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Start Date: 14-11-2022 End Date:    27-11-2022


Pragati Maidan Delhi

A market to remember

A market to remember

India and the entire world were aware of the barter system, and all throughout the ages traders have extensively practiced. The International Trade Fair is not exactly like the age-old barter meets but is so much like the trade industry meets and gatherings. Traders and markets from all over the globe come down to the International trade fair in Delhi to launch or to just to promote their products/services better to other countries.

The India International Trade Fair (IITF) is basically a 14-day event that takes place every year from the 14th to 27th November. It is one of India’s largest integrated trade fairs and includes both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumers) type of trades.

It is organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) and his held at the Pragati Maidan in Delhi.

The business days visitors are priced more than the normal people visiting the trade fair.

History of the trade fair
History of the trade fair

The tradition of trade fairs was established in medieval Europe in the era of booming capitalism. During this era, the producers and traders started visiting towns with their crafts and products to attend the fairs and to get an opportunity to make more people aware of their products.

With the rapid industrialization taking place in the 21st century, trade fairs have now become a common face in the world for the traders to launch and market their products at a larger scale.

Events at the festival
Events at the festival

The fair is huge and is immensely filled with big international markets and trade industries. There are different stalls at the trade fair for many countries like South Africa, Myanmar, Spain, Dubai and many more.

There are different pavilions with totally different things at each one present. Some of the stalls have expensive perfumes; some have the indigenous handicrafts, some sell cloth that is only manufactured in their country. Some stalls have stuff related to home decoration; some sell sweets.

The trade fair is a huge event and includes stall with things ranging from automobile parts to basic home appliances. It has services to food products, and the beauty of this fair is that it is all available under one roof.

The stalls are not only from different countries across the world but also from different states in India itself that present some classical original and authentic things. The tickets are also easily available at all the metro stations in Delhi.

The visitors get to receive information about the latest products and trends in the Industry sector and every person; whether you have an interest in it or not, you should definitely once visit the International trade fair in Delhi, India.

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