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India and Sri Lanka Vacation

India and Sri Lanka Vacation







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Tour Overview

Live your moments amidst the wondrous landmarks attwo different countries only at the India and Sri Lanka Vacation.

India being the 7th largest country in the world is known to incorporate numerous cultures, creeds and traditions, which makes it diverse and captivating. It is also home to several heritages sites and monuments that fascinate many tourists. The neighboring country, Sri Lanka comprises of diverse landscapes, coastal towns, silk routes, and ethnicity as well. At this package, get to live in not just one country, but two different countries in just 11 days.

Through the tour, get to spend time with your partner, friends, family, relatives or acquaintances, like never before. Get to witness temples, shrines, palaces, waterfalls, gardens, museums, beaches, cathedrals, basilicas, and lighthouses located in two different countries. Capture moments along the rocky shorelines and get lost shopping at the bustling commercial streets. Do not miss out on the fun and do not settle for anything less than this best India and Sri Lanka Vacationpackage.

The tourbegins at Chennai from where you will cover famous landmarks at Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry. From there you will board a flight to Sri Lanka to enjoy at towns which include Kandy, NuweraEliya, Bentota, and Colombo. Visit grand locations and indulge in watersports like scuba diving, free diving, parasailing, kitesurfing, snorkeling, and wakeboarding.

Tour highlights

The highlights include:

  • Visiting the Temple of the Tooth that has a scared relic of Buddha’s canine tooth.

  • Visiting the Viharamahadevi Park, one of the largest and oldest park in Sri Lanka.

  • Visiting the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, a breeding area for wild Asian elephants.


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Day 01 Arrive at Chennai. Tour of important places in Chennai.

Upon your arrival at Chennai. You will get transferred to your hotel. After freshening up you will head out for an exciting tour across Chennai. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is widely known for its rich culture, tradition, festivals, and heritage sites.

Here, your first stop is at the Marina Beach. The beach is a great scenic location that is lined with numerous seafood stalls. So relax and chill as you munch on somedelicious shrimps. The next stop you will visit is the Kapaleeshwarar Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known for its Dravidian architectural design. After visiting the temple, you will head out for Edward Elliot’s Beach. This beach is right next to the Marina Beach. The beach is name after Edward Elliot, a renowned chef. After chilling at the beach, you will arrive at the Fort St. George. The port was once the main trade hub and also the first English fort in India. Post journey, overnight at the hotel.

Day 02 Arrive at Mahabalipuram by road.

From Chennai, you will be transferred to Mahabalipuram. On the way you will come across the famous town, Kanchipuram. Kanchipuram is an ancient holy city located in Tamil Nadu. It was once the capital of the Pallava dynasty. It consists of several temples dedicated to the Hindu gods. The Kamakshi Temple is the most renowned temple in Kanchipuram dedicated to Goddess Maha Tripurasundari. Other great temples include the Kanchi Kalisanathar and the Ekambareswarar temple. Overnight at Mahabalipuram.

Day 03 Tour of important places in Mahabalipuram. Arrive at Pondicherry.

Mahabalipuram is as renowned as Kanchipuram. It is a holy city well known for the seven pagodas. At Mahabalipuram, the first destination you will be visiting is the Shore temple. The Shore temple comprises of three more complex temples in it. These temples are built of granite with spectacular design. Then the next stop will be the Pancha Rathas. The Pancha Rathas is a series of chariot-shaped temples that are made of stone. It is a great instance for rock-cut monolithic architecture. Then you will head out for the Descent of the Ganges, which is an iconic historical monument consisting two huge rocks. Post tour, you will get transferred to Pondicherry by road. Overnight at Pondicherry.

Day 04 Tour of important places at Pondicherry.

Pondicherry was capital of French India. It was a French colonial settlement and now it is a Union Territory of India. The city still has the French culture preserved within it walls. Here, the first stop you will be visiting is the Promenade Beach. The beach is widely famous for its rocky shoreline. It is sighted along an urban street with a park and a war memorial. Then, you will visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is a Gothic-style church with high stained glass windows and depictions related to the Bible. Then, you will arrive at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. It is an iconic Portuguese-style church. It has a silver-gold statue and is known for its peace and tranquil atmosphere around it. Other places of interest include Aayi Mandapam, Old Lighthouse, Pondicherry Museum, and much more. After tour, overnight at Pondicherry.

Day 05 Arrive at Colombo

From Pondicherry, you will be transferred to Chennai airport. From Chennai airport, you will board a flight for Colombo, Sri Lanka. Upon your arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel in Negambo where you can chill and relax your muscles.

Day 06 Tour of Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage. Arrive at Kandy.

Wake up to a healthy breakfast at your hotel and get transferred to Kandy. On your way to Kandy, you will encounterand get to visit the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage. This orphanage was established by the Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife. The orphanage aims to take care of orphaned, hurt or abandoned elephants. It provides them with shelter, care, and food. It is also a place for breeding of the mighty wild Asian elephants. Post tour, overnight at the hotel in Kandy.

Day 07 Tour of important places at Kandy

Wake up to some delicious breakfast at your hotel and head out for an amazing tour across Kandy, the largest city in central Sri Lanka. The city comprises of several rainforests, mountains, hilltops, and lush tea plantations.

At the Kandy city tour, your first stop will be the Kandy Lake. The Kandy Lake is also known as the “Sea of Milk”. The lake is a manmade lake that is lined acrossthe Temple of Tooth. People visit the lake to rejuvenate their mind or for a healthy jog. Then you next stop will be the Temple of the Tooth, located near the Kandy Lake. It is an iconic temple that is part of a royal palace complex, and has the canine tooth of Buddha. The next destination you will arrive at is the National Museum of Kandy. The museum provides an insight of the Kandian era, its culture, civilization, and also consists of armors, weapons, and artworks. Other famed landmarks at Kandy include the International Buddhist Museum, British Garrison Cemetery, Hanthana Mountain Range, and Sigiriya. Post tour, overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 08 Arrive at NuweraEliya. Tour of important places at NuweraEliya.

Post breakfast, head out for the “City on the Plain” or the “City of Light”, that is NuweraEliya.At this wondrous city your first destination is the Lake Gregory. It a beautiful reservoir that is lined with numerous tea and coffee plantations. Then you will arrive at the Victoria Park. The Victoria Park comprises of several flora of rare type. It also has a pond and ground where several birds come by. The next destination you be taken to the Lover’s Leap Waterfall. It is a small waterfall where can go hiking across the trail. On reaching the top, you get to view several scenic locations where you can capture moments.Then the next stop will be the Pedro Tea Factory. Here, you can learn about how the marvelous and refreshing tea is made from tea leaves. Other places of interest are Hakgala, Mackwoods Tea Museum, Hakgala Botanical Garden, Moon Plains, and much more. Post tour, overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 09 Arrive at Bentota. Tour of important places at Bentota.

Post breakfast, head out for an amazing tour across Bentota. Bentota is a coastal town in Sri Lanka located on the bank of River Bentota. Here you can enjoy several water activities along the shores and wonderful beaches.

At the tour, your first stop is at the Ventura Beach. At the Ventura beachchill and relax as you watch the marvelous sunrises and sunsets. Also, get to eat delicious seafood from the food stalls lined alongside as well. Then, the next stop you will cover is the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project. The project was started to conserve rare turtles and sea turtles. Here, you can get to witness several kinds of turtles, learn about their lifespan, breeding cycle, and much more. The next stop is at the Bentota Lake. Apart from enjoying the scenic location, you can go for a boat ride as well. Then, you will cover the Moragalla Beach. This is the best beach you can visit at Bentota as it home to several water sports like swimming, snorkeling, sailing, kitesurfing, and wakeboarding. It also comprises of hidden coral reefs and lagoons as well. Other modern landmarks you can visit at leisure include St. Claris and Devon Waterfalls. Post tour, overnight at the hotel.

Day 10 Arrive at Colombo. Tour of important places at Colombo.

Post breakfast, get transferred to Colombo. Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka. Apart from being the main trading center, it is also the financial or business capital of Sri Lanka as well.

At Colombo, the first stop is at the Galle Face Green. The Galle Face Green is an exquisite modern park next to the vast ocean. It has a long stretch of rocky coast where tourists can chill, relax, and capture moments. Then, thenext destination you will be visiting is the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple. The Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple is home to several Buddha statues with artifacts. The temple will also provide an insight over the Buddhist culture and much more. Then, the next stop isthe Viharamahadevi Park. It is one of the largest and oldest parks in Sri Lanka. It has a zoo that has several wild animals. Apart from the zoo, it also has walking trails, paths, fountains, and gardens with flower shows. Post tour, overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 11 Departure

After having a delicious breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your departure flight.


India and Sri Lanka Vacation

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