Forts In Rajasthan

One thing that comes in mind after hearing ‘Rajasthan’ is the grandeur and magnificence as it is the “Land of Kings”. It shelters numerous Forts and Palaces that are epitome of the imperial rule and rich cultural heritage of India. Rajasthan Tour is termed as incomplete without the visit to the gigantic yet astonishing Forts. These Forts unfold the gallantry and exclusive lifestyle of the Kings. The embellished walls and structures of these Forts demonstrate the architectural legacy of the Rajputs. These Forts never cease to leave the visitors awestruck. Indian art and culture have been exhibited beautifully through these magnificent Forts. Also known as the “Incredible State of India”, Rajasthan has umpteen Forts, some of them are listed below to tempt you to pay a visit to Rajasthan to experience the diversified and colorful culture of India.


List of Forts in Rajasthan

  1. Amber Fort, Jaipur.
  2. Chittorgarh Fort, Chittorgarh.
  3. Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur.
  4. Junagarh Fort, Bikaner.
  5. Taragarh Fort, Bundi.
  6. Lohargarh Fort, Bharatpur.
  7. Bhatner Fort, Hanumangarh.
  8. Khimsar Fort, Jodhpur.
  9. Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur.
  10. Ranthambore Fort, Sawai Madhopur.
  11. Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur.
  12. Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kubhalgarh.
  13. Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer.
  14. Gagron Fort, Gagron.
  15. Mandawa Fort, Shekhawati.

Amber Fort, Jaipur


Also known as Amer Fort, it is settled in the Amer village at the distance of 11 km from Jaipur. Built of red sandstone and marble, this was made by Raja Man Singh I, who was the king of Amber at that time. What makes this Fort a tourist attraction is the picturesque architecture along with the presence of beautiful Sheesh Mahal in its beckoning campus.

  • Best time to visit Amer Fort: October-February.
  • Timings: 9:00 – 16:30 hr.

Chittorgarh Fort, Chittorgar


This is the largest Fort of India, nestled in the Chittor, Capital of Mewar. It is popular across the world due to its tall towers, splendid gates and exquisite architecture. Here, one can discover scenic beauty wish lush green surroundings, old temples, grand palaces and reservoirs. There are many fables and anecdotes associated with this Fort.

  • Best time to visit Chittorgarh Fort: November- February.
  • Timings: 9:45 – 17:15 hr.

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur


Situated at the height of 400 feet above the city of Jodhpur, this Fort is home to many palaces and courtyards, exhibiting the Rajput style of architecture. There is also a museum in this Fort where the visitors can catch views of various musical instruments, paintings and weapons.

  • Best time to visit Mehrangarh Fort: October- March.
  • Timings: 9:00 – 17:00 hr.

Junagarh Fort, Bikaner


The famous Fort of Bikaner was built by Maharaja Rao Bika, who belonged to the Rathore clan. Earlier, this Fort was known by the name of Chintamani. Standing in the center of the city, this Fort has its main courtyard, made up of Carrara Marble from Italy. Some of the major tourist attractions of this Fort constitute Jain Temples, palaces and the massive gates.

  • Best time to visit Junagarh Fort: November- February.
  • Timings: 10:00 – 16:30 hr.

Taragarh Fort


Beautiful architectural style of this Fort lures the tourists most. This Fort was built by the Chauhan Dynasty in 1354 A.D. This magnificent Fort dominating the city of Bundi, has been ruined but still it has not ceased to attract tourists due to its secret tunnels and water reservoirs. A few of the tourist attractions of this Fort are Garbha Gunjan, Bhim Burj and many more.

  • Best time to visit Taragarh Fort: November- March.
  • Timings: 8:00 – 19:00 hr.

Lohargarh Fort, Bharatpur


In spite of the several attacks by the Mughals and Britishers, this Fort is still standing upright in the city of Bharatpur. The foundations of this Fort were laid in 1731, by Jat Ruler Maharaja Suraj Mal. The seat of alluring palaces like Kishori Mahal, Kothi Khas and Mahal Khas, is also a chest of antic weaponry and ancient manuscripts and paintings of the various Jat Rulers.

  • Best time to visit Lohargarh Fort: August- September.
  • Timings: 9:00 – 17:30 hr.

Bhatner Fort, Hanumangarh


Counted among the oldest Forts of India, this Fort is built on the banks of river Ghaggar. What sets this Fort apart from all the others is that it was featured by Mughal emperor Akbar in Ain-e-Akbari. It was constructed around 1700 years ago by King Bhupat, son of the king of Jaisalmer. This Fort also nests some of the famous Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman.

  • Best time to visit Bhatner Fort: August- March.
  • Timings: 24:00 hr.

Khimsar Fort, Jodhpur


Settled in the heart of Jodhpur city, this Fort is one of the grandest palaces. It is spread along the huge area of 11 acres and the architecture of this palace is just is often believed that the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb used to reside in this Fort. Today, the Fort is accomplishes with all types of modern facilities and has been converted into a heritage hotel. There is so much to explore in this Fort that it can take up to 4 days to adore the grandeur of this Fort.

  • Best time to visit Khimsar Fort: November- February.
  • Timings: 24:00 hr.

Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur


Generally called as “Victory Fort of Rajasthan”, this Fort in Jaipur is beautiful. This Fort was built by Sawai Jai Singh II in the early 18th century, in order to guard the city of Amber and Jaipur. Everything from resident places to temples and from gardens to the attractive structures can be found in this huge Fort. Located at the hilltop, this Fort also nests a museum full of artifacts. The world’s largest cannon, Jaiban can also be observed within this Fort.

  • Best time to visit: November- February.
  • Timings: 9:00 – 16:30 hr.

Ranthambore Fort, Sawai Madhopur


The Fort with the existence of many wildlife species, is the largest wildlife sanctuary. This Fort was built in 10th century by the Chauhan rulers. Along with sheltering many animals, this Fort also possesses many temples, huge walls and tanks. The Fort which is now a wildlife sanctuary, earlier used to be hunting grounds for the Maharajas of Jaipur. This Fort also features three large lakes.

  • Best time to visit Ranthambore Fort: November-May.
  • Timings: 10:00 – 17:30 hr.

Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur


This is one of the famous Hill Forts of Rajasthan. Located in the pink city of Jaipur, this Fort is generally remembered as the pride of Aravalli Hills. The founder of Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II built this Fort in 1734. This Fort is an exquisite representation of the glorious architecture, amalgamation of Mughal, European and Rajput styles. The Fort houses various temples, gardens, palaces as well as a major tourist attraction-Madhavendra Bhawan, which is seen as a summer destination for the royals.

  • Best time to visit Nahargarh Fort: November- February.
  • Timings: 10:00 – 17:30 hr.

Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kubhalgarh


This Fort is famous as the famous ruler Maharana Pratap was born here. In the terms of grandeur, the fortifications of this Fort are counted only after the “Great Wall of China”. It is abode to numerous temples, including 300 Jain Temples and 60 Hindu Temples. Accomplished with beautiful gardens, palaces and extended gates, this Fort offers panoramic views of its surroundings.

  • Best time to visit Kumbhalgarh Fort: October- February.
  • Timings: 8:00 – 18:00 hr.

Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer


Known as the second oldest Fort of Rajasthan, this Fort is settled at the top of Trikuta Hills. Also considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Fort is home to many markets, restaurants, palaces and numerous temples. Sometimes, this Fort is known by names of “Sonar Quila” or “Golden Fort”. Dominating the Thar Desert, it is best viewed during the sunset.

  • Best time to visit Jaisalmer Fort: October- March.
  • Timings: 24:00 hr.
Gagron Fort, Gagron

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site of Rajasthan, this Fort is entirely different. What sets this Fort apart from the others is the existence of rivers, forests and hills around all its sides. This Fort is also one of the six Hill Forts of Rajasthan. The foundations of this Fort were laid back in 1195 A.D. by King Bijaldev for the purpose of protection. This Fort also serves as a shelter to many temples, dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and so on.

  • Best time to visit Gagron Fort: July- September.
  • Timings: 9:00 – 17:00 hr.
Mandawa Fort, Shekhawati

This Fort is the ultimate exhibition of the varied and rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. In 18th century, it was established by Nawal Singh. Offering the breathtaking views, this Fort is nestled in the middle of the Aravalli Hills. Long ago, this Fort has been converted into a Heritage Hotel, which hosts the guests with a royal experience. Many picturesque paintings of Lord Krishna are also featured on the ancient walls of this Fort.

  • Best time to visit Mandawa Fort: October- March.
  • Timings: 24:00 hr.

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