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Puri Rath Yatra vacation package








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Puri Rath Yatra



Start Date: 23/06/2020


Puri, Odisha

Tour Overview

India is a land which is widely known for its vivid festivals, diversity and age old traditions. In order to experience one of the most iconic and popular glimpses of this aspect of the country, join us on a trip to the legendary Rath Yatra held at Puri in Odissa. People flock in hundreds of thousands for the Rath Yatra each year. ‘Rath Yatra’ translates into 'Chariot Journey’ and is a spectacular festival which is held at the ancient Jagannath Temple. The public procession involves the travelling of the images of Lord Jagannath (Lord of the Universe and Avatar of Lord Vishnu), Subhadra (his Sister) and Balabhadra (his Brother) on three colossal chariots. The festival celebrates the Lord’s yearly visit to his birthplace. The festivities are conducted at the temple itself as the place is overtaken by an immense sense of devotion.

Tour highlights

  • Visit Victoria Memorial, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Dakshineswar Temple in Kolkata.

  • Enjoy meals at Arsalan, Park Street and China Town in Kolkata.

  • Enjoy a swim in the sea in Puri along with a rooftop dinner at a resort by the beach.

  • Go for boating at Chilika Lake and spot Irrawady dolphins.

  • Experience the magic of Rath Yatra at Jagannath Temple.


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Day 01 Arrive Kolkata

The first day would involve your trip from arrival at Kolkata airport. Once you land in Kolkata airport, an individual will await you at the gate ready to chauffeur you directly to the hotel. Notice the fascinating mixture of Colonial architecture along with the more modern houses. You shall spot several bright yellow taxis, which are highly symbolic of Kolkata. Explore the local areas of Kolkata and further stay in the hotel to rejuvenate yourself for a trip to follow. Overnight stay at the hotel in Kolkata.

Day 02 Kolkata

Post a hearty breakfast, and once you have freshened up and ready to explore the city, your chauffeur will drive you to the iconic and breathtakingly beautiful Victoria Memorial Hall. Dedicated to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, the memorial is masterfully crafted and one of the most breathtaking works of architecture which you may have ever laid your eyes upon. Once you’re done with marveling the Memorial, you can drive to St. Paul’s Cathedral, located close to Victoria Memorial Hall. The exquisite architecture and the incredible ambience of the Cathedral shall leave you spellbound and aching to stay on for a while longer. Next up, you can visit the Park Street where you catch a splendid meal. Park Street is home to some of the finest restaurants in Kolkata. So, take your pick and relish a fabulous lunch. Explore the area and walk the streets of Kolkata. Don’t forget to try some of the finest confectionery at Flury’s, one of the most iconic patisseries in Kolkata and also located at Park Street. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 03 Kolkata

Your second day at this magical city shall start early in the morning. Once you have finished you breakfast you can start your day by visiting the Dakshineswar Temple, one of the most iconic and revered temples in the city. Situated by the banks of the River Hooghly, Dakshineswar Temple is a boat ride away and attracts enormous amounts of crowds from all over. The sheer beauty of the place shall make you feel like you are living within an immaculate oil painting. Afterwards, you can drive back into the city for a hearty lunch to Arsalan, a restaurant known for its immensely delicious biryani. Biryani in Kolkata has a unique taste and should certainly be tried when in the city. After your hearty lunch, you can drive back to the hotel. Get freshened up and relax for a while as you get ready for your evening flight to Bhubaneswar. Before boarding your flight, get to enjoy a sumptuous dinner at China Town, a popular destination in Kolkata for Chinese food, a cuisine highly popular in the region. Overnight stay at the hotel in Kolkata.

Day 04 Kolkata- Bhubaneswar

Your flight to Bhubaneswar shall be serving you sumptuous meals so that once you land, there isn’t time lost at you getting the tour the place as extensively as possible. Since you only have one day, our tour shall ensure that you have a high quality time as you get to explore the very best of what the city has to offer. A glimpse is all what could be managed in a single day since too much in one go would rush things and won’t be as enjoyable. Once you land, a chauffeured car shall await to drive you around the city. Your first stop shall be the Lingaraj Temple, an ancient wonder and one of the best places to visit while in the city. The Temple shall give you an excellent insight into the evolution of temple architecture in Odissa. This will become more clear during your visit to the Jagannath Temple in Puri. The temple is over a thousand years old and is an absolute marvel to visit. Next, you shall be driven to a local restaurant for a sumptuous Odia meal for lunch as you get to taste local delicacies and get to know the food of the place better. As the evening deepens, you shall board a luxury vehicle for your long distance drive all the way to Puri. Overnight stay at a hotel in Bhubaneswar.

Day 05 Bhubaneswar- Puri

As you enter Puri, the scent of the sea shall greet you. Alongside, you shall see roadside stalls selling fish and curios one after the next. You shall see families sitting by the beach enjoying local sweets and snacks and occasionally going back to the sea for a swim. Puri shall delight you and rejuvenate your senses. You can visit your beachside resort, where you can enjoy a highly comfortable stay with splendid views of the ocean. Once you get comfortable in your suites and freshen up, go for a light meal. Post your scrumptious lunch, get into your swimwear for a swim in the sea. Enjoy local delights which are sold at the beach. You may also enjoy camel or horse rides by the beach as part of your seaside activities. If swimming isn’t something you prefer, sit by the beach and enjoy a nice book. If adventure sports are something you are fond of, jet skiing is an option. After enjoying the day by the beach, come back to your resort for a relaxing dinner on the rooftop as the only thing you hear is the cracking of the waves and feel the cool breeze by the sea. Enjoy some local delicacies cooked with fresh seafood along with some delicious drinks to complement the meal with. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 06 Puri to excursion to Chilla Lake

Post having your breakfast, your day shall involve boat rides and spotting Irrawady dolphins in the ocean. You can visit the Chilla Lake, which is a calm and serene destination for a lot of fun outdoors. It also is a paradise for migratory birds. Local fishermen earn a living by selling fresh prawns, crabs and mackerels. If you are someone who enjoys seafood, this is an excellent spot to try some local delicacies with the freshest of seafood. After a day spent at the lake, return back to the hotel for another wonderful dinner and retire for a good night’s sleep. The next day is Rath Yatra and therefore, adequate rest is recommended. Overnight Puri.

Day 07-08 Rath Yatra Festival, Puri

The Rath Yatra Festival will be a guided tour. We shall ensure peak safety and you shall get to experience all the different festivities which are involved during Rath Yatra. Watch the idols get transported by enormous chariots and experience the crowd sway along with the progressions of the festival. Get to explore the Jagannath Temple and the architectural marvel which it is. Learn about its rich history as you witness the many traditions and rituals of the majestic temple. Overnight stay at Puri.

Day 09 Puri- Bhubaneswar

On day 9, you shall be driven back to Bhubaneswar from where you shall take a flight back to Kolkata. You shall be chauffeured from the airport to the hotel for a night’s stay. Get refreshed and get yourself a good lunch before heading out back into the city. Spend the day in Kolkata and explore the city. Make sure to try out the street food, a classic when in the city. Have a classic Bengali style dinner and explore the local delicacies of Kolkata. After a hearty Bengali meal, time to get some sleep for an early morning flight tomorrow. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 10 Bhubaneswar – Delhi - Home

After a filling breakfast in the morning, you shall be chauffeured back to the airport where you shall board the flight back to Delhi to connect your International flight. The trip ends here. From here take onwards flight to your desired destination.

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Puri Rath Yatra vacation package

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