Top 10 Ayurveda Resorts and wellness center in Kerala


Why Kerala Ayurveda resorts are so popular?

Top 10 Ayurveda Resorts and wellness center in Kerala. First of all Ayurveda in Kerala is acceptable individuals here comprehend. The idea of Ayurveda being a lifestyle not only simply medication. Kerala is a famous in India for Ayurveda even more famous for the travel industry. Kerala has a truly tenable name with regards to Ayurveda. Its like Kerala is the brand for validness of Ayurveda. A large portion of the individuals who think about Ayurveda would not deny. The way that Kerala Ayurveda is heard to be the best one however in the event. for the reason that you have a go at discovering it. And large crowd the Gangetic district is very well known which is the reason there is more commercialization of Ayurveda over. As a result Kerala’s Ayurveda resorts are so popular. Some popular packages in Kerela.

List of Top 10 Famous Ayurvedia Resorts in Kerela

Top 10 Ayurveda Resorts and wellness center in Kerala listed bellow


Situated in the lap of nature in the rejuvenating city of Trivandrum, mekosha is an Ayurvedic resort that offers both Ayurvedic and yoga retreats. The resort consists of everything that nature has to offer. From weight loss to stress and cardiac care, to detox and rehab and to cancer retreat, the resort of mekosha is one of the best places that offer all the goodness of not only Ayurveda but also mother-nature all in the same place.

Mekosha believes in personalized care, and that is why one gets the chance to indulge in not only personal care packages provided by the resort, but they also receive personalized diets by the doctors that would help them rejuvenate from the inside. The mekosha also offers accommodations, in villas in the midst of nature next to the peaceful backwaters. In all the resort helps one get in contact with its true self and also helps one relax from the inside.


Somatheeram is built in the midst of a tropical garden with South-Indian style of architecture. The resort provides an Ayurvedic retreat that helps one get a fresher perspective of one’s own body. The resorts main motto and principle is to provide Ayurveda, yoga and meditation in calm and a serene environment. Not only has that but the resort also been awarded as the “Best Ayurvedic centre”.

From the usage of flower oils to therapeutic leaves to herbs, to herbs and herbal oils and to natural and organic products, all of these and many more products from the mother-nature are used to heal one’s self from the within and rejuvenate one’s soul. The resort also offers various packages which offer a combination of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation all wrapped up in a few days or weeks. The various retreats that the resort offers focus on various problems related to the body. Be it skin care, or weight loss, or mental problems, or digestive problems, the somatheeram resort is a one stop for all your Ayurvedic needs.


Kairali is an Ayurvedic healing village, situated in the Pallakdd jungles situated in the massive mountain ranges between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Ayurvedic healing village believes in a holistic approach to health. Kairali strictly believes in their principle which is nature and its gifts to us, which means no preservatives, no caffeine, no alcohol, no non-veg, no refrigeration and using of in-house products and only organic farming. The resort offers its best Ayurveda, yoga and meditation retreats to its guests.  It offers three different types of accommodation, all on its campus.

The first is the deluxe villa which allows one to get one with nature; the second is the royal villa which consists of professional and detailed designed interior and last but not the least the Maharaja suite. The Maharaja suite is as the name suggests is of a royal standard. In all the kairali is truly a village which helps one recover from the within.

River retreat

The once summer palace of the maharajas turned into a heritage Ayurvedic resort is the perfect place for anyone who wants to connect with nature on a one on one basis and experience its effects and advantages. The river retreat firmly believes in the caring and genuine healing under the “medical supervision” of god and mother – nature gifted Ayurvedic ingredients. The resort also offers living accommodations for its visitors. The institution has been known for its international relationships.  It has so far been home to 1250 international guests and has also received a five-star rating from around 250 of its guests.

Ananda Lakshmi

The Ananda Lakshmi resort situated in Kovalam believes in a peaceful environment, traditional Ayurveda and also in the rejuvenation of the body, the mind and the soul. The resort is in also in collaboration with the M/s Anand Niketan Ayur Resorts Pvt. Ltd. and also with M/s Usha Veda, an Ayurvedic Institute in Switzerland. The boutique retreat has fifteen accommodation facilities, out of which nine are deluxe villas, and the remaining six are the deluxe rooms. All the living accommodations are eco – friendly and are perfect for relaxation.

One other very captivating thing about the rooms is that the deluxe villas have the Arabian Sea view, while the deluxe rooms have the sea views. As the resort is a firm believer of nature, it’s dining also represents the same values. The guests are provided with specialized organic meals suited for their bodies. The resort not only practices Ayurveda but also yoga and meditation as well. Each morning starts with the guests practising yoga on a hexagonal wooden deck. The resort in all is an alluring place for both nature lovers and for those who want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


Svaztha Ayurvedic retreat is located in Thekkady, Kerala. It is situated in the lap of the Western Ghats amongst its calm and tranquilizing atmosphere. The Ayurveda practised here is one of a kind as it is not just a practice but a tradition and a legacy of the famous Chemenku Vaidya family that has been passed down from eight generations. The Ayurvedic retreat resort is spread in ten acres of green and lush lands wherein medicinal herbs and flowers are grown, preserved and cultivated which are later used in the Ayurvedic practices and retreats. Not only that but the Ayurvedic institution also is a firm believer of the “Vastu Shastra”, and thus all of its architectural design and construction is done with the logic behind it that all parts of the resort must get their equal share of sun and air, which helps in the further healing of one’s self.

The Carnoustie

The Carnoustie is an Ayurveda and a wellness resort. It was featured in the Forbes “top 5 wellness retreats for ultimate renewal 2017 “and has also been described by Forbes as “your wellness haven in Kerala – the home of Ayurveda”. It provides rejuvenation, detox, healing, anti –ageing, weight loss and sports medicine. It also has six different types of villas, all with either a pool view or a sea view; one can also request to stay on the houseboat. The resort in all provides all that is required by an individual to connect with one’s soul.

The Elephant pass

Next to the Periyar River, the elephant pass combines Ayurveda, yoga and meditation with nature, its benefits, and the calming splashing sounds of the river, peaceful and fresh air to get the best out of one’s self. The institution believes that their relationship with the customers is the best way to give and provide them with the best and thus in terms of hospitality, the resort is one of the best to visit and to rejuvenate.

Nattika beach Ayurveda resort

The Nattika beach Ayurveda resort in Thrissur is located on the sandy beach amongst the coconut groves and nest to the calming and the tranquilizing sea. The resort consists of various Ayurvedic treatments and programmes that are specifically designed for one’s body to relax, rejuvenate and become with one’s soul. The resort also offers villas along the sea to lose oneself within nature and fully give one time to heal from the within. The resort also has a yoga and meditation centres that in total have six to seven sessions in a day.

The Chaithanya Ayurveda

The Chaithanya Ayurveda combines the classical, traditional and scientific Ayurveda methods and medicines to provide one with the best Ayurvedic treatment. It provides assistance in osteon arthritis, ligament and tendon injuries, Neuromuscular diseases, lumbar spondylitis, and obesity and overweight, and lifestyle disease. It also helps one in detoxification, and also provides different forms of therapies. Along with an Ayurvedic retreat, there is also a yoga retreat that helps one connect with one’s own body and soul.

Above all are Top 10 Ayurveda Resorts and wellness center in Kerala.

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