers and unique, extraordinary flowers from all over the country.

There are statues made out of flowers, and this is used to decorate the entire place; the flower statues are huge and attract a whole lot of crowd at the flower show. People visiting are also allowed to buy these exhibited flowers. Various flowering techniques are also taught to the tourists at the show.

Some of the events for the flower show at Delhi NCR are as follows.

  • Project up-cycling
  • Rang Barse Holi festival
  • Mandala workshop
  • Snow treks

There are small and cute nurseries, and the tourists can get a hand on the plants there and can also possibly have a chat with professional gardeners. This attracts a lot of visitors who want to get more knowledge of plants and gardening while also enjoying some fun and enlightening workshops.

The gardening activities helps the people to indulge themselves in basic gardening and get closer to nature; this also helps them enjoy the flower show better.

The flower show at Delhi NCR is an absolute treat to the nature lovers.

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