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South India Cycling Tour

South India Cycling Tour







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Tour Overview

The South India Cycling Tour is a roughly two-week long journey that takes you across the coasts of India from the Western Ghats to East Coast – throughout on your cycles. Exciting, isn’t it? It is a challenging tour that covers some of the most soothing and peaceful places, as well as passes through the rough terrains.

The Cycling Coast to Coast is mainly aimed to take you along the typical livelihood, food and ambiance of South Indian regions. The exotic yet simple environment is the major attraction to notice as you ride through the route. You will be covering waterfalls, cultivation farms, and plains with coconut groves, and at the same time visiting places like Indira Gandhi National Park, Chettinad region, Meenakshi Temple and Mahabalipuram. It has contrasting locations to cover – with the extremes of largest waterfalls and hills of Valparai.

South India Cycling Touris not for weak hearts. You have to be physically strong and mentally assured of your capability to cover the trip. It is one of the most eventful package tours of India which not only pleases the adventure freaks, but also allures the nature lovers. Come, be a part of it if you have the zeal within.

Tour highlights

  • Athirappilly waterfalls – at 80 feet is the largest waterfalls of the Western Ghats.

  • Kathakali dance performance – true essence of dance and music form of Kerala.

  • Valparai and its rich biodiversity in flora and fauna.

  • Indira Gandhi National Park in Pollachi.

  • Meenakshi Temple at Madurai.

  • Unique architectural houses at Chettinad

  • Mahabalipuram – a UNESCO Heritage area.


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Day 01 Arrival in Kochi

Welcome to India. The beautiful city of Kochi in Kerala greets you warmly. You will be received by our representative who would transfer you to Fort Kochi to check-in to your hotel. Kochi, as an ancient port, has witnessed several rulers like Portuguese, Dutch and English making their mark on the lively city which is also famous as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. Kochi is a popular trading site for tea, coffee, rubber, cardamom and pepper.

Later, your guide will take your for a short walk down the Fort Cochin area. You can also attend a performance of Kathakali dance, the traditional dance form of Kerala, in the evening.

Overnight stay in Kochi.

Day 02 Athirappilly (85kms – 37 km transfer; 48 km cycling)

You would travel a little off from your hotel to start the day’s biking towards the Athirappilly waterfalls located at the foothills of the Western Ghats. This is the largest waterfall in Kerala standing at a height of 80 feet. You will ride through the back roads, plantations of rubber, oil palms and spices as you ride higher in altitude. The rich biodiversity of the region and the mesmerizing flora is a visual treat for the bikers. Enjoy your life to the fullest before retiring to your hotel for overnight stay.

Day 03 Valparai (86 km cycling; Optional transfer)

Gear up for a memorable ride through the rich canopy of the Western Ghats on your way up towards the hill station of Valparai, enveloped in tea gardens and lush forests. With a divine flora, fauna and avifauna, the region houses some of the most endemic species. Keep a lookout as you ride to catch a glimpse of the endangered Malabar Pied Hornbill, Lion Tailed Macaques, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Wayanad Laughing Thrush and the Nilgiri Langurs to name a few of the rarest of the sightings.

Finish your ride to stay at a colonial Tea Estate Bungalow overnight.

Day 04 Pollachi (75 km cycling)

This day you would be biking downhill through twenty-four hairpin bends to cover the plains of Tamil Nadu. Reach a traditional village near Pollachi. The famous Indira Gandhi National Park is situated close-by, which you would visit the next day of stay here in Pollachi. The specialty of biking here in the plains is mainly the spectacular views and the fresh and tranquil ambiance. Your stay here would be at a resort nestled at the beautiful backdrop of coconut grove.

Day 05 Athoor (150 km – 80 km cycling, 70 km transfer)

As your tour advances, you keep on biking towards Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu. Reach a small hamlet on the banks of the Kamaraj Lake as you cover the amazing scenic ride through the through coconut groves, sugar cane fields, picturesque villages and towns. Athoor is a small village run through by the Kodaganar River that ultimately merges with Cauveri River. The village is home to thriving farming community and a beautiful Catholic church which is about 50 years old.

Your stay is scheduled at a beautiful country home where you would spend the day meeting the local residents, going on long walks and bird-watching as the main activities. Overnight stay at Athoor.

Day 06 Madurai (70 km cycling – sea level).

This day, you would be visiting to Madurai, the great temple city. You will check-in to your hotel in Madurai before heading off to the famous Meenakshi temple in the afternoon. Established in the Sangam period, this temple, along with several others, makes Madurai famous. You will be mesmerized to see the majestic architecture and the colorful gopurams of the temples attributing to the history of the city.

Come back to your hotel for overnight stay.

Day 07 Chettinad.

Your ride for this day continues through the countryside on the way to Chettiar village, also known as Chettinad. The region of Chettinad, comprising around 78 villages, is famed for its cuisine, temples, and surprisingly amazing architecture. The houses of this region are unique – for its large, colorful and numerous rooms lined up completely in sync. Chettinad region is a great option for cycling that takes you through the exotic Tamil countryside rich with spread of farmlands, farming communities, temples and majestic mansions exclusive to this place.

A day full of adventurous cycling through these and more before coming back to your hotel for overnight stay.

Day 08 Tranquibar (99 km cycling).

Thanjavur is your next destination. This is the place that lives with classical art in its heart. Your ride through the countryside of rural Tamil Nadu continues across the Cauvery River Delta and the beautiful coconut plantations before being transferred to the town. A leisurely walk through the lively town covering places like Saraswati Mahal Library and The Brihadeeswara Temple makes the day perfectly pleasurable.

Overnight stay at Tanjore.

Day 09 Tranquibar (99 km cycling).

Time to ride through the delta of the great Cauvery River with long stretches of rice farming that reflects the true essence of South India. The coast of Tranquibar, also called Thiranganbadi by the locals is the final destination for the day.

Overnight stay at Tranquibar, which was the center of Dutch conquest and trade in India during the 18th century.

Day 10 Pondicherry (130 km – 80 km cycling, 50 km transfer).

Head off for an eventful day of cycling all the way to Pondicherry. The former French enclave is a great place to take your cycles for ride amidst the remnants of colonial France. You would be covering both the French quarter as well as the native quarter where you would put up at a restored heritage bungalow.

Overnight stay at Pondicherry.

Day 11 Mahabalipuram (99 km – 60 km cycling, 39 km transfer to Chennai).

The final day ride is set along the East Coast all the way to Mahabalipuram – a UNESCO Heritage area. Get set off with your bikes to see around the architectural wonders and the regular livelihood of the residents. The major attractions are the rock cut temples of Mahabalipuram that portray the events of the Mahabharata.

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Kathakali Dance Show in Cochin

Duration :2-3 hours


 South India Cycling Tour

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