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Top 10 Things to do in Fatehpur Sikiri

-City of Victory

Fatehpur sikri

Fact & figure
  • Indian union territory:
  • Area:
  • Population : 32,905
  • Language : Hindi, Urdu, English
  • Attractions : Fort, palaces, architecture
  • Rainfall : 748 mm
  • : 40 metres
  • Monsoon : July to September
  • Best time to visit : October to March
  • Temprature : 8°C - 42°C

City Information - Fatehpur sikri

Situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga, Fatehpur is one of the oldest cities in Uttar Pradesh. Fatehpur has even been mentioned in ancient scripts and is still considered important for its contribution to Indian history. The Fatehpur district falls in between Prayagraj and Kanpur and is therefore well connected to other places in Uttar Pradesh. The district is surrounded by the river Ganga and the Yamuna river in the Southern side.<br> Fatehpur was earlier known as Antardesh as mentioned in the Vedic era, as the place was considered as a fertile land due to the rivers surrounding the area. The district was even known as the Madhyadesh or the central region as it forms the central part of the state. Fatehpur is known for its rich culture, tradition, heritage and art. One can find artists from various fields in here. Fatehpur is known for conducting various famous shows such as the Ramleela and other theatre performances. Fatehpur is the birthplace of many great artists such as the great late Pt. Natthu Ram Vaidya who was known for his new creation of music which is still kept alive by the family members of the artists.

What makes Fatehpur sikri famous ?

Apart from that, Fatehpur is also known for its delicious dishes. The local delicacies in here are a must try as they would serve as a savour for the taste buds. Fatehpur is even known for its lush green beauty and several parks and scenic views. More than that, Fatehpur is known for the various artists that took birth in here. One can find the rich art in the theatres and the museums here. The rich art and the artists would change the concept of art of any person. People from all over the nation come over here just to get a glimpse of the artists in here.

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