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Things to do in Kota

-Education city of India

Education city of India

Fact & figure
  • Indian union territory:
  • Area: 527 km 2
  • Population : 10 lakhs
  • Language : Rajasthani, HIndi, English
  • Attractions : River, Park, Temple
  • Rainfall :
  • : 271 m
  • Monsoon : July to September
  • Best time to visit : October to March
  • Temprature : 5° C - 48° C

City Information - Kota

Kota, the third largest city of Rajasthan, is a bundled with history and beauty. Drawing its life from the mighty Chambal River, Rajasthans only perennial stream, Kota has flourished into an important industrial city of the state. The forts, gardens and the lakes of the area, retell a glorious story of the past kings and their adventure. Kota, located in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan, is currently one of the important education centers of India. Each year more than 1.25 lakh students come here to prepare for national level completive examinations. Kota, being a hi-tech city, was among the four cities of Rajasthan to be nominated to participate in the Smart Cities Challenge – a flagship program of the Indian Government.
The desert city, with an attractive history nestled with valor, courtliness and majesty, is an ideal destination for tourists looking for an offbeat holiday. The semi-arid weather of Kota can be best experienced during winter, when the temperature is hovers between 27 ° C to 12° C. Apart from grand monuments, Kota is also famous for its grand palaces and lush gardens.
Being a cultural melting pot, Kota, is the home to different communities who identify themselves as Rajasthanis. The urban population of the area is mostly engaged in industrial activities or the education sector. While walking thought the lanes of the Kota, one can hear different dialects like Marwari, Mewari and Hadauti. Among principle festivals, Dusshera is an important festival that is celebrated here.

Top highlights - of Kota

  • Popular landmarks of the region are Seven Wonder Park, Kishore Sagar Lake, Umed Bhawan Palace, and Chambal Garden.
  • The Kota Stone, a variety of limestone mined from the area is very popular.
  • Kota is well-known for its savory snacks, especially Kachotris.
  • The Adventure Festival during the month of October is well-known. During the festival, visitors can enjoy parasailing, kayaking and other form of adventure sports.

What makes Kota famous ?

Kota is very famous for its textile industries. The translucent muslins of Kota, known as ‘Masuria Malmal’ is one of the most famous varieties of textiles produced in the region. The Kota-doria saris are very popular among Indian women for its light weight and vibrant colors.

History of Kota

Kota was once the part of the Rajput Kingdom of Bundi. The records point out that during 12th century, Chauhan Rajput king, Rao Deva, established his kingdom in the region. During the 17th century, the then king of Bundi gifted the region to his son, Madho Singh. Since then, Kota has been an independent principality. During the Mughal rule, the area flourished into a wealthy kingdom, surpassing the glory of Bundi and nearby regions. During the later part of the 19th century, British took over the region and established a stronghold here. Since Indias independence, the region was added to the state of Rajasthan along with other princely states of the region.

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