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Tribal Tour of India

Tribal Tour of India







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Tour Overview

The Tribal Tour of India involves an extensive tour across the state of Odisha that is home to numerous indigenous tribes. Explore the beginnings of one of the oldest civilizations of the world and experience the feeling of dwelling with the tribal people in a most authentic and remarkable way.

The Tribal Tour of India across the eastern state of Odisha promises you a delightful journey that abounds in discoveries and explorations. Acquaint yourself with the friendly people and their lifestyles. Embark on this journey like no other and visit the cities of Bhubaneshwar and Puri. Enjoy shopping across the state, take home collectibles from your visit as the state has a diverse and enthralling range of handicrafts, sure to captivate your attention. The stone carvings, Pattachitra, Applique work, Brass and Dhokra works are all a fine representation of the unique and refined skills of the Odisha artisans and craftsman. The tribal tour of India is sure to reveal the vivacious and vibrant roots of the land in its full splendor. The tribals of the state are full of life and energy and being some of the most primitive tribes of the nation they unfold a true and unarguably the most beautiful representation of the tribal culture of the nation.

Tour highlights

  • Take a tour of Bhubaneswar and a full day excursion to Buddhist excavation site Ratnagiri

  • Explore the history of Odisha at the tribal village of Baliguda

  • Witness the tribal life of the state in villages like Rayagada, Jeypore, Ankadeli, Lamptaput, Kundli and Nandapur.

  • Relax at the beaches of Puri, also one of the Vaishnavite Chardham


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Day 01 Bhubaneshwar

Begin the tour by transferring to the airport, alight the fight to Bhubaneshwar. On reaching the city you shall be guided by our tourist to the hotel. Freshen up and get ready to discover the ancient city of India during the half day tour. The overnight stay shall be arranged for in Bhubaneshwar, have a peaceful sleep after the activities of the day.

Day 02 Bhubaneswar- Ratna Giri- Bhubaneswar

Have breakfast and enjoy a full day excursion to Ratnagiri, a highly renowned Buddhist excavation at Bhubaneshwar; the beautiful site offers a panoramic view of nature in the midst of natural greenery and a calm and peaceful atmosphere. After the tour return to your starting point and stay the night at Bhubaneshwar.

Day 03 Bhubaneswar- Baliguda

After an appetizing breakfast drive to Baliguda. Baliguda is a town in the district Kandhamal, Phulbani. Reveling in the scenic beauty it has to offer, the countryside roads provide a view of the small mountains abounding in Sal forests, also has a variety of flora and fauna. It is an entry point to the tribal highland of Odisha. While en-route visit the unique village establishments of Odisha. Arrive at the hotel in the evening, the overnight stay will be provided for in Baliguda.

Day 04 Baliguda

The day shall be devoted completely to a visit to the different villages in Baliguda and Desai Khond. The Desai Khond is one of the Dravidian- speaking Khond tribes of India, situated in the state of Odisha. Discover the rural life of the villages and Desai Khond. Observe the tribal life and after the activities return to the hotel at Baliguda for the night stay.

Day 05 Baliguda- Belghar- Kothagargh- Rayagada

After breakfast travel to Belghar region, visit some of the Huttiya Kondha tribal villages in the area to get a closer look at their lifestyle and culture, thereafter visit the local markets at Kothagargh. Move ahead and visit the primitive village of the Kutia Kondha tribals, who were once highly renowned for their human –sacrifices. The tribal communities dwelling in the midst of forest and mountains are extremely amiable. Indulge in a little sight- seeing, and take short or long treks as per your wish. Have lunch in the place following which continue driving to reach Rayagada a district that is home to a number of tribal communities and your final destination for the day. Stay overnight at a hotel.

Day 06 Rayagada- Jeypore

Wake up early and take the trip in the morning to explore the Chatikona(40 km) weekly market, organized by the Dongaria Kondh tribes, soak in the vibrance and interesting culture. The tribals are natives of the Niyamgiri hill range, and descent from the mountains weekly to set the market in the locality. We shall endeavor to take you 2:3 km from the market near the Niyamgiri hills to show you the unique and unusual way of life of the tribes before it intermingles with the other people. They come down with different kinds of fruits and animal species and their descent from the mountain range makes for a wonderful view. Have a leisure day shopping in the market. Observe the ornamental and vivacious life of the tribals. Move ahead to Jeypore. Stay overnight at your designated hotel.

Day 07 Jeypore- Ankadeli – Lamptaput- Jeypore

After early breakfast proceed to Ankadelli - 70 km from Jeypore to witness the most ancient, interesting and one of a kind tribal weekly market of the Bonda tribes of the area. The place serves as a border with the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh; divided by the river Machkund, a beautiful waterfall it abounds in mountains and forest. You will be taken ahead in the land inhabited by the tribal people, for about 2:3km a walking distance to witness the Bonda men and women coming down from through the forest. At present the Bonda tribal people are speculated to being the most primitive tribal people of the nation also known as the Nakate tribes of the mountain. Bonda women wear a lot of ornaments; their silver & brass rings are worn around the neck, hundreds of necklaces on the body, bald head and a small piece of clothing wrapped around to cover half of the private areas are a sight to see. The Bonda men on the contrary are observed with their bow & arrow and country made liquor – a fascinating tribe to watch. Photography in the marketplace is restricted. Enjoy some free time collecting souvenirs in the market. In the afternoon proceed to Lamtaput and discover the sight of few other tribes in the locality, like the tribal community of the Gdabas and delight in the most entertaining and vibrant dance called the Demsa. Drive back to Jeypore in the evening. Stay the night at Jeypore.

Day 08 Jeypore- Kunduli- Nandapur- Jeypore

Have breakfast and early morning proceed to witness the most celebrated and amazing tribal weekly market of Sana Paroja and Mali tribes in Kunduli 65 km away through Sunabeda. It is an immensely colorful and radiant market. Later during the day drive down to Nandapur to visit the village of Sana Paroja tribes, thereafter visit villages of the vicinity, Khilus, Saana Padar, Bda Padar with small trekking routes and later drive back to Jeypore. You can also proceed in the morning to Gupteshwar (70 km) to visit the villages of very interesting Dhuruba tribe. Discover the locality and walk through the villages of Ramanguda, Dogariguda, Silpader, Talur etc. to assimilate the essence of the region. The Madhya Pradesh border is abode to an interesting tribe native of the region, the males of the tribe are adorned with ornaments. Further visit the Cave temple of Lord Shiva in the hidden mountain famous among the tribal people. Seek the calm and repose in this seclusion and uncover the beauty of Odisha.

Later drive down to Nuagaonto explore the weekly tribal market of Sana Paroja and after spending a fun afternoon in the beautiful market among the tribal people, travel to a hotel in the evening. Stay the night in a hotel.

Day 09 Jeypore- Laxmipur- Rayagada

After having breakfast visit the nearby locality of Laxmipur in the Bondas region, home to the Dhuruba Tribe and interact with the tribal people. Also visit the Jagannath Temple (The Jagannath Temple is a new temple built in 1972, it allows Non Hindus visitors inside the Temple and all activities and prayers conducted are similar to Jagannath Temple of Puri).

Visit Tribal Museum at Koraput as well, to enrich your understanding of the tribe and its culture. Delight in the lunch afterwards. Move ahead to Rayagada, overnight stay arrangements at Rayagada.

Day 10 Rayagada- Taptapani- Chilka

Have breakfast and proceed to Chilka, the largest coastal lagoon of India, flowing from the mouth of Daya River into the Bay of Bengal. On your way to Chilka visit the hot sulfur water spring Taptapani, near the town Mohana. Retreat to a hotel in Chilka and stay overnight.

Day 11 Chilka- Puri

After having breakfast, go onward on your journey to Puri. Located on the east coast of the nation Puri affords some amazing beach views, relax and recreate on the beaches. After a leisure day at the beach, comfortably stay the night at a hotel in Puri.

Day 12 Puri

This day shall be an eventful one as right after breakfast you shall explore the beach city of Puri led by our guide. Visit the old Jagannath Temple,one among the four auspicious pilgrimage sites of the Hindus. The tour also involves a visit to the famous Sun Temple of Konark. Explore the city and its heritage and observe the architecture of the Temples. Later in the evening return to the hotel and stay the night in Puri.

Day 13 Bhubaneshwar

This marks the end of our wonderful Tribal Tour of India. After having breakfast transfer to the Bhubaneshwar airport to board a flight to Delhi or continue with the onward journey. Hope you enjoyed your trip with our services and we wish to see you again to explore some other parts of India with the help of Services International Private Limited, the best inbound travel company in India.


Tribal Tour of India

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