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puri beach festival



Start Date: 07-07-2024 End Date:    07-07-2024



A cultural feast for you!

A cultural feast for you!

Celebrated for good five days during November, the festival is a complete visual treat to your eyes. It’s a beautiful mélange of art, culture, and history all woven together in a vibrant environment. It’s a carnivalesque feeling that surrounds when you visit Puri and witness the happiness and energy of the people, who get together to celebrate their culture and history with utmost enthusiasm. The festival was first inaugurated in 1933 by the very reverent leader of Odisha, Late Sri Bijju Pattnaik, and by the union minister for tourism, Gulam Nami Ajad.

Now, various other organizations, such as Song and Drama division, the Govt. of India, Odisha, and many other help out in organizing this beautiful beach festival. It’s is one of the most awaited events in not only Odisha but is hooted for by the other parts of India as well. The tourists from far off, especially wait for the event to visit India as the festival is a great starting point for exploring the cultural enthusiasm, traditional art and crafts, and other activities that are specific to the population of Odisha. It’s a little sneak peek into one of the many layers of India’s diversity.

The different celebrations and fun-filled activities conducted during the event are,

  • Exhibition of handicrafts and textiles – Each and every product is made by the people of Odisha; particularly the classic handloom products are a great favorite amongst the natives and the tourists. The Pata sari and the Pattachitra sari is one of the star products of this exhibition, woven in double ikat, the sari is famous for their classic check board pattern and heavy border.
  • Traditional beach sports – You might be surprised to know, but Puri, which is a coastal place, has actually had a very long and varied history of water sports such as volleyball, kabaddi, and Malkhamb (pole gymnastics). The young enthusiasts are trained and are exceptionally great when it comes to these sports. Watching them is a fun-filled experience for many.
  • Sand art – Perhaps, the most loved event of all, the Puri Beach Festival is known for its incredible sand art. Hundreds of people participate in this competition and come up with some very beautiful artworks. This art form in itself is quite rare, so watching it is an inspiring moment.
  • Yacht and Regatta boat races – The charm of this beach festival has to be the boat races which are vouched for by many people. It’s a great favorite amongst people. You get to see these races and also participate in them if you are a professional!

Surrounded by the splash of water and the activities it offers, the Puri Beach festival is one of a kind. It’s not only artistically liberating but very fun and entertaining at the same time. If you are a cultural enthusiast, a lover of arts and crafts, or just a tourist looking for some fun time, the Puri beach festival ticks it all! It’s a carnival that you just can’t miss.

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