Epic adventures awaiting you on your Rajasthan Tour

Loaded with a bucket list of mesmerising destinations, India proffers a vast diversity of epic adventures tours. In this treasury of enthralling Indian destinations, the majestic lure of Rajasthan is an essential gem. A land adorned with historical glory and cultural delights, the desert beauty of Rajasthan is an exquisite destination to behold and cherish. The Charisma of a destination is portrayed by its art, architecture, music, dance, religion, festivals, food, and its people. And Rajasthan is the hearth of all these riches.

Located along the northwestern range of Indian, Rajasthan is often synonymous with the Land of Kings. From ancient forts and palaces to colorful clothes, art and architecture Rajasthan offers an epic adventure tour and tops the list of priority destinations. In fact, it is the largest state of India to sustain its historical treasures and present them in blends with cultural beauty to deliver a mystical experience of a lifetime. Having said that, here is a sneak peek of some of the glorious offerings of Rajasthan; everything you really do not want to miss on.

  • Architecture

Rajasthan oozes an aura of royalty and traditional heritage. It is a land of significant forts, palaces, and temples; whose charm and beauty beckons and bewitches you to stay. With decades of versatile kingdoms such as the Mughals, the Jat and the Rajputs, ruling its land, Rajasthan has embraced the art and architectural mark of each dynasty from as long as the 12th century and earlier. Each realm illustrated its own novel amalgamation of architectural styles and plans; a demonstration of their splendor, well depicted in its architecture that as of today is still standing strong as the noteworthy magnificence of the land. In fact, strolling through the lanes of these antiquated awestriking constructions delivers the feel of a time-travelling journey. The Amer Fort of Jaipur, The Havelis from Alsisar, Hawa Mahal, the draping nurseries of Udaipur Palace, Amer Palace, Mahakaleshwar Temple of Udaipur, the exhibition hall of City Palace of Jaipur, Eklingji temple, Chittor Fort, Dholpur Palace Jaisalmer Fort, and several others architectural beauties constitute some of the astonishing visions to name.

  • Folk Music, Dance and Rajasthani Festivals

Inhabited by diverse clans and tribes with their own peculiar cultures, Rajasthan besides its prestigious royal demeanor is also a land of enthralling dance, music, festivities, and art forms. Teej Festival of Jaipur, Pushkar Fair, Elephant Fair of Jaipur, and the Magnetic Fields Festival of Shekhawati are some of the most common and zealous festivities of this royal state. Festivities in this land are celebrated with infectious enthusiasm and mesmerizing beauty. In fact, festivals in this royal state are like precious adornments, magnifying the beauty of Rajasthan to several folds. The melodies that will entrap your soul here comprise the folk songs which commonly are Ballards unfolding great heroic stories or the everlasting tales of love, sacrifices and beauty. Tales in voices, tones, and notes that attract you and live with you for a long while. A few vital traditional musical groups include Banjaras, Jogis and Mirasis. Besides its unique music and colorful festivity, a wide range in dance form is observed as well. Ghoomar, Bhopa, Tejali, Kathipuli, Kacchi Ghodi, Bhavai dance are some of the famous dance routines of Rajasthan.

  • World Heritage site

House to about eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Rajasthan adds another reason to its name, as the pride of India. Including the age-old astronomical observatory, Jantar Mantar (with the largest sundial of the world and thus also nicknamed as the precious astronomical instruments.), Ranthambore Fort, the Keoladeo National Park, Gagron Fort, Chittorgarh Fort, Amer Fort, Jaisalmer Fort and Kumbhalgarh Fort constitute the eight UNESCO sites, with your visit.

  • The fascinating flora and fauna

Besides its magnificent monuments and artistic allure, Rajasthan is also home to spectacular wildlife including rare species. From the glorious affair of sightseeing the Royal Tigers of Bengal at the Ranthambore National Park to the blissful experience of birds tweeting at the Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary and warming up with the dolphins at the Sariska Tiger Reserve, the flora and fauna of Rajasthan adds up to the reason of a definite visit to this majestic land of India.

  • Clothes and Handicrafts

Adding to the vibrant culture of Rajasthan is its flamboyant traditional clothing styles. The traditional outfits for women include ghagra- kanchli (long skirt with blouse), and Dhotis/ Payjama with kurta or angrakha for men. Women adorn their attires with colorful ‘odhnis’ or dupatta further accessorized with variant jewellery. While for men the headgear, commonly called the ‘pagdi’, is an emblem of individuality and pride. In Rajasthan, pieces of jewellery are accessorized by men as well.

Shopping in Rajasthan opens you to the world of magnifier artistry. Distinctive yet magnificent artefacts and handicrafts of Rajasthani culture throw reflection on the ancient ways of Indian lifestyle. Be it the Nuha artistic or the decorative in stones, marbles that simply bring out to us the traditional roots. The enchanting embroidery work of Rajasthan is also very famous and sought after, like the majestic mirror work, the bati work or the tie and die work. Embroidery in Rajasthan is not only limited to clothes but spread to all forms of products like bags, shoes, jewellery etc.

  1. Royal stay, Heart Warming Hospitality and the blissful experience of a lifetime.

The age-old adage of India, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (Guest is God”) takes on a beautiful enfolding in the royal state of Rajasthan. In fact, the total fun of the Epic adventures awaiting you on your Tour magnifies when you communicate with local people. With warming personage and amiable down to earth temperament, the locals of Rajasthan welcome their ‘Atithi’ (guest) with an open heart. Besides its Heart-Warming Hospitality, Rajasthan offers you a grandeur that leaves you with a craving like no other. From providing a fairytale experience with a lavish stay at various palaces turned into heritage hotels such as the Ummaid Bhawan Palace of Jodhpur, the Samode Palace, Rambagh Palace, Taj Lake Palace and others to the renowned variety of cuisines like dal bati churma, bhuna kukda (chicken dish), laal maas (meat curry) or gatte ki sabzi, or traditional thali, added with the colourful beauty of the land Rajasthan is an ideal destination for encapsulating a blissful experience of a lifetime.

Reasons to pocket an exhilarating experience by embracing the magnificence of Rajasthan are numerous. The cultural heritage and beauty of Rajasthan include a lot more and these were just a few to name. However, to top it all is the reason of heavenly peace and joy that encompasses you in this Golden majestic land of historic splendour and cultural beauty. Without any doubt, Rajasthan is a must-visit for any traveller.

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