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Nashik, Maharashtra

Dance at the groovy numbers and enjoy the best wines at the Sula Festival

Dance at the groovy numbers and enjoy the best wines at the Sula Festival

The Sula fest seems to be India's one of the best festival attracting half of India's music enthusiasts. It suffices the need for a break in the monotony of one's life. It is a fun-filled activity fest where the visitors can enjoy hardcore music, foods, wine, and fashion. The 2019 Sula Fest was a grand celebration; the visitors enjoyed the presence of a number of celebrity guests.

Stars conquering the stage
Stars conquering the stage

DJ Sasha needs no such introduction. He is a Welsh DJ, and as a solo artist, he is popular for his live events and electronic music. He was voted as world'sNo.1 DJ in the year 2000 by the DJ Magazine. He was a four-time DJ Award winner, was a Grammy nominee and afour-time IDMA(International Dance Music Awards) winner. DJ Sasha finds the best crowd and a fiery stage when he visits India every five years, to showcase the best of his talents, and in 2019 he descended upon none other than the Sula Festival.

DJ Sashanti, is a well-knownDJ and has showcased his talent all over India, Russia, and Europe with his great electronic music.Sashanti is a man with lots of talents- he is a DJ, promoter of house and music and a curator. He used to run the Shanti Goa, a prolific beach club for many years. He performed at the Sula Fest and took it to the next level with his high spirited and passionate live music.

Nikhil Chinappa has been with MTV for 10 years as a VJ and is now a national sensation on MTV's TV show Roadies. He is a man whose name is in the foundation names of the electronic music industry of India. Nikhil also developed himself into a groovy and energetic spinner of the house of techno.

The Amphi stage of the fest is lit up by several other reputed and famous artists. Some artists like the Paraphonicsis a collaboration of two great electronic musicians, ShatrunjaiDewan, and Sid Shirodkar. Paraphonics is among those independent artists who craze for modular synthesizers. Theycombine their modular synthesizers with conventional instruments such as guitars, keyboards, and drums. They create a musical and exciting electrical rock music environment.

Malfnktion makes you groove evenin your state of tiredness. An electronic music project influence heavily by Hip-Hop & Bass and is known for its combination of rap, up-beats rhythms and sounds and samples that are collected from all around the world.

Nothing Anonymous is a fresh artist duo mainly known for its dreamy, groovy, and sublime musical performance. They are famous for making our heads turn wherever they perform especially in the famous and popular festival stages.

Shankar Mahadevan is the Bollywood superstar who is especially renowned for his music album “My Country, My Music.”He is a great singer, music composer and has a very energetic voice to wake up the spectators and charge them up with energy to their fullest.The sensational and interesting trio of, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loyadds on to the immense talent of this man. The trio lifts up the performance with great musical ambience and lights up the musical fests.

Divine is a star born in the midst of the underdeveloped gullies of the Mumbai city. The Sula Fest was honored to bring on stage the Divine, the biggest hip-hop artist and a famous award-winning Indian rapper. India's sensational and talented boy is known all over the city his devoted songs about his city Mumbai. The 2013 song “YehMera Bombay” went viral all over the city and was even played in the local stations and reached BBC Asia. The song “Mere Gully Mein” was a hit and Divine was recognized as a star. This song won several awards for the title of Best Music Video, and he was awarded the “Best New Artist” title by iTunes and Apple Music. The Divine conquered hearts and the stage with his head touching lyrics and continuous raps had rocked the stage.

Jungle, the popular British music band. Their musical style is described and called “the mid-tempo 1970s style funk”, their music has an inclusion of animal noises, falsetto yelps, psychedelic washes. Their singles “Beat 54 (All Good Now) was featured in football video games by EA Sports, FIFA19.

Camp Details
Camp Details

The 2019 Fest had a rocking Fest ambience, 2020 will have the most dazzling experience of the Fest. If you missed your chances this year you could not afford to lose it the next year, Fest is awaited by all with a variety of grand attractions and tasty wine from the Sula winery. The Fest will have Jamming sessions at night, fire juggler sessions, drum circles with a campfire, outdoor movie experiences, rocking music performances, camping in a tent on the Sula Vineyard ground, tent stay for two people each tent, etc. Next year will be a greater and better celebration which will have inclusions of barbeque and bright morning breakfasts with additional charges. You may enjoy great views under the open-air starry nights staying in your tents in the lush green surrounding of the vineyard, breathing natural air.Above all, the Sula Vineyard is a beautiful 1800 acre of lush green beauty. The ambience and the surrounding of the event is more important to enjoy the event. There are more activities to be experienced, and more enjoyment in these three days. You are always welcome and not allowed to miss the chance of these immensely enjoyable momentsthat last only for three days and gives you memories to cherish the whole life.

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