Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) – The miracle Ayurvedic herb

Tinospora Cordifolia, better known as Giloy is a plant with heart-shaped leaves and a popular ayurvedic herb with endless medical benefits. Undoubtedly Giloy is an expert in boosting body immunity and secures the body from infections. Every part of the world is facing the same problem and suffering from the attack of Coronavirus. Giloy is a magical herb that can be very effective in the time of pandemic around the world. So intake of Giloy regularly can be super beneficial for everyone as it is one of the most effective remedies of all time. Giloy can be consumed as a capsule, powder, or as juice. Also, you can boil the giloy in water and drink it every day. I love to have refreshing herbal tea in which you can add giloy and other ingredients such as tulsi, ginger, lemon, and more if needed. Now let’s find out more about the health benefits of this miracle ayurvedic herb and how it can treat various health problems. 

Amazing Health Benefits of Giloy:- 

Fight Diabetes: For a person who is diabetic can surely include Giloy in his/her diet because the herb keeps the blood sugar levels in control. It can even manage the glucose level and burn extra glucose.

Improve body immunity: Improving your immunity is the most important matter during Covid-19. Giloy has active compounds such as lactones and alkaloids that help strengthen immunity by keeping you fit and fine. It also gets rid of toxins, improves skin texture, and purifies the blood. Everyone should make it a habit to drink giloy juice daily to stay strong and healthy always. 

Treat respiratory problems: Dry cough, cold, tonsils, and throat infections are very common during flu season but some of them are general symptoms of novel coronavirus also. So it is better to have giloy often which will help you stay away from the deadly virus.

Cure Chronic fever: If you are suffering from fever and not feeling well for many days. Then you should consume giloy in the form of juice or powder and you will start feeling better. So next time when you have a fever, drink a cup of fresh giloy juice instead of taking medicines. Giloy may also reduce the risk of diseases like Dengue and Malaria.

Reduce anxiety and stress: During our busy lives with lots of pressure of work, family, studies, etc, we all have stress and sometimes face anxiety. So, by drinking giloy juice every day you can manage anxiety and reduce stress as well. It helps with mental health and also improves memory too.

Improve digestion: Giloy has an important role in boosting digestion and handling bowel related problems. It is advised to take half a gram of powder with amla in the morning for better health advantages. 

Ayurveda has the power to fight many infections and viruses. It can treat the symptoms and may cure the disease. Giloy is easy and safe to consume and has no side effects but still in case if you face any issue, then immediately stop consuming giloy and contact a doctor once. Now add the superfood giloy in your diet to stay immune because eating healthy is necessary for everyone nowadays. 

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