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“Satnam Sri Waheguru”, meaning “True name of Wondrous teacher, the one who leads us from darkness to light”. This is the faith that is found in the hearts of people for their Divine. India is a land of religion and faith. The people of India esteem God even above their existence. One such part of the country is Punjab. The city, on the northwestern edge of India, is home to lively and spiritual people. Punjab is a land rich in ethnic and religious diversity, having given birth to and moulded various religious groups such as Sikhism, Buddhism, and Sufism. Punjab is all about culture, tradition, people, and their love for their almighty.

While we attempt to stay connected to the world through social media, we have not connected with the divine entity. A peaceful and spiritual vacation on the sacred land of Punjab is a great opportunity to break free from the limitations of your bedroom to the kitchen and back tension and explore your body and soul. India is home to some of the world’s oldest cultures and faiths. Come as we discover new experiences on Punjab’s pure and pious land, the land of the brave, the land of brotherhood and culture.

  • Seek blessings of the true one in Gurudwaras

Punjab is home to many beautiful and calming shrines, locally called Gurudwaras, meaning “A way to the teacher”.  Relieve all tensions of the world in the scenic beauty. The Gurudwara Tours will open you to a way to get closer to the one. Few of the many popular Gurudwara include the Gurudwara Baba Atal Sahib, built to commemorate the early death of the son of Guru Hargobind Singh is one of a kind nine-storied architecture and the Takht Sri Damdama Sahib, where Guru Gobind Singh composed the Sri Guru Granth Sahib’s Bir and put the faiths of the Singhs, the brave inhabitants of Punjab to test. Just the ambience, calm and beauty of these places give you an unmatched solace. Come and seek knowledge and blessings from the tutor of life.

  • The Golden Temple

Gurudwara Hari Mandir Sahib, located in Amritsar, is the most famous Gurudwara in India, with devotees pouring in from all parts of India and the world. Guru Arjan laid the foundation stone for this hallowed shrine in 1588, and the Holy Scripture known as the Adi Granth was placed here in 1604. To safeguard the shrine, Maharaja Ranjit Singh covered the top floors with gold sheets, giving the Gurudwara its present name of “Golden Temple”. The temple has four gates, symbolizing the acceptance of people from all walks of life. All places of God are beautiful,  but the Golden Temple would lead you to a place of ultimate happiness, one which you would never want to leave. The Famous Gurudwara Tour in India should top your list if you seek true peace.

  • Relish the sacred food at Langars

Sikhs give a financial or food donation to the gurdwara’s langar or the community kitchen. Sewa is an essential component of worship. Sikhs fulfil this obligation by assisting in the langar or caring for the gurdwara, studying the Guru Granth Sahib, teaching it to others, and providing financial or other assistance to those in need. It is completely run by the people willing to serve the hungry. You will get to eat soul-fulfilling food, give charity, and remember God at the same time. The warmth that the place and food grant you feels like home. You would want to stay there once you reach there.

  • Lose all nerves in blissful Sufi Music

Sufism is a mystical Islamic doctrine and practice, seeking a direct personal experience of God to discover the reality of divine love and wisdom. It comprises several mystical pathways aimed at determining the nature of mankind and God and facilitating the experience of divine love and wisdom. Many Sufi orders, popularly called Silsilas, are present in present-day Punjab. The most alluring fact about Sufism is the music of the culture. A Sufi tradition was spread by the Muslim Dhadhi, a rare and complex genre. It is believed that listening to Sufi music brings the believer closer to the divine. Don’t let anything stop you from experiencing this.

  • Find your faith in nature

What is God, after all? His creations, the land, the sun, the rivers and us. The purest way of loving God and getting to know Him loves His creations. Punjab, meaning “The land of five Rivers”, is named after the five large rivers that run over its wide plains: the Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Jhelum, and Chenab. The land boasts of a variety of crops and landscapes flourishing with greenery. The Punjab Agricultural University is the largest agricultural university in Asia, clearly showing the dedication people show towards the soil. Befriend the soil, and the soil would serve you. Enjoy the beauty of the rivers bringing in the water of peace and affection to the land. Get to appreciate God and all he has done for us closely. Experience His love through these prospering elements of His nature.

Besides the spiritual beauty of the place, you Punjabi Tour Packages will introduce you to the raw and welcoming cultures of Punjab, to the friendly and fun-loving people, to their popular folk dances like Giddha and Bhangra, festivals like Lohri, Maghi, Diwali, Teej which are celebrated with great fun and spirit and obviously to the delicious delicacies like Chhole 

Bhature, Kulcha and Lassi, after all, India is all about its celebration, tradition, culture and food. Get closer to God. Find peace in the chaos, which never seems to stop. Rejuvenate your Chakras. Experience divinity like never before. Take some time to go on a deeper and more focused path to the happiness that your soul craves more than the world’s superficial pleasures. Close your laptop, pack your bags, Punjab is calling you.

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