Nadi astrology in India

Know about your past and future through palm leaves, Nadi astrology in India

Nadi astrology in India. Does the idea of learning about past and future arouse curiosity in you? If yes, then you must check out Nadi astrology once. It is a form of astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, and the adjacent regions of India. One can get to know about his/her past, present, and future through Nadi palm leaves. Now you must be wondering how it is possible. Though the practice initiated in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, today it has spread across the major regions of the country such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, etc. Then, go through the history of Nadi astrology and visit any of the centers to give it a try. 

Know about your past and future through palm leaves

History of Nadi astrology 

In Tamil Nadu, the texts were written in Vattezhuthu, an ancient Tamil script by maharishis (sages). The concept is believed to be developed by as many as 18 sages, out of which the most notable one is Agastya. The records of the writings were made famous by astrology practitioners around Vaitheeswaran Temple in Tamil Nadu. The Naadi palm leaves are located based on thumb impressions of the person, i.e., right thumb for men and left thumb for women. These leaves were stored in Saraswati Mahal Library in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu. Over time, a few leaves got destroyed while others were auctioned during the British era. Then, the palm leaves were acquired by family members of astrologers in Vaitheeswaran Temple. Since then, the leaves have been passed from one generation to the other. 

Nadi palm leaves 

The sages have etched on the dried leaves using a special tool. As per the sources, the sages used to do a lot of efforts to preserve the leaves after etching was done. Lampblack or turmeric was applied to increase contrast and the readability of the text. The oil was also used to be rubbed on leaves. In the end, the sages used to tie the leaves in bundles, using a cord and two wooden covers. 

Readers of Nadi astrology 

Nadi astrology in India. The Nadi leaves are engraved in an ancient Tamil language in a poetic form and only a few people can interpret them. Nadi reading is a secret art, which is passed from one generation to another. The present-day Nadi readers had this training passed to them by their elders and forefathers. 

palm-leaf, Nadi astrology in India.

Process of Nadi astrology 

  • Firstly, Nadi astrologers take thumb impression of the person (left thumb for women and right thumb for men) on paper. As every thumb impression can be categorized into a particular category, the leaves are bundled as per categories. 
  • Once the bundle containing the leaf corresponding to your thumb imprint is found, the Nadi astrologer starts reading the leaf. He confirms a few basic details such as date of birth, parents’ names, etc. 
  • If the details match the answers provided by you, it is confirmed that the leaf belongs to you. In case your leaf is not found, the Nadi astrologers will search for it at the larger main center in Tamil Nadu. This is because the main center has a much larger collection of leaf bundles. 
  • In case your leaf is not found despite the hard work of helpers for hours, they do not charge you anything. You are supposed to pay them only if you get the notebook containing the translated content (English or Hindi) of the leaf. You can also get the cassette in which the words of the translator are recorded. You are also allowed to carry the leaf back home if the leaf contains only your information. However, this is possible only in rare cases.

Chapters in Nadi Shastra 

The chapters in Nadi Shastra are known as kandams. Each kandam sheds light on a different aspect of a person’s life. 

  1. Future.
  2. Family, education, eyes, money, and intuition.
  3.  Brothers, sisters, and relationships with them.
  4. Brothers, sisters, and relationships with them.
  5. Children and their lifestyles.
  6. Troubles and hardships.
  7. Marriage and details of the partner.
  8. Lifespan.
  9. Father, wealth, fortune, charitable deeds, social life.
  10. Career and job.
  11. Second or further marriage and business profits.
  12. Expenditures, foreign visits, next birth, salvation.
  13. Past life.
  14. Methods of self-protection from evil forces.
  15. Influence of planets on life.
  16. The liberation of the individual.
  17. Social service and political life.

Centers of Nadi astrology in India

  • Chennai – Sri Agasthiyar Mahasiva Naadi Jothida Nilayam, No 5/2, Venketesa Agragara street, Near Saibaba Temple, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004.
  • Delhi – Sri Agasthiya Mahasiva Sukshma Naadi Astrological Centre, No:643, Shivashram, Sector 31, Gurugram, Haryana 122003.
  • Bangalore – Sri Agastya Sri Kousika Nadi Astrology – IIPA, No.482 Ground Floor 33rd Cross, 9th Main Rd, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011.
  • Mumbai – Shri Vashista Naadi Astrology Centre, 18/141Gr Floor, Near Ganesh Temple Old Anand Nagar, Vakola Bridge, Near Swagat Hotel, Maharashtra 400055.
  • Haryana – Sri Agastya Mahashiva Nadi Jothida Nilayam, House Number 524, Sector 25, Panchkula, Haryana 134113.

Now that you know all the major details about the Naadi Shastra, you must give it a try yourself. It is worth mentioning that a few people use Naadi astrology as a means of fooling people. So, make sure that you are contacting a reputed center to know about your past and future. And you can check our India Tours packages.

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