The traditional Art of Madhubani

India is blessed with different cultures , religiones and various forms of art which makes it very special and people from all over the world love to visit India to explore new and interesting things. You can find different forms of art here like dance , music , poetry , sculpture, painting etc. Every region in India has different art forms which reflect their culture and traditions. Folk art is very popular in India because of its vibrant designs and its authenticity. Some of the famous folk paintings include Madhubani paintings from Bihar, Patachitra paintings from Odisha, the Nirmal paintings from Andhra Pradesh, and other folk art forms. In this blog,i will tell you about all the colorful Madhubani paintings which will leave you amazed.

History of Madhubani paintings

Madhubani also means Forest of Honey is a very renowned art form originated from a small village in northern part of Bihar. Exact time is still not known but it is said that it began during the time of Ramayana , when at the wedding of her daughter Sita with Lord Rama , King Janak ordered to decorate the whole kingdom for that special occasion . So the women started decorating and made Madhubani paintings on the walls of Mithila region and that is why it is also popular as Mithila Art. These paintings were created by women of numerous communities for occasions like marriage, festivals or ceremonies to express themselves and their culture . Later this artwork  passed onto generations and became famous all over the world . 

Their special designs and styles 

Traditionally the walls were coated with the cow dung or mud and then painted. Their techniques were simple yet very special . They made the paintings using the natural colours that were taken from the paste of powdered rice, turmeric, sandalwood, natural dyes, plants etc. Nowadays the same techniques are followed but the mediums are replaced by cloth , canvas , wood and are made using brushes , their fingers and other materials made from bamboo sticks . These Madhubani paintings are very colorful and bright. 

These paintings were classified into different styles like Tantrik, Kohbar, Bharni, Godna, Katchni. But now, artists use the themes in these paintings that often revolve around Hindu gods like Krishna, Rama, Lakshmi, Shiv, Maa Durga and Saraswati. Also, Sun and the Moon are the highlight of many Madhubani paintings. Artists also like to use flowers , plants , birds in their paintings to make them attractive. The geometrical patterns and double borders are commonly used in these paintings which make them more unique and different.

Famous Madhubani Artists 

Madhubani art is now practiced by many people but these are some famous women artists who received recognition from the government for their work .

Sita Devi : She was born in the Madhubani district of Bihar. She was very fascinated by the paintings from her childhood . Many women made those paintings but it was Sita devi who made this artwork famous nationally when she received the State Award in 1969 by the government of Bihar and later received many awards for her talent .

Ganga Devi : Ganga Devi also made paintings since her childhood as she was born in Mithila Region so she loved making madhubani paintings and her hard work paid off when she was honored by Padma Shri by the President of India in 1984 and also won national award for crafts . She traveled to different countries also and participated in the Festival held in America . 

Mahasundari Devi : She was a very popular Madhubani Artist who won hearts of thousands by her creative artwork . She was also born in Madhubani in BIhar and was very interested in paintings so she started learning from her aunt . She did excellent work and won many awards and made everyone proud . Her daughter in law ‘Bibha Das’  is also an award winning artist .

There are more artists who have done great work in this field and got recognition for their work .  

Madhubani Art in present day 

All the Art lovers are fond of Madhubani painting because it has a very unique and beautiful design. In modern times you can not only find Madhubani Art on canvas or walls but on many products like glass , pots , clothes , footwear , umbrellas etc. 

You can also find Madhubani Art on home decor products such as wall hangings , floors , napkins , walls etc. Their attractive designs make everything prettier and I think it is a great way to remember our culture and encourage the talent of people. 

Whenever you visit India, I recommend you to definately buy Madhubani paintings or different Madhubani products. You can buy them from different stores, galleries or from local artisans as well . You can now find many paintings online also . Buy this a gift for your loved ones . I am sure they will love it and cherish this special gift for lifetime . 

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