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Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Mount Abu Summer Festival – the best time to visit and experience the cultural heritage of India

Mount Abu Summer Festival – the best time to visit and experience the cultural heritage of India

The Mount Abu summer festival is conducted every year for about a very short span that is two days, during the time of buddha Purnima. The festival is so joyous and colorful that it attracts many travelers and is worth visiting once.

The basic idea of the festival revolves around the idea of celebrating the ground culture of the state. It lets all the local individuals participate in it and celebrate their vibrant style of living.

About the festival
About the festival

Mount Abuhappens to be one of the mesmerizing and only hill station the state Rajasthan has. The festival is held in Mount Abu itself, situated near Udaipur in the south-west location of the state. The festival goes alive in the hill station for about two to three days once every year during the time of buddha Purnima that is somewhere in the month of May-June.

The festival is meant for the purpose of celebrating the joyous life and cultural uniqueness of Rajasthan. This festival attracts any individuals and helps them to understand about the living style and cultural thoughts and practices of Rajasthan.

The celebration includes many folk and classical dances, music, competitions, fire work, art work and the list are endless. the festival is conducted in the lap of mount Abu (the only hill station in Rajasthan) every year, this is because of the pleasant weather and cheerful nature that suits the energy of the festival perfectly.

During these three days the state is in sync in the color and vibes of the festival. The festival perfectly showcases the traditional, cultural and tribal lives of the state.


So, the festival starts with lot of enthusiasm and energy. It proceeds with the ceremonial procession, which starts from the Rajasthan tourism development corporation hotel shikhar and later the individuals gather at the nakki lake chowk where the locals perform the folks of Rajasthan.

The second and the third day includes lots of on ground activities and competitions for the entire day like crpf band show, skater’s show, skating race, deepdan, panihari matka race, tug of war, boat race, horse race, camel race, classical folk shows and many other activities.

The last evening of the festival is the grand and most mesmerizing thing of the event. On the last evening the sky is illuminated with great fire work.

The sham-e-qawwali is a very popular event of the festival as lots of well-knownqawwals or singers from all over the entire country gather here to entertain the locals and the visitors.

How to reach there

Mount Abu the only hill station in Rajasthan near to Udaipur is very well connected through road and air ways to the entire state and the country.

UDAIPUR is the nearest airport to mount Abu, about 185 km away. From the premises of the airport the individual’s kind find out lots of local taxis and buses directed towards mount Abu.

The station ABU ROAD is just distant at 2 hours’ drive from mount Abu and is very well connected to the rest of the states of the country through long journey trains.

Mount Abu is very well connected to the national 8 and 14. The roads are in great conditions and are connected to the local roads as well that make it easy to explore the state.

Other attractions:

Mount Abu also provides its visitors to have a privilege to explore many significant pilgrimage sites like Dilwara Jain temples, ashrams of saints and many other Hindu temples. Also exploring the natural sites like the holy nakki lake, mountains and landscapes will be every enjoyable.

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