5 Best Delicacies to try during your trip to Kathmandu

Nepal is often famous for its fusion of Tibetan and Indian cuisine with fantastic taste and flavours. But Nepal also offers an impressive variety of cuisines such as Indian, Russian, Tibetan, Italian and what not! While in Kathmandu you will not only relish mouth-watering dishes but also the authentic flavours of each country at one place. 

So, mentioned below are highly desirable dishes of Nepal that one must try:-  

Momos – Most popular Street Food of Nepal

Momos are traditional steamed dumplings native to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Ladakh etc. Momos are prepared in different shapes and sizes with some form of filling such as meat, cheese or vegetable. They are either fried, steamed and half fried. You can eat Momos with tangy and spicy tomato sauce. It is a simple and healthy snack you can eat anywhere in Kathmandu. 

Thukpa – One of the best Tibetan Dishes

Better known as the Comfort food of Tibet, Thukpa has become the identity of Nepal now. Thukpa dish is a traditional noodle soup combined with vegetables and meat. It contains the special and authentic flavours of Nepal that everybody should taste. This dish is not only for non-vegetarians but Vegetarians can also enjoy this warm and yummy soup in numerous places in Kathmandu. 

Dal Bhat – Authentic Nepali Thali

Dal Bhat is popularly called the “National food of Nepal” which every food lover must try. Food is also a symbol of love and you can clearly see it in the dish Dal Bhat that people of Nepal make with so much love. Dhal Bhat is a meal consisting of lentil soup called dal and boiled rice called Bhat. The thali is a mixture of salty and spicy as it is accompanied with some pickles and chutney (sauces) as well. You can go to a restaurant with your family and try this delightful thali to satisfy your hunger. 

Chatamari – Newari Style Pancakes

Newari Cuisine is extremely famous in Kathmandu due to its sweet and spicy flavours. Chatamari is a common Newari dish also known as Newari rice pancake. It is usually a non-veg dish made with eggs and meat but people can also find veg Chatamari in many eateries and food stalls of Kathmandu. Dessert Chatamari filled with cheese and sugar is the favourite dish of the people of Nepal. Trying this lip-smacking dish will surely provide you joy and pleasure. 

Sekuwa – Traditional Kebabs

Now, this dish deserves the mention as one of the best selling dishes in Nepal. A classic kebab of the Nimbu people of Nepal has now won the hearts of millions. Sekuwa is made with pork, goat, lamb, cricket or any kind of meat and later seasoned with natural herbs and spices and is roasted in a natural wood fire to give it a smoky taste. Be sure to try this dish during your vacation and enjoy it as much as possible.

So, whenever you travel to Kathmandu, indulge in gastronomical experience and try these most popular delicacies of Kathmandu.

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