Indigo – The Natural Blue

Indigo powder is a dye that is made up of the crushed leaves of an Indigo plant. This powder has been used by textile companies. Moreover, people who try and use natural products, use Indigo to dye their hair and beard. 

This powder has many hair benefits and in this blog, I am going to share some benefits of using the Indigo Powder. So let’s start without any delay:

1. Help with premature greying of the hair: 

Indigo leaf is considered to be a good remedy for treating greying hair. If you use Indigo powder with your daily use of hair oil, this will help in reversing and preventing hair from going grey.

2. Help in Dandruff related problems:

In today’s generation, Dandruff problems are quite common. Indigo powder helps relieve from the dandruff related problems. If you use this powder regularly, it will help you in reducing dandruff from your hair and also helps in preventing the dryness and itchiness due to dandruff.

3. Good for hair growth:

Hair related problems are quite common now a day. People are facing hair fall problems. Well, for those people, this powder is a good remedy as it prevents hair fall problems.

Not only hair fall but it will help in preventing scalp infections and vitalize new hair growth if use it on a regular basis.

4. Help with dry hair:

Dry hair is a very common problem in today’s youth. If you use Indigo leaf hair oil on a regular basis, it will soften hair and keep it from becoming too fragile.

5. 100% Natural:

Indigo Powder is a 100% chemical-free hair dye. It does not contain any kind of PPD, no chemicals, no synthetic fertilizers, and no additives. In other words, it is a good remedy that you can use for the long term as well. It will not harm your hair or scalp.

6. Variety of color shades:

A packet of indigo powder will give you so many color shades for your hair. Indigo leaves give a natural blue tint and indigo hair dye which is obtained from the leaves of the Indigo plant.

You can experiment with a variety of tints with henna to yield beautiful shades like brown, light brown, cherry, mahogany, and many more.

Indigo powder is a good ayurvedic product which you can use to resolve problems related to hair. So try this ayurvedic product and see the results.

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