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Behold the elegant tribal culture in their homeland

Behold the elegant tribal culture in their homeland

India is a land possessing diverse dimensions. Its religions, cultures and festivals celebrate myriad events and ideas. The varied festivals of India drench the country with their differences and enrich its cultural richness. The tribals form a significant part of the Indian population and their culture is of a mystical that leaves you pondering on the reasons for their customs. But will also love you with a sense of wonder, calmness, and contemplation.


The coastal state of Orissa is home to more than 62 tribes. Needless to say, these tribes are quite diverse among themselves. Some of the common themes in their festivals include the power of supernatural entities and communal harmony and togetherness. Festivals form an integral part of tribal culture and increase the cohesiveness of tribal society. Most of these festivals are held to mark the changing of the seasons or pay respects to a deity. Some of the important festivals include the Tribal Fair at Bhubaneshwar, the Chow Festival, the Folk dance Festival, and the Tribal Festival of Koraput.

Celebrations and Culture
Celebrations and Culture

These tribal festivals bring out the multi-faceted nature of Odissi culture by providing a platform for people to showcase their varied talents, including dance, music, handicrafts, literature, and handicrafts. The Kavi Sammelans provide a gathering of literature lovers, where people can exhibit their poetic prowess and be adequately critiqued. Artist camps showcase the distinct works of the Odissi tribals, displaying their handlooms and handicrafts. Quizzes, debates, and essays depict the talent of students. Tribal dance and music set the evening mood. The Orissa Tribal Festival has resurrected some dying traditions and tribal art forms. It is one of the rare occasions where you get to witness the striking tribal folk traditions and bewitching folk dances.

A Synthesis of Cultures

The Orissa Tribal Festival is a coalescence of diverse tribes, all showcasing their unique culture and traditions. It is an exhibition of tribal art forms, an expression of tribal culture through art, dance, music, and literature. You must experience the Orissa Tribal Festival to immerse yourself in the entertainment and eye-catching prowess of tribal traditions. It is also a chance to get a closer look at the natural beauty of Orissa in all its splendor. You are sure to be stirred by the passionate performances of the talented artists and will reflect on the lives of the tribals long after you leave. The Orissa Tribal Festival leaves an impression that lasts for a lifetime.

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