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India Tribal Tour Package

India Tribal Tour Package







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Tour Overview

The eastern state of Odisha is home for a large number of Indian tribal communities. Odisha Tribal Village Tour aims at exploring these tribal civilizations. It wishes to make the present generation enthusiastic about the traditional tribal civilizations. This tour gives access to the rich tribal cultures and educates people about the real lifestyle of the tribes. The isolated tribal villages covered under this Odisha Tribal Village Tour include Itamati, Baliguda, Kotagarh, Rayagada, Chatikona, Jeypore, Ankadelli, Lamtaput, Lakshmipur, Taptapani, Narsinghpur and Pipili. These tribal communities are really sensitive to public attention and thus the tourists must take care they do not hurt their feelings and beliefs in any way.

This tour is not limited to the tribal trail. Special additions in this tribal village trip are a tour through Bhubaneshwar, UdayagiriKhandagiri Buddhist ruins, Konark Sun Temple and Puri. This enriching tour also gives access to the Asokan Edicts at Dhauli Hill which are reminiscent of mass killings by the Emperor after which he turned towards peace and started preaching Buddhism. It is also a proof of the fact that after darkness, light prevails and that there is always a good time after the bad one.

Tour highlights

  • Enjoy Bhubaneshwar, the beautiful capital of Odisha

  • Explore the rich tribal heritage of Baliguda village and Itimati market place

  • Trek along small tribal villages like Khilua, BadaPadar and SaanaPadar

  • Pay visit to the famous sun temple at Konark and soak yourself in the beach of Puri

  • Visit Pipili and learn about the rich artistic heritage of the village


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Day 01 Bhubaneshwar

Arrive at the first location of the trip, Bhubaneswar. At the airport, after completing all other formalities proceed to the exit and our tour representative. Then you will be transferred to the hotel. After completing all hotel formalities, get ready for tour for the next half-day. The tour involves visiting the two locations B.C Jain Monk Caves at Khandagiri and Udaygiri twin hills and Tribal Museum. The visit to museum speaks about the tribal art, culture and lifestyle. After visiting these two places you will head back to hotel and rest.

Day 02 Bhubaneshwar - Baliguda

After having the delicious breakfast at the Bhubaneswar hotel, you will be driven to Baliguda. The drive will give you access to a beautiful countryside road with small mountains filled with Sal trees. Located in the Phulbani district, Baliguda houses a number of semi-tribal villages and thus acts as a great start for the tribal tour of Odisha. Itimati, which is a marketplace village enrouteBaliguda is famous for the tribal weaving skills. Visit some more such typical villages of Odisha. Arrive at the hotel in the evening and rest for the rest of the day.

Day 03 Baliguda

After your breakfast, the Baliguda tribal tour starts. Baliguda is a prominent base for tribal tours in Odisha as it houses tribes like DesiaKondh and KutiaKondh. Go for an exciting trek to experience the rich tribal culture. After this tiring sight seeing, you will head back to the hotel and stay at Baliguda overnight.

Day 04 Baliguda - Kotagarh - Rayagada

After breakfast, you will head to Belghar area. Visit to some KuttiyaKondha Tribal Villages &the famous weekly Market at Kotagarh. The KuttiyaKondh is the largest and most prevalent village in Odisha. Besides being home to many small culturally rich tribes, Kotagarh is also famous a wildlife sanctuary rich in bio-diversity. The diverse wildlife species that can be spotted here are tiger, elephant, gaur, spotted deer, sambar and a variety of reptiles. The excursion to Kotagarh Wildlife Sanctuary is optional; you may or may not visit it. Enjoy the traditional meal for your lunch on the way to Rayagada. Reach Rayagada in the evening and rest in the hotel for the night. Rest properly because the next of tour is going to be tiring.

Day 05 Rayagada - Chatikona - Jeypore

Dongria Kondh is the most primitive tribe of Odisha. Trek to its villages in the Niyamgiri hills which accommodates over 8000 tribal people. This tribe has conserved and preserved the forests and wildlife of the hills. Visiting these villages will definitely inculcate environment friendly ethics in the tourists.

Next visit the Chatikona Weekly Market and experience the barter system. The Doms, Desias and DongoriyaKondhas click the barter deals with each other here once in a week. Viewing the barter deals is an interesting event. After viewing the interesting event, drive on to Jeypore. This town is known for its waterfalls, green forests and aboriginal tribal folks. VisitKani tribal village on the way to Jeypore. Reach Jeypore in the evening and rest in the hotel.

Day 06 Jeypore - Ankadeli - Lamtaput - Jeypore

Next morning after your breakfast, visit approximately 6000 members of the Bondas at Ankadeli. Themembers of this tribefollow the traditional semi clothed dressing pattern and stay in the remote hills. The members of this tribe prefer keep themselves isolated from the rest of the world. The tribe memberswork together to earn livelihood. Remember photography is strictly prohibited here because the tribe people do not like it. Next you will visit Godabas, Parajas and Mali tribes. In the afternoon after visiting these tribes you will drive back to Jeypore.Visit the pottery village of Bapaniguda and other tribal villages of Siriguda and Paraja at LamtaputenrouteJeypore. Rest of the day is at rest in Jeypore.

Day 07 Jeypore - Kunduli - Nandapur - Jeypore

After having your breakfast,proceed to the biggest tribal weekly market set up by Sanaparoja& Mali tribes in Kunduli Village. It is located 65 km away from Jeypore via Sunabeda. After visiting the villages, drive down to Nandapur. Visitthe village of Sanaparoja tribes there. Alsovisit the other villages of Khilua, BadaPadar, SaanaPadar, etc with small trekking. Later drive down to Jeypore for night stay.

Day 08 Jeypore - Lamtaput - Jeypore

Today you will be driven to Machkund, the place famous for Duduama waterfalls. Also known as the "Matsya Tirtha", Machkund is based in its majestic hills. Then you will head towards a soft trek to primitive BoroGadaba village and view Dhemsa, the famous traditional tribal dance. After this you will head back to Jeypore. On the way to Jeypore, visit Lamtaput market. Reach Jeypore in the evening and the night is for rest.

Day 09 Jeypore - Lakshmipur - Rayagada

After the delightful breakfast, check out from theJeyporehotel and head towards Rayagada. Visit Desia Kondhor the Paraja villageenrouteRayagada. Visit the famous Jagannath Temple & Tribal Museum at Koraput. Reach Rayagada in the evening and rest for the remaining day.

Day 10 Rayagada - Taptapani- Chilika Lake

Next day, move to Chilika. EnrouteChilika, visit Soura tribal village and local market – you can even shop a little bit if you want. Also visitTaptapani, the famous natural hot water springs. This place is famous among the locals because it helps them feel relaxed at warm waters of Taptapani. Later, continue to Chilika for overnight stay.

Day 11 Chilika - Narasinghpur - Puri

Today go for a boat ride into Chilika Lake. It is the largest brackish water lake in Asia. This lake ecosystemis spread over 600 sq km. It is a great tourist attraction because itis a seasonal home to million migratory birds – including herons, cranes, flamingos, etc. You will also visit to nearby fishing villages at Chilika Lake. Later in the day, head towardsPuri via Birnasingpur, Tenta. VisitTangi village enroutePuri to enjoy their hospitality. Enjoy the relaxing beach at Puri in the evening. The night stay is at Puri.

Day 12 Puri - Konark

In morning, visit the divine Lord Jagannath Temple. Only Hindusare allowed to the village, so in any other case you may visit the beautiful sea beach. After visiting the temple or the sea beach meet the tour representative at the hotel. Next you will be driven to Konarkwhich is about 35 km away from Puri. Here, visit the famous world heritage site of Konark temple dedicated to Sun God. Later in the afternoon, head towards the artisan villages at Ragurajpur and see some amazing art products. Return to Puri for overnight stay.

Day 13 Puri - Pipili - Bhubaneshwar

Today you will proceed to Bhubaneswar. EnrouteBhubaneswar visitthe Pipli village. Pipli is popular for its creative appliqué craft utilizing small mirrors on wall and door hangings locally known as “chandua”. Even today, many local families use this craft work as a source of livelihood. Tourists get access to purchasing these beautiful artwork. Later, continue to Dhauli, better known as Peace Pagoda. This pagoda is famous for the Asokan rock edicts. Also, visit the nearby White Shanti Stupa or Peace Pagoda established by Japanese.

After visiting the peace pagoda, visit some of the ancient temples in the temple city of Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha (earlier known as Orissa) and the temples were built during 7th-11th century AD. Bhubaneswar is also known as temple city and houses a huge number of temples. Some of the temples at Bhubaneswar which are included in the tour areLingaraja temple, Parasurameswara temple, Mukteswara temple, Bramheswara temple, Raja-Rani temple. The night stay is at Bhubaneshwar.

Day 14 Bhubaneshwar

Today is the last day of the tour. After breakfast, you will be transferred to Bhubaneswar Airport andboard a connecting flight to Delhi or onward destination.


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