5 Amazing places to visit in India that glows in the dark

Did you know that there are locations in India where bioluminescence is well-known? It indicates they have the ability to produce light on their own. Here are six breathtaking locations where you may experience the glow-in-the-dark phenomena.

1. West Jaintia Hills District In Meghalaya

When researchers travelled to Meghalaya’s West Jaintia Hills District after hearing about “electric mushrooms,” they were unprepared for what they found. The magic began when the local guide instructed them to turn out their torches. When the researchers discovered small mushrooms growing on dead bamboo stalks that emitted light on their own, they were astounded.

They were bioluminescent, in other terms. The natives utilise these mushrooms to navigate the jungles, much as in the movie Avatar. These electric mushrooms were discovered to be a new species of Roridomyces after testing.

2. Purushwadi Forest in Maharashtra

It’s like something out of a fantastic tale, with a moonless night, an alluring forest, and hundreds of fireflies. It may be found in Maharashtra’s Purushwadi Forest. The greatest time to visit is during the pre-monsoon or summer when thousands of fireflies form a kaleidoscope of colour, and you can see over 2000 different kinds of fireflies!

Every year, throughout the months of May and June, a firefly festival takes place in this area, with trekkers flocking here to see the fireflies.

3. Juhu Beach, Maharashtra

Yes, there’s a new glimmering addition to this star-studded region. Visit the Juhu beach at night to see the dazzling hue of electric blue caused by Noctiluca scintillans, or “sea sparkle,” a microorganism that produces light when disturbed. After 8 p.m., the ideal time to visit is, and the finest viewing point is the cement jetty.

4. Ahupe Village, Maharashtra

 Have you ever been to the Western Ghats during the monsoon season? Few tourists can resist the allure of foggy weather and the fresh scent of nature. The little tribal town of Ahupe, located near the Bhimashankar Wildlife Reserve in Maharashtra, is one of the sites you must see. A bacteria called Mycena causes the forest to light up during the monsoon.

When this bacteria is located near a large quantity of moisture in the air, it has a unique capacity to light up. You must go to Ahupe, a small tribal community in the Bhimashankar Wildlife Reserve, to watch the trees shine, especially during the monsoon.

5. Mattu Beach, Karnataka

You’ve probably heard of individuals staring at the stars at night. But what if we told you that you may also look at glowing water bodies? At one moment in time, some water bodies on beaches in Karnataka, Goa and Mumbai produce light.

This type of dinoflagellate, sometimes known as the sea sparkle, is a free-living, marine-dwelling dinoflagellate that emits light when disturbed.

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