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Hoysala Temple, Belur and Hoysala Temple, Halebid

Enjoy the cultural extravaganza at the fascinating Hoysala Mahotsava

Enjoy the cultural extravaganza at the fascinating Hoysala Mahotsava

Karnataka is known for many things and the most pride they take in is their art and culture. Specially the dances of Karnataka and the Hoysala festival gives the right opportunity to the artists from around the world to showcase their talent and get a platform on a major level.

Hoysala Mahoatsava takes place in the month of March and April and the festival receives participants from around the globe who have dedicated their life and time to this priceless art form.The Hoysala Mahoatsava is all about celebrating the traditional dance and music of Karnataka. The festival takes place in the sacred temples of Belur and Halebid in Karnataka. This festival was also celebrated on the military victory of Hoysala King in AD 1117.

The temples mentioned above are one of the most beautiful temples of India. They have carvings and depictions of various mythological God's and battle scenes from the wars thekingdom might have one through. The festival in a way gives the people of Karnataka a chance to exhibit their architectural wonders and their beliefs and faith. It is also a great time for tourism.

About the Hoysala Mahotsava
About the Hoysala Mahotsava

As mentioned above, the festival takes place in March-April, and this is time when most of the country is celebrating the dance and music festival of India. People from all over India come and visit this festival. Artists take part in it. Since the event takes place in temples, therefore, the temples are decorated and joyous at this time of the year. There's light, glitter and lamps all over, bring the people together through art.

It is the time of the year the people of Karnataka wait for with eagerness and zest. The whole city prepares for this Mahotsava and preparations start happening long before. You get to see some of the best artists of dance and music take part in this festival and magnify the significance of this sacred festival. It also gives the people of Karnataka to display and express their culture and heritage.


The city of Belur was once the capital of the Hoysala kingdom. The Hoysala were initially hill tribes residing in the mighty Western Ghats. With the course of battles the capital letter changed to Halabid. The ruler of this empty was Vishnuvardhana, under whose rule one of the best temples of Karnataka were built, one among these temples emerged to be grander than the others, this was the Hoysaleshwar Temple. The meaning of Halabid is ruined city. It was the capital of the Hoysala empire for a while and was also called Dwarasamudra. It was, however attacked two times and its beauty and riches were ruined. The Hoysaleshwar temple is solely dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is famous for the famous shrine of Linga and Nandi (sacred bull, messenger of Lord Shiva). Other than attending this festival one can also explore the great sites of the Belur temple. It harbours one of the best architectures to explore. Other than that, sight-seeing and get to know of the rich cultural heritage the place is known for. Chennakeshava Temple situated in Belur. Some great terracotta figures and their famous Panchaloha statues should be taken back as a piece of culture.

How to get there:

  • Bangalore Airport or Mangalore Airport
  • The railway station at Hassan is connected withMysore, Mangalore and Bangalore.

One may not get the best of best hotels near this place, it is a little far from the main city. However, there are basic motels and hotel facilities available nearby.

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