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10 Days |Nagaland Hornbill Festival Tour Package

10 Days |

Nagaland Hornbill Festival Tour Package

Nagaland Hornbill Festival Tour Package







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Hornbill Festival



Start Date: 01/12/2024 End Date:    10/12/2024


Kohima, Nagaland

Tour Overview

In this stressful world, even a little joy keeps you happy for a long time. Joy and happiness has become a need of life. Festivals add a joy to life and aid in reducing the stress in life. But festivals do not happen daily. Even if they do, it is difficult to attend them from all over the world. Never mind your busy schedule. The Nagaland Hornbill Festival Tour helps you fulfil this dream of yours. Just take out 10 days from your busy schedule to enjoy the Hornbillfestivals in India. This tour aims at showcasing the colourful tradition of the north-eastern states of India. This tour believes in spreading happiness all around the world. Therefore, this trip is a must for all those who are searching for joy and are enthusiastic to discover the traditional carnival are Nagaland.

The trip does not end with the festivals. It also includes visiting the remote villages of Nagaland and understanding their lifestyle. Tourists get access to the most remote village of Nagaland, i.e. Lungwa village. Tourists also get a chance to meet the once fierce head-hunters. The tour also gives access to the glorified palaces and cemeteries which put light on the dignified history of the north eastern states. In short, this tour is a complete package of happiness in your mind and adrenaline in your blood streams.

Tour highlights

  • Visit Kohima, the beautiful capital of Nagaland and witness the famous Hornbill Festivals

  • Take a tour of Naga villages, rich in heritage and culture, like Khonoma and Mokokchung

  • Meet the last remaining tribes of head hunters at Lungwa

  • Explore the historic sites of Ahom kingdom at Jorhat


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Day 01 Guwahati to Kohima

Arrive at Guwahati airport and move to the exit point once you are done with airport formalities. Meet our North East Explorers representative in Guwahati and head for your journey to Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. You will be driven through the green plains and famous tea-gardens of Assam. Reach Kohima, the beautiful capital city of Nagaland, which is spread across multiple Eastern Himalayan hills. Check in to your hotel and relax after the long journey. Prepare yourself for the long tour tomorrow to Hornbill.

Day 02 Kohima – Hornbill Festival Ground – Kohima

On your second day, you will be visiting Kisama Heritage Village to witness the colourful opening ceremony of the Hornbill Festival. This is called the ‘Festival of Festivals’ in this region, and strives to protect, sustain and uphold the Naga culture, tradition and heritage. Enjoy the opening ceremony and click as many pictures as you want.

Day 03 Kohima – Hornbill Festival Ground – Kohima

Today, you will head towards to the Kisama heritage village festival ground again to enjoy the festivities of the Hornbill Festival. Today, the festival will present you with traditional performances and enactments which showcase the rich history of the tribes. The festival also gives access to the mouth-watering delicious dishes of the tribes. Later in the evening, you will head towards Kohima cathedral. This is the main church of the diocese of Nagaland and unlike the usual churches Mary Help of Christians Cathedral is designed not in a Gothic style but in a traditional Naga house style.

Day 04 Kohima Local Tour – Khonoma – Kohima

After enjoying your delicious breakfast, you will head towards the village of Khonoma, which has been titled as Asia’s first green village. Here lies a World War II cemetery, which is one of the most significant reminders of the mostbrutal, bloody and tragic wars fought in history. Later, you will be driven around the historic village of Khonoma, getting a glimpse into the local lifestyle here and the unbound natural beauty.

Day 05 Kohima to Mokokchung

Today, after your breakfast, the tour will become even more exciting. You will be driven deeper into Nagaland towards Mokochung. This remote Naga village is in possession of unbelievable natural beauty and is home to the AoNagas and their culture. The village areas around Mokochung are famous for numerous myths, stories and bravery of the local tribes.

Day 06 Mokokchung – Guided tour to Naga villages – Mokokchung

Today we explore the exotic Ungma and Mokochungbasti. These are the villages in Naga, inhabited by the local tribes. Be attentive to what your local guide says as you take a tour of the villages. Today, he would share the glorious stories about the cultures and life in these villages. Slowly walk through the narrow lanes and keenly observe these colorful villages.

Day 07 Mokokchung – Lungwa

Today, you will be driven to one of the remotest parts of Nagaland, Lungwa village. Lungwa village is situated in Mon district and is a head-hunter territory. This village is far away from the advancements today and tourists may not have access to any gadgets there. Here, it’s all about having a good time and living happily with all you possess. Visiting this village will definitely make the tourists astonished about how happy people can be, even without a basic necessity like electricity.

Day 08 Longwa Local Tour

Today the trip is going to be most exciting. Head towards the village of the last surviving head-hunters and grab an opportunity to talk to them. Do not worry about the language because you are going to talk to them through our local guides. Get to know about the taboos of these head hunters. Imagine the exact situation when they used to chop off the heads of their enemies and bring their heads back to their village where festivities awaited them.

Later in the day, visit the Angh (King) of the Konyak Nagas. This king’s palace is divided between two countries India and Myanmar. Only the king is allowed sit on the Myanmar side of the palace and other common people cannot go there. Nevertheless, you can always view it from a distance. We will take a walk up to the pillar that separates India from Myanmar. After this tiring and exciting trip today, you will be driven back to your hotel in Naga.

Day 09 Longwa to Jorhat

After visiting all these hidden regions of Nagaland, today you will head back to the plains of Assam. Reach Jorhat late in the afternoon. Then you will visit the historic sites of the Ahom kingdom. This kingdom started flourishing back in the 13th century by the banks of Brahmaputra and successfully maintained their sovereignty for 600 years and successfully resisted the mighty Mughals into the north-east.

Day 10 Jorhat to Guwahati

This awesome trip has come to an end. Today you will be driven from Jorhat to Guwahati in the morning. You may take photo-breaks and click pictures in the most naturally beautiful places in India. But make sure you reach Guwahati before evening. Board your flight on time and fly-back home with memories of a lifetime.


Nagaland Hornbill Festival Tour 2020

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