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Best Things to do in Bengaluru

Welcome to Bengaluru

Fact & figure
  • Indian union territory:
  • Area: 709 km?
  • Population : 84.3 lakhs (2011)
  • Language : Kannada & English
  • Attractions : Historical Places & Nature
  • Rainfall : 859 mm
  • : 920 m
  • Monsoon : June to August
  • Best time to visit : October to February
  • Temprature :

City Information - Bengaluru

Bengaluru(Bangalore), renamed as Bengaluru, is a popular tech hub of India and is among the most livable and lovable cities. Favored for its pleasant climate, amazing parks and gardens, and scopes for learning and career growth, the capital of Karnataka is a power-package of everything from heritage to nature to technology and entertainment.
Bengaluru(Bangalore) is bestowed with natural beauty, despite being a much populated megacity. It is a multi-cultural city and transcends religion, class and language. Though the advent of liberalization has completely turned the face of the city around, and with people of different religious and traditional backgrounds residing in the city, Bengaluru(Bangalore) has still retained its own culture, traditions and moral values.
Technology has been synonymous with the city?s backdrop with the unprecedented growth of IT which has reshaped several things including traffic, multi-cultural advent and faces from every corner of the country. While technology still remains the major attention seeker, entertainment, food and a pompous nightlife are equally popular in Bengaluru(Bangalore). Not to forget the commercial and business fronts which are among the prime attractions of the city?s crowd-puller.

Top highlights - of Bengaluru

  • Places like the majestic Bengaluru(Bangalore) Palace, Vidhana Soudha, and Tipu Sultan?s Summer Palace are among the major showcases that beautifully portray the cultural and architectural marvel of the city.
  • Bengaluru(Bangalore) is famous for its gardens and parks, with Cubbon Park being at the prime attraction for its huge spread across 300 acres of green foliage responsible for the calm and fresh ambience of the region.
  • Bengaluru(Bangalore) is a paradise for the shopaholics with places like MG Road and Commercial Streets alluring them the most. There are provisions for huge chic malls adorned with platforms for international brands to exhibit to a huge number of customers.

What makes Bengaluru famous ?

Music, entertainment and lively ambience of the city contribute the most towards making the city a crowdpuller.The nightlife of Bangalore is mostly ruled by music and dance that makes the crowd to groove on. The unique thing about Bangalore cuisine is that it is a perfect blend of several platters from all over the country reflecting diversity of cultures and living.

History of Bengaluru

The history of Bangalore dates back to 1537 when the founder Kempe Gowda I built a mud fort at the site. However, an earlier evidence through an inscription dates back the city?s existence to c. 890 which says that the city stands neglected at the Parvathi Nageshwara Temple in Begur near the city. The epigraph, written in old Kannada, refers to a Bangalore war which is recorded by historian R. Narasimhachar in his "Epigraphia of Carnatica".

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