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Rajasthan train tour from Mumbai

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Rajasthan train tour from Mumbai







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Tour Overview

Explore the dream city of Mumbai, majestic states of Rajasthan, serene banks of Sabarmati River, heritage town of Agra and the city of the cities – Rajasthan Tour by Train with Golden Triangle India, being a country of wonders, offers sheer diversity in culture, heritage, customs, people language and nature. On delving deeper into the society, a mélange of variedness boggles your mind.

Here, vibrancy and tranquility melds together to provide you with a fourteen days-worth of fun and contentment. Your tour kick-starts with the vivacious Mumbai and continuing onwards, it ends in Delhi, the culture capital of India. The complete package embraces the Golden Triangle Tour along with the city of delicious cuisine. Immerse yourself in the exquisiteness of Rajasthan by visiting the regal turrets, city palaces, beautiful lakes and quite a few historical monuments. The beauty of the tour scales up as you move further west into the rustic Thar Desert. Watching sunset in the sand dunes cocktailed with camel safari is quite a mesmerizing sight. The more you sink in, the tour opens up with much aplomb, marking the end of Rajasthan Tour by Train with Mumbai - Ahmedabad and Golden Triangle.

Tour highlights

The trip to India consists of many things but there are some specific things that make up as the highlights of this tour.

  • Enjoy the madness of Mumbai

  • Enjoy the serenity of Sabarmati in Ahmedabad

  • Experience royalty of Jaisalmer, heritage of Jaipur, and local bazaars at Jodhpur

  • Engross in the legacy of Delhi while enjoying the shopping paradise


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Day 01 Arrive in Mumbai

Upon your arrival at Mumbai, the madness and magic of the place embraces you but for de-stressing, you will be transferred to the hotel room in our comfy arrangement. With the full day at your leisure, explore the city of dreams. Bombay, or Mumbai as referred now, is known to be a city that never sleeps. With the ever thriving Bollywood industry, cricket, skyscraping concrete towers, clubs and countless endeavors, the coastal city is now the commerce capital of India. Today, it is one among the biggest metropolises with the tag of industrial hub. To the teeming demography that flocks with a notion to survive, it is a city of abounding opportunities.

Matured as a cluster of seven islands, Mumbai is a safe haven for ships with its natural harbors. In the early 1534, these islands have been inhabited by the Portuguese and they identified it as a trading post, naming the place as Bom Bahia. Even before that, the natives entitled the place after the name of the Goddess Mumbadevi. As the migrants burgeoned, the city began to metamorphose from a trade spot to a commerce and culture center.

Post a scrumptious dinner, take rest for the night and consume all your energy for a spinning-tour on the next day.

Day 02 Visit the tourist friendly places in Mumbai. Later overnight train to Ahmadabad

As said, the day never ends in Mumbai, your morning sees into a diligent city life. Freshen up for the day full of activity with so many exciting places to visit. The tour kick-starts with the beautiful Hanging Garden domiciling on the slopes of Malabar Hills and continues onward for the Kamla Nehru Park. A little elevated, this park offers a panoramic view of the Marine Drive and the Chowpatty Beach.

The further course entails more interesting spots like Mani Bhawan, the elegant Gateway of India, Flora Fountain, Prince of the Wales Museum, and Dhobi Ghat driving past the exquisite Marine Drive. To have a fulfilling essence of the Mumbai’s market life, we take you to the Crawford Market. Built in the English rule, it’s still a popular shopping destination in South Mumbai.

Checkout is at 12:00 hours, so you have the afternoon at spare. Tour to the Elephanta caves is quite an alluring option, typically, fascinating for the history, culture and art lovers. Only 10 kilometers of boat ride, in the Arabian waters, vacates you in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cluster of two Buddhist caves and five Hindu caves, built in between 5th to 8th century, possess magnificent artistry of the then Indian artists and resembles many incidents from the aeon. Don’t plan for a Monday visit as the caves remain closed on that day.

Later in the evening, our chauffeur will transfer you to the rail-station for your overnight train to Aurangabad.

Highlights: Mumbai - Visit the Hanging Gardens, Kamla Nehru Park, Mani Bhawan, Prince of the Wales Museum, Gateway of India, Dhobi-Ghat and drive through Marine Drive, Flora Fountain & Crawford market.

Day 03 Visit the tourist friendly places in Ahmedabad

On reaching Ahmedabad, you will find our representatives waiting at your service. Let them take care of the luggage and safely transfer you to the hotel rooms. Offering the taste of mystifying paradox, the megacity of Ahmedabad has been a favorite tourist spot with varied interests. Nestled in the heart of Gujarat and on the serene banks of Sabarmati River, the “Manchester of East” offers a buffet of enigma. A day here is more like living through the contrast of old and contemporary, tranquil and chaotic, virtuous and ruthless, artistic and crude. Though far from perfect, this city lives from the heart.

A little away from the city zests, in stark contrast, stands the serene Sabarmati Ashram. The house of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Hridaya Kunj, has been the chief center of National activities during India’s Independence movement. Leaving behind the quietude of Sabarmati, you will proceed towards Dada Hari Baoli, Jama Masjid and the ivory-hued Hathee Singh’s Temple built of white marble in 1850.

Years back, Ahmed Shah fused Persian architecture with Hindu artistry and created Indo-Saracenic style. Quite a few mosques are built in this style and Siddi Saiyad Mosque is one of a popular creation with magnificent stone and latticework windows in the rear arches and on the sides.

Ahmedabad is pretty famous for offering delicious foods that swears to enliven all your senses. Post a luscious dinner take rest for the night in this staggering city.

Highlights: Ahmedabad - Visit the Siddi Saiyad Mosque, Jama Masjid, Hathee Singh's Temple, Dada Hari Baoli and Sabarmati Ashram.

Day 04 Ahmedabad to Udaipur by overnight train

On day 4, late in the evening, your tickets are booked for a luxurious overnight train journey to Udaipur. So, you have almost the entire day in your hand; discover the other places of interest in Ahmedabad. Checkout from your hotel at 12:00 hours, and move towards the Calico Textile Museum, known to be one among the world’s best textile museums. The place is absolutely amazing with its rare collection of textiles from the 17th century. Visit other museums as well, like the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum showcasing a limited collection of excellent stone sculptures, miniature paintings, terracotta, bronze-works, woodcrafts, textiles, coins and more from the history.

Kick-starting with mind-boggling history lessons, the incredible Ahmedabad sightseeing continue onwards with architecturally blessed Akshardham temple and an Auto World Vintage Car Museum. With a gallery of more than hundreds of prime classic cars, namely, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maybach, Cadillac, Jaguar, Chrysler, Austin and other timeless models, it is simply a place to be in. With the end of itinerant, the time strikes to board your night-train. We provide every arrangement for your comfortable transfer to the rail station.

Day 05 Visit the tourist friendly places in Udaipur

Our chauffeur waits for you at the Udaipur station and on reaching the City of Lakes; you will be transferred to the luxurious hotel room. Referred to as the Venice of East, it used to be the historic capital of Mewar in 1559, founded by Rana Udai Singh. Bestowing glorious events from the past, the city offers moderate history lessons. Located around azure water lakes, standing in the lap of nature, Udaipur is certainly the crown jewel of Rajasthan. Hemmed with lush green Aravalli valleys, the city possesses an abundance of natural offerings with its grandeur multiplied by human efforts.

Lake Pichola, the most picturesque lake in Udaipur, offers a scenic with architecturally flattered City Palace standing on the banks of the lake. Visit to the palace followed by a boat ride in the serene water is what makes your afternoon worth remembrance. The majestic city, full of temples and palaces from different epochs, still gives an essence of sheer royalty. Jagdish Temple, erected by Maharana Jagat Singh, falls under the list of biggest shrines in Udaiupur. Based on Indo-Aryan style, this place of worship, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, has been built long ago, but, the excellence of the artistry is still there at its finest form.

With long enduring list of places to visit in this part of imposing Rajasthan, it has always been a fascinating tourist destination. Before the night falls in, we will drive you to the Fatehsagar Lake with its history spanning in the years of 1678, and Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandir sited at the Chetak Circle. With antique gathering of Rajasthani Folk articles, this museum is indeed an exhilarating sightseeing. Stay the night at cozy Udaipur hotel.

Highlights: Udaipur - Visit the City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandir, Sahelion ki Bari & drive around Fatehsagar Lake.

Day 06 Udaipur to Ranakpur to Jodhpur by road

A 98 kilometers drive from Udaipur, leads to enchanting Ranakpur Temples. Away from the hustles and bustles of city life, the placid Jain temples with beautiful architectures offer a sense of spirituality and mysticism. Built in the early days of 15th century, the white-hued marble-made prevalent Chamukha Temple, dedicated to Adinathji, the first Tirthankara, embraces twenty halls and 1444 pillars of distinct styles and patterns. The toning light and shades contrast, here, is quite shimmering and bestows a complete treat for the eyes.

If time permits, Surya temple is another must-visit with it being a hidden gem with beautiful architecture and rock-cut craft work. Leaving Ranakpur behind, it’s time to move further towards Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan. Once the capital of Marwar, it is is now a cocktail of old and contemporary. The Sun City or the Blue City, as named by the inhabitants, is an old dusty town built in 1459 by Rao Jodha, which has undergone deep-rooted metamorphosis in the past years.

Sited in the route of Delhi and Gujarat, the royal city is also a renowned trading center of opium, silk, and copper. Besides, it’s a place of festival as well with the whole town painted with glamour and glitter. During the occasions, Jodhpur seems colorful with multihued dresses and junk ornaments, becoming a photographer’s paradise. Sweets are equally famous over here, so don’t miss that after a scrumptious dinner. It is an overnight halt in the city of palaces.

Highlights: Visit the Ranakpur Jain Temples.

Day 07 Jodhpur to Jaisalmer by overnight train

Today, have a fulfilling breakfast as it is going to be a long day with so many itineraries lined up. The expedition starts with Meherangarh Fort located on a low sandstone hill, at a height of 120 meters. It being one of the largest forts of not only Rajasthan as well as India is a place of utter interest. With menacing thick walls and intricate carvings, this turret is one treat to the eyes. Besides the main segment, it entails expansive courtyards with each followed by smaller palaces. Moti Mahal, as we say the Pearl palace, built by Raja Sur Singh, is a resemblance of elegance and beauty. Mounted by Maharaja Abhaya Singh, the Phool Mahal – the palace of flowers, used to be a private and an exclusive chamber for pleasure.

Next stopover is at Jaswant Thada, built by Sardar Singh in 1889, in the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. The complete structure is made out of polished thin marble sheets that create an enchanting aura when sunlight reflects on it. Further, the visit continues to Umaid Bhawan Museum and Government Museum, together referred to as Umaid Public Gardens. Both of the galleries showcase rich artifacts depicting glorious events from history of this piece of land.

Your checkout time from the hotel is at 12:00 hours and the rest of the time, till you board the overnight train, is for your leisure. A quick visit Mandore, a nearby destination, is indeed a matter of splendor. The place being a historic location owns the large Mandore Fort with fine architecture and thick walls. Once you leave the fort, you will meet our representatives who are responsible for your disposal in the Jodhpur rail station.

Highlights: Jodhpur - visit Meherangarh fort, Jaswant Thada and Umaid Public Gardens

Day 08 Visit the tourist friendly places in Jaisalmer

After an overnight journey, when you reach the city of deserts, you can find our chauffeurs at your service. On the day 8 of Rajasthan Tour by Train with Mumbai - Ahmedabad and Golden Triangle, you will be taken amidst the raw Rajasthani culture, its people and customs to the treasure chest of art music and dance. Scratching the dust ridden city, you witness the rustic Thar Desert with its mystical self offering an enchantment while the sun sets in the yellow sand. Lose yourself in the charms of a camel safari and create the most enigmatic memory of your life.

Bringing life to all the stories of Aladdin and Ali Baba, the heartland of Thar Desert seems to be a delusion from a bygone era. From herbal healing to history lessons, the Golden City of India is indeed a magical town. Your visit starts with Jaisalmer Fort, the oldest of all the living forts across the world. Constructed of yellow sandstone, the foundation shines like a chunk of gold in the bright sunlight and there’s truth behind the emergence of its name, Sonar Quilla or the Golden Fort. Located amid the sandy terrains, this 12th century fort is a perfect blend of ancient Indian architecture and military designs. Tazia Tower, inside the fort, is another hidden gem that reflects local craftsmanship at its best form.

Next stopovers include a number of majestic havellis and turrets with each possessing certain significance of its own. Salim Ji Ki Haveli is one such historic spot, made of yellow sandstone, offering a delightful sight for the tourists. With breathtaking roof carvings along with exquisite pillars painted with gold and silver ornaments, the place is an absolute miracle from the past. From there, you will be driven to Patwon Ki Haveli, which is again an interesting piece of architecture.

With a full-day wandering in the remotest city of Rajasthan, it’s time to consume energy for the next day. The night is for rest in a luxurious hotel inside the town.

Highlights: Jaisalmer - Visit the Jaisalmer Fort, Salim Ji Ki Haveli & Patwon ki Haveli.

Day 09 Jaisalmer to Jaipur by overnight train

Today, you have a vacant day for leisure with the train to Jaipur being at night. After checking out from the hotel at 12:00 hours, optionally pop in the local bazaars, havelis and other places of interest inside the town.

Visiting Ludurva is a good choice with it having a lot of historical importance. Situated on a age-old trade route, it used to be the capital of Bhatti dynasty till 12th century AD. Some of the elegant and beautiful temples are domiciled here for ages. Pay a quick visit to the Jain temple dedicated to Parshvanath, Shiva temple, Hinglaj Mata temple, and Chamunda Mata temple.

If time permits, we drive you to the Bara Bagh, popular for Chhatris or cenotaphs of the Jaisalmer rulers. Nearby, there’s a nice lake, called Amar Sagar, and on its bank lies the Amar Singh Palace. Gadissar Lake, is also there, surrounded with rock-cut shrines and architecturally-blessed temples.

Later in the evening, our representatives transfer you to the Jaisalmer rail station for boarding the overnight train to Jaipur.

Day 10 Visit tourist friendly places in Jaipur

Post your arrival, we drive you to the pre-booked hotel rooms in our comfy cabs. Once you freshen up and have a stomach-full of breakfast, we steer you across the city to every possible destinations of interest. The moment you set off, its chaotic colorful streets and building boggle your mind but, you feel captivated on learning about interesting facts from the history of this place.

First stopover on your trip is the Amer Fort, an ethereal exemplar of Rajput architecture. Housed in this part of Rajasthan, this formidable, magnificent, honey-hued fort is complete pleasure for your eyes. Built in red sandstone, by Raja Man Singh, the fortress has four significant segments each with a courtyard and a main entrance designed in fascinating architecture.

Next spot is a striking resemblance of Mughlai and Rajasthani architectural style, Maharaja City Palace, standing loftily in the mid of the old city. The palace has been designed in a way that the four gates on different sides offer a complete protection from the outside chaos. Each gate represents a season: the Peacock gate signifies autumn, the Lotus Gate represents summer, the Green gate embodies spring, and finally the Rose gate depicts winter.

Jaipur is quite famous for its vibrating clothes and eye-catching accessories. So, the day never ends until you go a bit of shopping. Pick the items of your choice and then, our cab drops you at the hotel. It’s a night stay in the city.

Highlights: Visit Amer Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar & drive past Hawa Mahal.

Day 11 Jaipur

Another day is in your hand to explore the Pink City. Or options are there for you to visit some of the nearby places as of Galtaji and Sanganer. Post a lip-smacking breakfast, set off for either of the locations.

Galtaji is a place of belief for the Hindus as it houses a sacred water tank and a number of temples. The most celebrated one is the Galtaji temple built in pink sandstone. With painted walls, carved pillars and extended pavilions, the shrine is quite gorgeous with an underlying serenity prevailing in the atmosphere.

Sangner is famous for textile printing and its Jain temples. Shri Digamber Jain temple, made of red sandstone, draws the largest crowd that too, in every month. Like most other Jain temples, tranquility, here, is at different level that soothes your inner self. Here, architecture from different era mingles as its construction has seen change of dynasty and periods.

Again the night is set for a complete rest in this piece of land. Have a fulfilling nap, so that you wake up refreshed and ready for the next part of your expedition.

Day 12 Jaipur to Agra by train. Later visit the tourist friendly places n Agra

On day 12, you are set for a transfer to Agra from the Jaipur rail station. Our representatives make safe arrangements for boarding the train, and on your arrival at the majestic city of Agra, we greet you with sheer reverence. The former capital of Hindusthan, situated on the banks of River Yamuna, is major tourist attraction and comes under the Golden Triangle Tour.

Formerly referred to as Akbarabad, the city has seen its peak during the Mughal dynasty. Holding so many memories and remembrance of the events from the glorious history of India, Agra is a hot pot of culture, architecture and wonders. Your afternoon tour starts with a visit to the seventh wonders of the world. Built with white marble and precious stones, this ivory-hued foundation has been erected by Shahjehan in sweet memories of his wife Queen Mumtaz after her death. Constructed between the years of 1631 to 1648, it reflects a prominent mirage of Mughal architecture. With its breathtaking view, the Taj Mahal stands majestically on the banks of Yamuna River.

Next on the list is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Agra Fort, built in the Mughal era. It seems, straight from the books of fairy, the palace got its life offering an enchanting feeling while roaming around the smaller segments like the Khas Mahal, and Jahangir Palace. Agra is famous for interesting shopping destinations as well. Visit the local market and buy original inlaid marble works, wood and metal handicrafts and other stuffs of your choice. Later, we dispose you back to the hotel where you are arranged for an overnight stay.

Highlights: Agra – Visit Taj Mahal & Agra Fort.

Day 13 Agra to Delhi by train

You have a free day to wander and explore the Mughal city of Agra. Since you have covered the maximum on the day before, start with the nearby monuments and historical places. Optionally, you can pay a visit to Sikandra or Dayal Bagh Mandir.

Sikandra houses the tomb of Akbar, the greatest of all Mughal Emperors. As stated in the Tartary traditions, Akbar himself planned and initiated the construction of this site. Later in 1613, his son Jahangir has put the final touches. Within a km, lies the tomb of Mariam-uz-Zamani, wife of Emperor Akbar.

Dayal Bagh, meaning ‘Garden Mercy’, refers to a magnificent temple built in white marble. The initial constructions started in the year 1904 and till date, its continuing. Carvings inside the temple are one of its kinds and cannot be found anywhere else in India.

In the evening, we dispose you at the rail station for boarding the Delhi train. Soon after reaching the destination, you will meet our representatives, who held the responsibility of transferring you the hotel rooms. The night is meant to stay in Delhi.

Day 14 Visit the tourist friendly places in Delhi

Delhi, the city of the cities, offers a concoction of culture for it being inhabited by many since the 6th century BC. In stark contrast to the steel complexes in New Delhi, stands the Old Delhi with its ethnic buildings and fortresses. Influenced by the Mughal rulers, it serves a delicious cuisine that stimulates all your senses. Delhi is also said to be the paradise for the shopaholics with versatility in stores and supermarkets. From top-notch clothing brands to local markets, Delhi is the hub of every possible variety. The city remains colorful all through the year with ever-happening festivals and rituals. The more you sink in, the better you feel the vibrancy that the capital of India has in store.

Being the center of iconic historical monuments and memorials, Old Delhi is a maze of countless sightseeing spot. With stopovers at the heritage Red Fort, Jama Masjid – one among the largest mosques in India, very popular and crowded Chandni Chowk, you will reach Raj Ghat – the cremation center of our late national activist Mahatma Gandhi.

With Qutub Minar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, standing high inside the city, New Delhi is a fascinating spot for the tourists. On moving a bit further, there lies the Humayun’s tomb, yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The next halt is at the famous India Gate, mounted in the memory of unknown soldiers. From there, driving past the President’s House, Parliament House, and other important Government Secretarial Buildings, we take you to the final destination, Lakshminarayan Temple, a beautifully designed shrine dedicated to Lord Narayana and Lakshmi.

Afterwards, we make every arrangement for transferring you to the Delhi airport in-time. From there, you will get the connecting flight for your onward journey. This will mark the end of your Rajasthan Tour by Train with Mumbai - Ahmedabad and Golden Triangle.

Highlights: Delhi - Visit Raj Ghat, Jama Masjid, Qutab Minar, Humayun's Tomb, Laxmi Narayan Temple & drive past Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, President House, Parliament. etc.


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Rajasthan train tour from Mumbai

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