5 Cool and Unique Things to do in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a lively city nestled in Nepal with interesting history, breathtaking nature views, historical places, lively bazaars (markets), beautiful temples and also offers numerous cool and unique activities that an explorer can do while vacationing in Kathmandu. As Kathmandu promises to provide delightful experiences, travellers should also take advantage of the opportunity and make the most of their trip. Continue reading if you want to know about some unique yet cool things that you can enjoy in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Explore and shop at Thamel Street

When going on any vacation, shopping is a must-do activity, especially for girls. Right? If you are looking to go on a shopping spree, you can visit Thamel street which is a popular shopping centre in Kathmandu with fascinating architecture, also contains numerous hotels and restaurants where you can sit and enjoy yummy food after exploring the market. In this colourful market with a lively ambience, you will get a lot of cool and traditional products from Nepal at a good price. If you can bargain, then make sure to negotiate a good price on your purchases. 

Enjoy a  flight to the top of the Himalayas

Words can not enough to show the excitement and beautiful feeling one gets to see the mountains, nature views and other surroundings from above. Not everyone is a professional climber and can reach the top of Mount Everest but with domestic flights from the Kathmandu airport, you can go up in the sky to enjoy the scenic views of the earth’s highest mountain range, beautiful valleys and flora and fauna. Yes, the flight price is a bit expensive but worth it as it offers an out of the world experience. 

Learn the art of Thangka Painting

Art plays a vital role in Nepalese culture which helps the people to get a better understanding of Tibetan culture, their history, Buddhism, lifestyle and teachings of Buddha. Thangka Art is a traditional Tibetan painting skill that showcases mandals and Buddhist deities on a piece of silk or cotton. If you cherish art and want to have an unusual yet unique experience during your trip, you can opt for Thangka Painting classes and learn the basics. 

Experience the Singing bowls Meditation 

Singing Bowls Meditation is like a healing ritual that Nepalese (local people of Nepal) have been learning and practising from ancient times. It is a one-hour activity that will take the participants on a healing journey through this practice to heal depression, stress and pain. The melodious tones emitted by the bowls help the participants to practice meditation and think creatively. While doing this activity, one will feel immense happiness within. So don’t miss out on this golden opportunity while you are in Nepal. 

Visit Durbar Marg to enjoy Nightlife

Durbar Marg is the heart of Kathmandu and also happens to be the most happening place where tourists can enjoy high-end shopping and witness the amazing nightlife of Kathmandu. If you are in Kathmandu with your partner, then Durbar Marg is a great place for couples as they can go on romantic dates and shopping together and later relish delicious dishes and have a drink at lavish restaurants. 

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