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Madhya Pradesh Tour Package

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Madhya Pradesh Tour Package







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Tour overview

Witness the majestic sights of Madhya Pradesh Tour with our exclusive tour package.If you want to experience the real India, then you must soak yourself in the culture, heritage, and traditions that Madhya Pradesh has to offer you. Madhya Pradesh is often regarded as the crown jewel of India and a holiday here is going to change your perspective towards life entirely. Book your next holiday to India with us and let us take you to the heart of India.

Our comprehensive Madhaya Pradesh holiday package offers something for everyone. Whether you are with your friends, family or partner, you will be experiencing Indian culture in its purest form. We will take you through all the major attractions that Central India has to offer, monuments, forests, markets, cities, food, art and craft and much more that makes India an unique country in the world.

India is a land full of wonders and surprises; you will be left awe-struck with the natural beauty of this majestic country. Rather it would be wrong to say India as just another country; it is an experience in itself. With a rich culture that is deep-rooted in traditions and the young population that is taking the country to greater heights, India offers you the best of both worlds. The colors, vibrancy, warmth towards guests and welcoming attitude, make India a must experience destination for you.

Your Indian sojourn with our tour package would start from New India and would culminate in Delhi itself. Then you will embark on the journey of your lifetime, experiencing the best of Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra in the form of historical monuments and colorful markets. Then there are the grand forts of Gwalior followed by the majestic temples of Orchha and Khajuraho. Then you will get the chance for your spiritual awakening in the holy city of Ujjain and thereafter experience the heart of Indian film Industry, Bombay (now Mumbai).

As a Lufthansa City Center affliate, we are your partners to help you unravel the mysterious beauty of India and immerse yourself in the beauty of this grand country with this 14-days holiday package, that has been carefully curated for you.

Tour highlights

With our expertly curated 14-day itinerary, you will discover the following hidden gems of India during your journey :

  • Visit the much sought-after Golden Triangle of India , the historic cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

  • Indulge into the delectable Indian cuisine while you shop at the most colorful markets in India.

  • Experience the liveliest city in India, Mumbai.

  • Explore the UNESCO sites – Ajanta & Ellora Caves.


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Day 01 Greet Namaste to Delhi!

Your trip will begin with arrival in Delhi, where you will be welcomed and escorted to the hotel by our representative. One might ponder, what is there to see in Delhi which is called the ‘city of cities’? To that, you will get the reply “what is there not to see!” And indeed it is true. The winding lanes of Old Delhi are steeped in history with each crack and crevice hiding some era, some time in its folds. From Dehli to Dilli to Delhi, this city has survived the ravages of time which is worth exploring, for you might find an enigma in some forgotten corner.

Your tour of Delhi will start from the start, from Purani (Old) Delhi. Old Delhi was founded as the city of Shahjahanabad by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1639. If the culture of India is a subject of intrigue to you, then what is a better place to explore than the soul of the city, Old Delhi? It is best known for various markets which sell ethnic clothes, rich silver jewelry and other items that portray Indian culture along with the renowned sumptuous street food. The hearty visit to Old Delhi will be followed by a visit to Raj Ghat, which was built in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi who is known as the father of the nation and is also the place where he was cremated.

This visit includes the exploration of the Museum nearby delving more into the history of Mahatma Gandhi and more. A trip to Delhi isn’t complete without passing by the Lal Qila or the Red Fort which was the Mughal stronghold throughout the Mughal era until 1856. Then you will pass by Chandni Chowk market where you can optionally take a rickshaw. Chandni Chowk is the heart of old Delhi and houses the best shops for everything one can dream of. Continue with your visit to Jama Masjid which is one of the largest mosques in the country and was built by Shah Jahan in 1656 and offers peaceful surroundings amidst chaos of Chandni Chowk.

If time permits, you can optionally visit the monuments of New Delhi – Qutab Minar, Humayun’s Tomb and pass by the Indian Parliament, President House and India Gate. Overnight is in your hotel at Delhi.

Highlights: Delhi - Visit Raj Ghat, Jama Masjid, Qutab Minar, Humayun's Tomb, Laxmi Narayan Temple & drive past Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, President House, Parliament. etc.

Day 02 Agra Bound!

With Delhi’s main attractions done and dusted, we will continue towards Agra on the next day of your Central India holiday package. Agra is a city on the banks of river Yamuna and forms the Golden Triangle Tourist circuit along with Delhi and Jaipur. It was previously named Akbarabad during Mughal reigns of Akbar, Jahangir, and Shahjahan. Agra attracts thousands of visitors every year because it houses the Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife and Empress Mumtaz Mahal and holds a perfect example of love. A tour around Taj Mahal will ensue. Optionally you could visit Agra Fort also which is another UNESCO Heritage Site. Overnight is in your Agra hotel.

Highlights: Agra – Visit Taj Mahal & Agra Fort.

Day 03 En-route Gwalior

After a night’s rest, the morning will bring about the impending journey by road to Gwalior which is situated in Madhya Pradesh. Gwalior is known for its sacred temples and culturally rich aura. The sacred monuments founded by King Surajesan will be covered throughout this segment of the tour. Gwalior is also known to be the birth city of the legendary musician Tansen, after whom the winter cultural festival is organized attracting audiences from the world. After the morning leg of the journey and some moments of rest, further explorations will ensue with Gwalior city sight-seeing and visit to the 16th-century temple the Man Mandir followed by a visit to the Gujari Mahal which was built by Man Singh for his wife, Mrignayani. The Gwalior tour will end with a trip to these monuments, and you can retire for the night in your Gwalior hotel.

Highlights: Gwalior - Visit the Man Mandir, Gujari Mahal, Teli Ka Mandir, Sas-bahu Temple, Jai Vilas Palace, Mausoleum of Tansen & Tomb of the Gaus Mohammad.

Day 04 Discover the beauty of Khajuraho

The morning will bring the onward journey to Khajuraho from Gwalior by road. The wide expanse of India’s culture is portrayed through art and architecture, and India is a rather prosperous country when it comes to its unique potpourri of heritage. Khajuraho is another facet to this. Khajuraho group of temples are known for their special erotic art portrayed through engravings and sculptures built by Chandelas during 950 AD to 1050 AD. This city-tour will guide you through a plethora of temples and monuments like Chaunset Yogini Kali Temple, Bharatji or Chitragupta temple that is composed of magnificent 11 headed pictures of Lord Vishnu, Nandi & Vishvanath Temples, Shiva's Visha Temple, Lakshmana Temple and the Parsvanath Temple which is the only surviving Jain temple. Several other sites are present to be explored in Khajuraho which can be done. This will be followed by an overnight stay in Khajuraho.

Highlights: Khajuraho- visit the Chaunset Yogini Kali temple, Chitragupta temple, Lakshmana temple, Mahadev temple, Nandi and Vishvanath temple, Siva’s Visha temple and Parasvanath temple.

Day 05 Feel the grandeur of Orchha

The next leg of the trip will start with a drive to Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. Orchha houses grand monuments like forts, tombs, cenotaphs and much more. The glory of this medieval city is eternal and captured in the hard ridges of chiseled stone built by Bundela rulers in the 16th and 17th century. You will visit the Jahangir Mahal and the Orchha town. More such sites can be visited at your will as the transport will be at your service. Overnight stay at Orchha’s hotel after the sight-seeing.

Highlights: Orchha - Visit the temples, Jahangir Mahal, fort and cenotaphs.

Day 06 Welcome to the City of Lakes: Bhopal!

You will continue the tour from Orchha to Bhopal which is famously known as the City of Lakes due to the numerous lakes in the city. Every city, every place has its own aura and so does Bhopal. The enthralling sites and lakes of Bhopal make one yearn for more. The perfect blend of Hindu and Islamic culture resides here and is depicted in its monuments which we will cover in the sight-seeing - like Laxmi Narayan Temple, Moti Masjid, Birla Museum and Taj-ul-Masjid which is one of the largest mosques in Asia. Places like Tagore Memorial, National Archives and Vidhan Sabha will also be covered. Bhopal was ruled by powerful Begums (queens) for a long time and has amazing sights to offer, which can be explored by you as the transport facility is available at your disposal. The sight-seeing will be followed by an overnight stay at Bhopal.

Highlights: Bhopal - Visit the Laxmi Narayan Temple, Birla Museum, Moti Masjid & Taj-ul-Masjid.

Day 07 Bhopal to Bhimbetka to Sanchi and return to Bhopal: Rock Shelters and Stupas

After breakfast, you will head for an excursion covering Bhimbetka and Sanchi. Homo erectus inhabited some of the 243 Bhimbetka rock shelters more than 100,000 years ago. At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will be thrilled to see some paintings that date back to more than 30,000 years. Studies have revealed Stone Age sequences with some of the world’s earliest floor and stone walls. Maganese, hematite, and coal were used as colors for these drawings.

They depict peacocks, snakes, tigers, elephants, rhinoceroses, human figures, hunting pictures with spears, bows and arrows, communal dances, musical instruments, tree gods, magical sky chariots, etc. The drawings were made on inner walls or deep niches, which consequently helped them survive. After this enthralling experience, you will step into the other half of the day. Next stop is Sanchi, also a UNESCO world heritage site. Sanchi is an important place of Buddhism and is famous for its Stupas and other Buddhist monuments from the third century BC to the twelfth century AD. In the third century BC, Ashoka the Great built the Stupa, one of the oldest stone constructions in India.

About fifty monuments including the stupas and the temples are found on the Hill of Sanchi. The gateways and the balustrade were carved in wood and covered with narrative sculptures showing the life of Buddha over the years. The transport will be at your disposal within the city limits. At the end of the day, you shall proceed to Bhopal and spend the night there.

Highlights: Visit Bhimbetka & Sanchi.

Day 08 Bhopal to Ujjain and Indore by Road: Temples and Observatories

After breakfast, you will head over to one of the cleanest cities in India, Indore. On the way, you will also visit Ujjain. Ujjain is an ancient city also known as Avanti. It is one of the seven sacred cities for the Hindus. In the ancient times, Ujjain was a center of mathematical and astronomical research. In fact, astronomical calculations were done taking Ujjain as the center of the Earth. Brahmagupta, the mathematician from Ujjain, was the first to use zero, negative numbers and the positional number system.

Indian astronomer Varahamihira, also from Ujjain, discovered many trigonometric identities. Bhaskaracharya the head of an astronomical observatory at Ujjain, wrote the book Lilavati on mathematics. One of the five Observatories with astronomical devices was commissioned by King Jai Singh II. The Kumbha Mela takes place in Ujjain as well. Maha Kumbha attracts one of the largest religious congregations in this world. One of the twelve Jyotirlingas -- the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga – can also be found in Ujjain.

The Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is of swayambhu or self-born. It is said it derives currents of power from within itself. The Mahakali Temple is one of the fifty-one Shakti Peeths -- a temple dedicated to the goddess Shakti. Mahakal, a Sanskrit word, meaning God of Death and also God of Time. The must-see places are Mahakaleshwar Mandir, Kaal Bhairav, Mangalnath Mandir, Harsidhdhi Mandir, the Observatory, etc. Transport again will be at your disposal within the city limits. Overnight is in Indore.

Highlights: Visit Ujjain.

Day 09 Indore to Mandu and Return to Indore: Palaces, Reservoir, and Rich Architecture

After the breakfast, you will head straight to Mandu. Mandu is known for its fine architecture and eventful history. Mandu, in the years gone by, was a military outpost with a thirty-seven-kilometer battlemented wall and twelve gateways. Enclosed in the walls are monuments such as palaces, mosques, and temples. The Jama Masjid built in 1405 AD is the oldest mosque. Its architecture is Pashtun. Also, you will find a harem built by Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din-Khilji, and the apparently floating palace, Jahaz Mahal. Hoshang Shah built the Hindola Mahal in the fifteenth century. His tomb is made of marble; the Taj Mahal perhaps was copied from here. Other places you might want to visit are Rewa Kund, a reservoir, Roopmati's Pavilion, and Baz Bahadur's Palace. The transport shall be at your disposal with in the city limits. You shall return to Indore to spend the night.

Highlights: Tour Mandu.

Day 10 Indore to Jalgaon by Road: Maratha and Mughal Architecture.

After breakfast, it’s time to travel from Indore to Jalgaon via road. You may want to go on a short tour of Indore before heading to Jalgaon. Indore was a trading hub in the 16th century. The beautiful buildings of Indore are infused with Maratha and Mughal architecture. The 18th century Rajwada Palace is a seven-story building with a huge iron-studded wooden door. The Lal Bagh Palace is one of the impressive buildings of the Holkars. A replica of the Eiffel Tower can be found at the All India Radio campus. The Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Park has musical jet fountains, and you could also visit the Artists' village. Also, the Indore Zoo has white tigers, Himalayan bears, etc. The transport is at your disposal within the city limits. You shall spend the night in Jalgaon.

Highlights: Visit Indore.

Day 11 Jalgaon to Ellora Caves in Aurangabad by Road: Ellora Caves

After breakfast, you will start from Jalgaon and travel to Aurangabad via road. On the way, you will visit the Ellora Caves. The Ellora Caves date back to the 5th century. The thirty-four caves of Ellora have among others Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples, and Jain temples. The wonderful Kailasa Temple is the largest monolithic structure of the world. You shall spend the night at Aurangabad. Note that Ellora caves are closed on Tuesday.

Highlights: Visit Ellora Caves.

Day 12 Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad

After breakfast, head out to explore the Ajanta Caves. The entire day will be spent here. You will find here the Buddhist Chaityas and Viharas with carvings and fantastic wall paintings. The paintings depict the life of the Buddha and the rituals of Mahayana Buddhism. The mural paintings show that the ancient Indians had mastered a fluent style and dealt with large groups of people. The paintings, you will find, were painted on top of a dry plaster surface. The paintings depict the life of a wealthy court. The ceilings are painted as well. The detailed decorative motifs sometimes represent the Jataka tales and the previous lives of Buddha as a ruler. The Ajanta Caves are closed on Mondays. You shall spend the night at Aurangabad.

Highlights: Visit Ajantha Caves.

Day 13 Aurangabad to Mumbai by Flight

There is an option for you to opt for a tour of the historical city of Aurangabad. Located in the Maharashtra state of India, it is named after the famous Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb and was built in 1610. Aurangabad is full of various historical sites that are bound to leave you mesmerized. Some of the most famous places that you must visit are Bibi Ka Maqbara, Panchakki, Kali Masjid, Jumma Masjid, Quila-E-Ark, and Aurangabad Caves amongst many others.

Bibi ka Maqbara is a replica of Taj Mahal and is the perfect example of unique Mughal Architecture. Incidentally, it is the only monument of its kind in the Central Indian region; it happens to be the burial place of Aurangzeb’s wife. Aurangabad caves are famous for 12 Buddhist shrines that have been carved from stone. Panchakki was built in the early 17th century and has been famous for being the abode of various Sufi-saints in India. The water-mill was used to grind grains to feed the pilgrims who visit this amazing place. Jumma Masjid and Kali Masjid are famous mosques and are of significant religious importance.

After your city tour of Aurangabad, you will fly to Mumbai and will be transferred to your hotel. Stay overnight at your Hotel in Mumbai.

Day 14 Mumbai City Tour and Departure

The final day of your Central India Tour Package will take you to the unique sights of Mumbai, erstwhile known as Bombay. It is also regarded as the financial capital of India and is famous as the home of Indian Film Industry, Bollywood. Mumbai gets it to name from the famous temple of the city dedicated to goddess Mumba Devi. Your city tour of Mumbai will start with a visit to the scenic Hanging Gardens, located at the slopes of Malabar Hills. Then you will proceed to the famous Kamla Nehru Park, that offers majestic views of the major attractions of Mumbai, Juhu Chowpatty, and Marine Drive.

Thereafter, you will visit the other attractions of Mumbai like Mani Bhawan, Prince of Wales Museum, Flora Fountain, Dhobi Ghat and Crawford Market. You will also get a chance to see the Gateway of India, a famous historical landmark of India. This will be followed by a drive through Marine Drive, one of the most popular roads in Mumbai with some of the best sea-facing restaurants and hotels in Mumbai.

Afterwards, on completion of the Mumbai Tour, you will return to your hotel for check-out. The check-out timings are 1200 hrs noo. Later in the evening you would be transferred to the Mumbai Airport for your onward flight or return flight.

Highlights: Mumbai - Visit the Hanging Gardens, Kamla Nehru Park, Mani Bhawan, Prince of the Wales Museum, Gateway of India, Dhobi-Ghat and drive through Marine Drive, Flora Fountain & Crawford market.


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    Gwalior Regency

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    Orchha Resort

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Market Visit & Cooking Class followed by Meal

Duration :3 – 3.5 hours

Cooking Class followed by Meal

Duration :2 -2.5 hours

Indian Family Meal Experience

Duration :1.5 - 2 hours

Delhi Shopping Tour

Duration :4 hours

Yoga at famous Lodhi Garden In Delhi

Duration :2 hours

Zangoora at Kingdom of Dreams (Temporarily closed)

Duration :3 hours

Jhumroo at Kingdom of Dreams

Duration :3 hours

Sound and Light Show at Red Fort in Delhi

Duration :1 hours


Mohabbat The Taj Show

Duration :80 minutes

Traditional Indian Welcome

Duration :15-20 minutes

Tonga Ride

Duration :05-10 minutes

Agra Walk

Duration :90 minutes

Agra Food Trail

Duration :1-2 hours

Cooking Demonstration and Family Dinner

Duration :2 hours


Dharavi Tour

Duration :2-3 hours

Bollywood Tour

Duration :4-5 hours

Kanheri Caves

Duration :7 hours

Karla Caves

Duration :6-7 hours

Full day Khandala/Lonavala

Duration :8 hours

Two days Khandala/Lonavala/Karla/Bhaja


Shirdi Tour

Duration :10-12 hours

Wine Tour

Duration :6-7 hours

Spice Market Tour

Duration :3 hours

Dawn Tour

Duration :4 hours

Bicycle Tour

Duration :4 hours

Discover Sailing

Duration :4 hours

Worli Village Tour

Duration :3-4 hours

Discover Mumbai including local transport

Duration :3-4 hours

Culinary Tour

Duration :2-3 hours

Rural Tourism in Karjat

Duration :12 hours

Magical Mumbai by Lights

Duration :4 hours

Amchi Mumbai

Duration :8 hours

Jewish Tour

Duration :8 hours


Madhya Pradesh tour package

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