10 must-have Indian delicacies to boost your immunity during Golden Triangle Tour

India is a country that is rich in nature and culture. There are ample places to explore here and an adequate variety of meals to taste. From street food snacks to the classy platters in reputed restaurants, India is superbly efficient at satisfying your taste buds to the fullest. If you are looking for having a wonderful India Tour, that covers its important attractions, then you must consider availing the Golden Triangle Tour. This tour would provide you with glimpses of India’s wonderful forts or great historical monuments. Another obvious reason to choose the Indian Golden Triangle Tour is the variety of food you would get to taste. Different food with different ingredients, a perfect treat to the tastebuds and soul! 

Given below are the 10 must-have Indian delicacies that you must not skip by any chance on your Golden Triangle Tour to India: –

  • Parantha– Parantha is the most common food that you would be able to find being prepared in every second household of India. Indians prefer having Paranthas in the morning for breakfast as it is a kind of healthy and nutritious food. There are many types available in Paranthas, i.e., being stuffed with cauliflower, potatoes, reddish, eggs, and some with even leftover dals. Some varieties of Paranthas are even made with bananas or simply prepared as plain ones, made of wheat flour. 
  • Dum Aloo– Dum Aloo is a kind of side dish, which at times is also considered as a salad while served in the traditional Indian platter. It is made up of baby potatoes, goes well when taken with rice or naan bread. These baby potatoes are simmered in the delicious gravy which is made up of tomatoes, onions, and other Indian traditional spices. 
  • Dosa– This delicacy is the exclusive gift of South India. Dosas are a kind of pancakes, prepared out of fermented batter. The main ingredients used in preparing dosas are rice and black gram. This dish tastes good when served with sambhar (a type of gravy) or yogurt. This delicious dish is affectionately made in Indian households too. 
  • Chana Bhatura– This dish is versatile enough to be served for any meal, i.e., breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even for evening snacks. This could get a bit heavier to your gut, but it is completely normal for the Indians as they often rely on heavy meals. This dish is basically a wonderful combination of chickpea curry and fried bread called bhaturas.
  • Chaat– There are different types of chaats served in India, and this dish could be regarded as the king of all Indian food items. Sev Puri, Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri, and many more items are included in the chaat category. Also, Dahi puri, Aloo chaat, Dahi vada are the other chaat types that Indian people enjoy with grace and are loved by tourists too.
  • Biryani– Biryani is a South Asian dish that is prepared using different Indian spices, taking rice as its base. This dish is loved by the majority of Indians and often attracts people outside India. Biryani could be prepared, either way, i.e. veg and non-veg. The typical biryani served in Hyderabad, prepared with rice, spices, and mutton, served with raita is preferred by people across India as well as throughout the world. 
  • Samosa– Just like Chola Bhatura, Samosas can also be served with any meal. This dish is often regarded as one of the most loved dishes by Indians. The Samosas are made by kneading and rolling the white flour dough and then stuffing the dough sheets with potatoes, classic Indian garam masala, onions, chilli powder, and other ingredients.
  • Idli and Sambhar– This is also a south Indian dish, which is famous all over India. Idlis are a kind of steamed pancakes made up of rice flour and are served with a gravy called Sambhar. It is one of the healthiest breakfasts from India as it provides many health benefits. Idlis are usually eaten in the morning or evening, reasonable as a good healthy snack.  
  • Thali– If you are looking for a combo meal, that consists of all the variants you have been looking for in your lunch or dinner, then the Indian thali is the one you must try. Thali is a famous Rajasthani dish, which now is being served in all parts of India. The different food items served in a Thali are a sweet dish (mostly gulab jamun), pickle, rice (mostly steamed rice), two or more types of curries to go with chapati, papad, pickle, buttermilk, raita, chutney, and others. An advantage of taking a thali is, you would get to taste multiple Indian dishes on one platter. 
  • Dal Bati– Dal Bati is a typical Rajasthani dish that is also served all over India. Similar to Thali, Dal Bati is also served like a platter which consists of a semi-sweet dish called Churma, Dal (made a bit spicy), and bati which is deep-fried in the cooking oil. Every Rajasthani (staying in Rajasthan) takes pride in its special dish Dal Bati Churma. 

Mentioned above are some of the best food items belonging to India. Along with rich, tasteful ingredients, there is one more thing that you would get to sense in the dishes served during the Golden Triangle Tour. The feel of Indian culture, etiquettes, and devotion of the Indian’s towards their motherland could be expressed in the intrinsic delicacies they prepare and serve. The notion ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ completely reflects in the way they treat the guest. 

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