Top 10 Things to do in Delhi

– India’s capital territory

Things to do in Delhi


India’s capital territory

The heart of the City of Cities

Fact & figure
  • Indian union territory : Delhi.
  • Area : 1,484 km²
  • Population : 168 lakhs (2011)
  • Language : Hindi, English, Panjabi & etc.
  • Attractions : Forts, Palaces and Monuments, Tower, Tomb.
  • Rainfall : 800 mm.
  • Altitude : 216 m above sea level.
  • Monsoon : June - September.
  • Best time to visit : October to March.
  • Temprature : L (2 o ) - H (42 o )

City Information - Delhi

Delhi is not just a city, it is a blend of multiple personified sensations accounting for being an emotion and an expression. From historical monuments to political influences to royal architectural marvels to plush skyscrapers and crowded shopping malls – you name it and you will have it here at Delhi.

Delhi is famous for its history and culture. There are so many places to visit, and several things to do in Delhi that it needs to be categorized well in advance as per priority of preference. While the narrow winding lanes of Old Delhi takes you back to the Mughal era, the wide and chic roads of New Delhi presents you today’s scenario.

If ancient India is your main attraction, then the historical monuments like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Humayun’s Tomb and Purana Qila must be in your checklist. If you are the religious kind, don’t miss out the Akshardham Temple, the Lotus Temple and the ISKON Temple to name a few.

Top highlights - of Delhi

  • From historical monuments of heritage interests including few UNESCO World Heritage Sites, to ancient temples and mosques to narrow streets of Chandni Chowk, the ultimate flavors of the capital city is enclosed in Old Delhi.
  • New Delhi is a wide platform of modernization teamed with westernized culture which is often a subject of interest for many who want to dig deep into the renaissance of Delhi from “then” to “now”.
  • Delhi is famous for its gastronomical pleasure that lies in the local delicacies and street foods available at every corner of every street.
  • Shopaholics may hold their breath as Delhi is their true paradise bringing on the affordable Sarojini Market and its local items as well as designer wears available in the posh malls across the city.

What makes Delhi famous ?

Delhi is famous for its people – their hospitality, their diversity in preference, their uniformity in choices and their unity in livelihood. Delhi is also famous for its ancient history reflected everywhere around. Delhi is also a great place for higher education and cultural learning. Needless to mention the thrilling nightlife, which is undoubtedly one of the best in the country. It is also the biggest political hub in India with most of the relevant institutes and parties making it their official place to work.

History of Delhi

Often touted as the City with a Heart, Delhi is the city that beats for everyone irrespective of caste, religion, political beliefs and social status. It serves all equally whether you are a resident or a tourist. The ancient history of Delhi dates back to the second millennium BCE and the continuous inhabitation has been in evidence since at least 6th century BCE. There are references of Delhi in Mahabharata as well. The city has been under rules of several rulers from time to time and the influences of all are clearly visible in the monuments, festivals and cuisines.

Delhi must be in your holiday checklist if you want to know and learn the past, present and future of India

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