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8 Days |Spiti Valley Photography Tour

8 Days |

Spiti Valley Photography Tour

Spiti Valley Photography Tour






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Tour Overview

Photography is more than just passion. It’s a life system through which people breathe in and breathe out. If you are a photography freak and you can’t take off your camera from capturing the minutest of details, then engaging in a photography tour is all you need in your bucket list. Each place has its own photography features and therefore, such an adventure is absolutely required for you to start on a beautiful journey!

One of the most exciting photography tours that must not be missed is the Spiti valley tour. Covering all the major destinations surrounded by the mighty Himalayan Mountains, all you have to do is to keep your cameras ready in order to get the perfect shot. From the rugged and deserted topography to the blue waters of the rivers and lakes, you would certainly be thankful to yourself after the tour ends. Therefore, there is nothing to think about other than to simply pack your bags and your camera for an exciting adventure ahead!

Tour highlights

  • A complete magical photography session at Spiti valley

  • Breakfast at the foothills of the Himalayas

  • Driving through the breathtaking Langza valley

  • Camping at Chandratal lake

  • Relaxing at Manali


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Day 01 arrive in Manali and meet the photography expert, who gives details about the tour. The day is totally for rest

On the first day, we arrive at Manali, and we check in to the hotel. After meeting the photography expert, a detailed plan of the tour is given, highlighting all the places that are exclusive in terms of photography. The briefing is also given about the topography and the local way of life here. You can totally rest once you arrive in Manali and spend the evening strolling and exploring the streets of Manali.

Day 02 We travel from Manali to Kaza. From Kaza, we travel to spiti.

After having a scrumptious breakfast in the morning, we leave behind Manali and head towards Rohtang pass. All of the destinations are located in the Himalayan Ranges, and therefore, you can keep your cameras ready to start clicking some photos. The Rohtang pass is very steep enough, and you must be careful while taking your shots through the destination. Through Rohtang Pass, we reach Spiti village. The terrain is mesmerizing, and you can feel close to nature. There is silence everywhere, and you get to spot two to three clustered houses here and there. Since the place is more or less deserted, you can capture the stillness through your lenses and make it a forever memory!

Leaving Spiti behind, we cross the Chandra River and enter the breathtaking Lahaul Region. Crossing destinations like Kunzum pass, the entire area is rugged, and you can feel the closeness of the mountains here as it descends to embrace all those who take a trip here. You can photograph the scenery and of the scanty vegetative life as well. From Lahaul, we move towards Losar Village and drive our way towards Kaza. The view totally changes, as the Spiti River, runs along the entire stretch of road. The sky is mostly clear, and you can feel the chilly winds to your bones. By evening you reach Kaza valley, and there is an overnight stay arranged at Kaza.

Day 03 There is complete rest in the morning, and then we visit the KI Monastery in the evening

In the morning after having breakfast, you can simply enjoy the view of Kaza by exploring the landscape and the local life here. You can possibly meet the people living in the villages and photograph them too. In the evening, we will visit the famous KI Monastery, which is considered to be a holy place for all Buddhists. A monk would probably give you a tour of the monastery and explain the cultural importance of it as well. The Monastery is absolutely photogenic, and no one can miss out on this part!

Day 04 We travel to Langza Village

After having breakfast in the morning in the lap of the Mighty Himalayas, we journey towards Langza Village. We leave Spiti valley and Kaza behind and once again hit the deserted road, which is totally scintillating. On the way, you can capture some beautiful photographs of the snow-capped peaks and of the small vegetative fields of barley. By evening, we arrive at Langza village, and there is an overnight stay here. The sky is mostly clear, and therefore, you must surely photograph the starry sky and the moon, which casts a shadow on the mountains.

Day 05 We tour the Langza valley

After having a hot bowl of breakfast in the morning, we will start the day by visiting some of the small villages here in Langza valley, namely the Komic and Hikkim villages. You can get a taste of the local way of life here and surely photograph some amazing scenery. Some of the villages here and in the Spiti valley are considered to be the highest in the world, and therefore, you would never forget the experience that you have gathered here.

Day 06 We make our way towards the Chandratal Lake and slowly towards the Lahaul and Spiti valley

On an early morning ride, we move towards Chandratal Lake, which is one of the highest lakes in the world. The blue crystal clear water is simply breathtaking, and we would be setting our camps just near the lake. Camping and visiting the lake can only happen if the road to the lake is open, as it remains frozen most of the year. One can truly experience what nature stands for after visiting the lake. Therefore, it is crucial enough to photograph the lake for an everlasting and beautiful memory!

Day 07 We walk by the Chandratal Lake in the morning and then reach Manali by evening

After a chilly camping experience by the Chandratal Lake at night, it is now time to take a morning walk by the Chandratal Lake. The morning view of the lake is simply incredible, and no one should miss out on this opportunity. After enjoying a wonderful morning by the lake, it is time to have some delicious breakfast and then get ready, as we are headed towards Manali. On the way, you can click as many pictures as you want. There is an overnight stay at Manali.

Day 08 Completely relax in the morning, and the tour ends by afternoon.

The entire Spiti valley photography tour experience was actually one of a kind. Learning was a part of the trip, and so was bonding too. In the morning, you can stroll through the streets and markets of Manali and totally relax. By afternoon, the tour comes to an end. You would surely be missing out on the place once you start seeing the pictures!


Spiti Valley Photography Tour

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