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Start Date: 09-11-2024 End Date:    15-11-2024


Pushkar, Rajasthan

Brighten Up Your Spirits in the Vibrant Colors of Pushkar Fair

Brighten Up Your Spirits in the Vibrant Colors of Pushkar Fair

Situated in the Ajmer district in Rajasthan, Pushkar is one of the oldest and holiest towns in India. A large number of people visit here every year to take a dip in the holy Pushkar Lake and pay homage to the 2000-year old Brahma Temple, the only temple in the world devoted to Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. The legend behind the creation of the Pushkar Lake is that once Lord Brahma dropped a lotus flower on the ground, which created the lake instantly. Thus, the town got its name ‘Pushkar’, which means ‘Blue Lotus’. The lake sits at the center of the town and has 52 bathing ghats. The major Pushkar events include fairs and festivals that are celebrated with much grandeur.

Pushkar Fair – an introduction
Pushkar Fair – an introduction

The annual 14-day livestock fair that is held in this town is also known as Pushkar Camel Fair and the local people call it ‘Kartik Mela’, as it starts in the Hindu Lunar month of Kartikand ends on the ‘KartikPurnima’. It is one of the oldest fairs in India and is soaked in the colors of Indian culture. Apart from thousands of camels, horses, cattle, sheep, and goats are also bought and sold in this fair. Not only for the tourists but also, for the local inhabitants of the town and the adjacent villages, this is one of the most-awaited Pushkar events of the year. Innumerable travelers, vacationists, pilgrims, and local people flock to the town to celebrate this event wholeheartedly.

Infuse yourself with the essence of tradition in the scintillating Pushkar fair
Infuse yourself with the essence of tradition in the scintillating Pushkar fair

This yearly event brings a lot of joy, laughter, color, and togetherness in the lives of the villagers and adds a tinge of delight to their life of monotony and hardships. You can get to see different types of traditional rituals and customs of Rajasthan that the local people follow during this festival, which can prove to be an enriching experience for you. The pilgrims take a holy bath in the blessed Pushkar Lake with the desire to wash away their sins and get blessed. If you wish to visit the town during this festival and want to participate in the 🐫 Pushkar fair tour packages, it is always advisable to book your accommodation in advance because finding a place to stay in the hotels and lodges becomes very difficult due to the emergence of thousands of visitors and pilgrims in the area. People even manage to stay in tents and campsites due to the insufficiency of accommodation facilities during this peak time.

Highlights of the Pushkar Mela
Highlights of the Pushkar Mela

If you want to go for a Pushkar vacation during this festival time, you need to know what you can expect for. This fair is celebrated in a grand way and it serves as the major source of entertainment for the local people as well as, the vacationers. Traditional folk dances and music, puppet shows, magic shows, exhibitions, camel sports, bridal contests, competitions, and performances are organized. Carousel rides and snake charmers bring delight to the children as well as, the adults. The very exciting camel race, which is organized on the first day of the fair attracts a huge crowd. Large varieties of traditional Rajasthani items are sold in the fair, such as jewelry pieces, garments, textiles, footwear, calligraphed fabrics, artifacts, handicrafts, lots of decorative items, etc. The very beautiful and famous lace and dye clothes from Ajmer are also brought for sale in the fair. So, you can be sure to enjoy the Pushkar holiday to the fullest.

Pushkar fair tour – taking you closer to spirituality
Pushkar fair tour – taking you closer to spirituality

The holy Pushkar Lake is known as ‘Tirtha Raj’, which means it is the king of all pilgrimages. So, the first thing you can do during your Pushkar holiday is, take a dip in the divine lake. Then you can go for a ‘Parikrama’ of the lake. In the evening, aarti ceremonies are performed at the Varaha Ghat and Brahma Temple, which is a mesmerizing sight to behold. The fairground or the mela ground itself gives you all the joy and excitement as it is decorated with colorful tents, dazzling shops, fun rides, etc. The folk music, dance, people, and the bright Rajasthani culture - altogether create such an ambiance that takes you to another world.

Temples to visit during the delightful Pushkar vacation

While enjoying the dazzling ambiance of the fair and festivities in the town, you can also take out some time and pay homage to the beautiful temples that embellish the area. Apart from the Brahma Temple, here are some of the temples you can visit:

  • Temple – situated on the Ratnagiri hill, it is an ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Savitri, the wife of Lord Brahma.
  • Atmateshwar Temple – a 12th - century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Aptaeshwar Temple – another Shiva Temple.
  • Varaha Temple – the oldest temple in the town, devoted to Lord Vishnu.
  • Rangji Temple – a South Indian (Dravidian) style Vishnu Temple.
  • Camel safari – Probably, there is nothing more fun-filled that a camel safari in the fair. Go for it and enjoy a fabulous tour of the whole fair riding on the ‘ship of the desert’.
Activities you can indulge in during the Pushkar fair tour

Though the primary purpose of your visit is to witness the biggest and the grandest camel fair in the world, you can still experience the joy of certain fun activities like:

  • Desert safari – It is needless to say that the Thar Desert is a major tourist attraction in Rajasthan and you can go for a desert safari on camelback while you are in this town and also, enjoy a short trip to the nearby villages.
  • Horse safari – A stroll on the horseback around the fairground can be very ecstatic.
  • Hot air balloon ride – The International Hot Air Balloon Festival takes place during the Pushkar fair and many vendors offer thrilling hot air balloon rides, which give you the scope to get an outstanding aerial view of the entire fair and the town.
  • Quad biking – A tour of the desert on the quad bike can be a great option if you love to explore distant locales singly.
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