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7 Days |The most popular wildlife tour to Kaziranga Assam

7 Days |

The most popular wildlife tour to Kaziranga Assam

The most popular wildlife tour to Kaziranga Assam



Tour Overview

The 7 days’ trip to Assam is surely the perfect getaway that you can get with your family and friends. In Assam, you can have the most rejuvenating time by indulging yourself in the serene environment of beautiful valleys. Assam is amongst one of the beautiful state of Northeast India, that has contributed a lot to the Indian tourism industry. Assam is blessed with prepossessing natural beauty, lush green tea gardens, historical monuments and temples, heavenly mountainous and rocky regions and a lot of other scenic marvels. With so much in your plate, you can never have enough time to appreciate and eye all the ravishing elements of Assam. This wildlife trip to North East of India also enables you to have a stroll at Kaziranga National Park, which is the paradise for all the animal lovers. At Kaziranga you can catch the glimpse of all the amazing creatures possile.

There is a great diversity in population of animals which makes Kaziranga a worth visiting place. When it comes to Assam, the most underrated thing of Assam is its different forms of dance. You need to behold the enchanting dance forms of Assam which is sure to leave you to immense pleasure and appreciation. Assamese have finger-licking cuisines which you can’t miss when touring Assam. These dishes will make you crave when you get back to your square one. The diversity in the culture of Assam makes it a stand out from the crowd.

Tour highlights

  • Visit the beautiful temples of Guwahati.

  • Catch the glimpse of the diverse wildlife of Guwahati.

  • Enjoy tea plantation walks at Jorhat.

  • Dive into the stories of Ahom kingdom.

  • Explore the diverse wildlife of Kaziranga.

  • Enjoy the breezy environment over the sparkling waters of river Brahmaputra by boarding the Cruise.


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Day 01 Guwahati

Arrive in the capital city of Assam, Guwahati. Arranging a smooth ride to your hotel will be our responsibility. Check-into your hotel and gear yourself for the beginning of the most memorable trip. To experience the rich heritage and culture of Assam, you will visit some of the oldest temples of Guwahati like Umananda Temple, Kamakhya Temple, Navagraha temple today. These ancient temples have many nail-biting stories which will make you experience an-all new chapter of excitement and enthrallment in your life. Next you can drive to the Manas National Park and peep into the beautiful plethora of wildlife. This park is home to many wildlife creatures such as, elephants, bison, rhinos, buffalos, and many endangered species as well. You can even visit the Assam Rajyik State Museum which is another epitome of rich culture and heritage. This museum is a collection of enormous ancient scriptures, ancient clothing of people, prehistoric sculptures, and ivory paintings. This museum will be a perfect treat for all the art and history lovers. If you are a personwho loves gazing at the sky, then Guwahati Planetarium is the perfect place for you to visit as the heavenly bodies of the universe are projected here daily.

Day 02 Guwahati - Jorhat

Start your day with a wholesome and nutritious breakfast and drive straight to Jorhat to witness some amazing visual marvels. Jorhat is known as the tea capital of India so you cannot miss out watching some beautiful tea plantations being done like the Cinnamora Tea Estate. What’s more delighting than watching tea leaves being cultivated and processed. The fresh aroma of strong tea that motivates and drives you to work every morning is brought from this place. Walk amid these plantations and understand how much labor is involved in providing you with the best tea that you sip at peace every morning. Experience the bright and scenic waterfalls at Kakochang. These waterfalls attract tourists in great number. The lush green tea plantations are best viewed from here.

Day 03 Jorhat

Start your day with scrumptious Assamese breakfast and hurl to Sibsagar to witness the remains and ruins of the Ahom Kingdom. The museum situated at the bank of the Sivasagar tank will give you an insight of the rulers of the Ahom dynasty. Ahom dynasty is a lesser known dynasty and this museum provides many artefacts which will educated you all with some great facts of the ancient Assamese culture. This museum is sure to take you back to the times of ancient history which will give you jitters and will leave you to astonishment. After getting educated with all the insights at the museum you can visit the Maidams of Ahom Kings. It was earlier known as Charaideo. It was the first permanent capital of the Ahom kingdom. This place has the tombs of Ahom rulers and queens. Maidams of Ahom Kings have an excellent architecture that reveals the skills of sculptors of the ancient period. Post this you van drive to Tai Ahom museum which showcases the beautiful Ahom glory and even promotes Tai literature. All these experiences will give you a cognizance of the ancient Assamese civilization.

Day 04 Jorhat - Kaziranga National Park

Stuff your tummy with some mouth-watering Assamese cuisine and plunge into the beauty of Kazinranga. Today you will visit the Toklai Research Centre to get an insight of the tea plantation industry. Toklai Research Centre is considered to be the largest and the oldest tea research centre in the world. Here you can have a first-hand experience of how tea leaves are cultivated, plucked, and how freshly brewed tea leaves are stored so that the fresh aroma leaves you energized and fresh in each sip. After learning and watching the laborious tea plantations, relax and rejuvenate yourself at the hotel. Next in this trip comes the time to melt yourself in the beauty of Kaziranga. Drive straight to Kaziranga from Jorhat. Kaziranga National Park is one of the UNESCO World Heritage National Parks and is the home to one-horned rhino and many rare species of birds. Spend the night your hotel to get yourself pumped-up for the following day.

Day 05 Kaziranga National Park

Get ready to peep through the beautiful wildlife of Kaziranga National Park. Take an elephant or jeep safari and marvel at the beautiful creations of nature. You will come across one-horned rhinoceros and many exotic animals that will leave you wondering of how beautiful and magnificent mother nature can be. This Park is the perfect place for the sightseeing and spending your evening. This National Park is home to many unique families of birds like Pelican, Whistling Teal, and many more. The reason for the existence of beautiful birds in this region is the presence of great number of water lagoons here. After this, you can visit Kaziranga Orchid Park to eye the beautiful greenery and flowers of Assam. To enjoy your evening, you can enjoy the cultural shows of folk dances and music here. If you are someone who wants to get insight into plantations, you can spend some time visiting and educating yourself with the coffee and rubber plantations. There is also a traditional weaving factory nearby the National Park where you can learn and get an insight about the Assamese art. Next you can proceed towards the western range of Kaziranga National Park and return to your hotel to recoup back your energy and get ready for an adventurous day that follows.

Day 06 Kaziranga National Park - Guwahati

Kickstart your day with some breakfast and drive back to Guwahati from Kaziranga National Park. At the end of the day, take a luxurious cruise at the banks of The Brahmaputra river. Witness the beautiful sunset of Assam while on the cruise. Enjoy the serene Assamesewaters and the magnificent landscapes here. Capture these beautiful moments in your camera so that you can cherish this memorable trip lifelong. The calm and composed waters will drive out all your tiredness and will fill you with new energy. These moments will leave you to great excitement and elation. Now, return to your hotel and spend a cozy night there.

Day 07 Depart Guwahati

After all the amazing experiences, now is the time to wrap up and bid farewell to this bewitching beauty. Our representative will arrange a stress-free drive to the airport from where you can board your flight and start with the next destination.


Popular wildlife tour to Kaziranga Assam

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