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Tourist places to visit in Tamil Nadu

Amidst the diverse and versatile cosmos which India beholds within herself, the land of Tamil Nadu has always posed to remain a treasured part of India’s rich terrain. It is packed with immense antiquity and legacy. It is like one glorious microcosm of the whole of meridional India. Colorful spices and silk stalls line the streets of each coastal city from Madurai to Chennai. From nature to culture, the region’s aesthetic beauty offers unparalleled experiences to travelers. Spirituality exudes from every corner of Tamil Nadu and it holds striking beauty, which is bound to enrapture any soul and rejuvenate their senses. Ranging from the vast and abundant literary works of Tamilians which include some of the finest works of poetry which mankind perhaps has ever penned, can delve deeper into lowest tranches of the vast cultural ocean which Tamil Nadu has beheld within herself for centuries altogether.

The majestic Meenakshi and other temples are the most fascinating feats of buildings which mankind would have achieved at the time. Being the visual treat which they are, the temples of this majestic land are bound to leave you awestruck and scratching your head to the pressing question as to how they were established in a time which was devoid of any of the sophisticated tools and technology which we are equipped with in today’s day and age.

This southern state with its age-old trading vocation is as dynamic as it is immersed in tradition. Fire-worshipping devotees who smear tikka on their brows in Tamil Nadu's famously picturesque temples might rush off to IT offices and then unwind at a glitzy night-time haunt in the rapidly modernizing Chennai or with sun salutations in bohemian Puducherry.

Touring this alluring land is an experience which is once in a lifetime by every means. It is essential that one takes time out of their lives to simply visit this part of the world and encounter the immense amount of wonders which Tamil Nadu has to offer to her visitors.

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Fact & figure of Tamil Nadu

  • Capital: Chennai
  • Area: 130,060 km²
  • Population: 72,147,030
  • Language: Hindi ,Tamil, English.
  • Best time to visit Tamil Nadu : August to February.
  • Airports:Chennai International Airport, Coimbatore International Airport, Madurai International Airport, Tiruchirapalli International Airport, Hosur Airport, Neyveli Airport, Salem Airport, Tuticorin Airport

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