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Sunburn Festival Goa

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sunburn festival



Start Date: 25-12-2020 End Date:    27-12-2020


Goa, India

Celebrate the festival of music

Celebrate the festival of music

The Sunburn Festival held every year is the best of events held in India. It is an attraction for music lovers from all over the world. A place where there is an air of thrill and excitement as a famous DJ’s from all around the world come under one platform and perform for the people. This fest has been held in goa for a long time; however, recently,, there has been a change in the venue. Nevertheless, it remains the same and goes along with the same level of thrill and excitement.

About the festival:
About the festival:

The festival hosts some of the best DJs from around the globe playing foot-tapping dance music. The festival is the most popular and highlighted among the youth. The reason being the kind of electronic dance music that is played during the event is appealing to the youth of this generation. The songs played during the festival are top of the chart songs, and music is such that you cannot stop your body from grooving to the beat. The festival is highlighted for the performances made by famous DJs like Afrojack, DJ Snake Andrew Rayel, Tiesto, Mark Knight, Quintino, Pete Tong, James Zabiela Josh Wink, Shermanology, Goldfish and Chuckie. This star-studded performance line is something that no one will want to miss. In addition to international artists, there are also various India artists that are included in the list of performances throughout the night, many of which include artists.

The music played during the festival is not just restricted to one genre but caters to different tastes and likes. The people will have a gala time choosing the type of music you wish to listen to. There will be various types of music genres that are played during the festival throughout the event with not a single moment of momentary boredom. There are five separate stages that are set up for different performances. These performances are done by over 120 artists that come from all over the world. People who have different tastes in music ranging from trap to electronic to house techno all gather in this festival to take full advantage of the star-studded festival of music. The music is not the only appeal of the festival, the music is fully supported by LED light shows and lasers making it a once in a lifetime experience.

In addition to the music event, there are also different workshops that are set up before the music event start. The music event starts in the evening and continues throughout the night or late at night. Therefore, during the pre-show in the daytime, you can take full advantage of the workshops. These workshops will include things like puppet workshops, kite, dream catcher workshops and many more. There are also workshops that teach people different instruments if they are interested in playing one!

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