Why You Must Enjoy a Spiritual Tour of India this Holiday Season

India has been a haven for spirituality since time immemorial. Starting from the ages of the Vedas, the soil of India has been home to the essence of spirituality as we know it today, with countless great minds and personalities forming the very basis for modern spirituality. Some of the greatest spiritual leaders are products of this great nation and prime examples of such are Swami Vivekananda, Guru Gobind Singh, Sarada Devi, Ramakrishna Paramhansa and so on. Of course, there are countless other enlightened minds that have been a product of Indian religious and spiritual teachings and have spread their ideologies all over the continent at the very least, if not the world. 

Having said that, being the birthplace of multiple authorities on spirituality, India is the perfect country for you to visit, for a truly transcendent experience of spirituality. Keep reading to find out more reasons as to why India should be your priority destination for this holiday season to delve deep into the meaning of our existence and imbibe the incorporeal secrets to a happier and better life!

  • A rich history that created spirituality as we know it today

This is a no-brainer. To truly understand something, you must aspire to understand its genesis. India has been home to countless spiritual ideologies that are practiced and adhered to all over the world today. Therefore, it only makes sense that to understand the intention of spirituality, you need to experience from where and the circumstances it originated from. Visiting places such as the Kurukshetra where one of the most epic wars in the history of the world was fought and where Lord Krishna had bestowed the sacred Hindu text known as the Bhagavad Gita will allow you to comprehensively soak up the rich history behind any and every form of spirituality.

  • Spiritual destinations that simply command your attention

India is home to a massive number of religious and spiritual sites, many of which hold extremely crucial roles of importance in charting the path of spirituality in India. More than that, these historical sites also portray the scientific approach to this spirituality. A prime example of this is the consideration of the Sun as a god and has been engraved in stone, centuries ago, on the walls of the Konark Temple in the state of Odisha. Further, certain activities and their importance in terms of one’s corporeal as well as incorporeal existence have been elucidated via sculptures and engravings on the walls and pillars of this architectural wonder. The list does not end there. The serenity of the Bodh Gaya pilgrimage destination is an inalienable location for every Buddhist all over the world since it is the birthplace of Buddhism. Simply experiencing the raw serenity is bound to help you understand Buddha’s love for all things living, which is, ultimately, the primary teaching of Buddhism. Along with these, there are countless other destinations of spiritual importance to not only Indians but countless practitioners of spirituality across the world.

  • The sheer beauty of the spiritual destinations

The images that are often displayed on the internet of the snow-capped peaks visible from Kedarnath or the sun joyously bouncing off the dome of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, barely do justice to the natural beauty of these or nearly all other spiritual locations in India. Even if you are not in search of spirituality per se, the magnificence of these physical locations will make you wonder what power created such beautiful locations. Bear in mind that these are not all-natural wonders. Some of them are human creations, such as the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, which are not only home to sculptures of Lord Shiva, but also ornate and ancient paintings of a civilization long forgotten, or the famed city of ghats that is home to one of the three super-gods of India, i.e., Mahadeva or Lord Shiva, wherein simply observing the prayers conducted by groups of people will leave you wanting for more.

The fact is that there are numerous reasons as to why you must participate in a spiritual tour of this magnificent reason. However, likely the most important reason is that after the heartbreaking year that the world has experienced, humanity has either already lost or is on the verge of losing its spiritual balance. Do we not deserve a reminder of the glory of the world? Do you not deserve to see the locations of core spiritual importance which our ancestors and our gods accorded importance to in their infinite wisdom? The thing to remember is that even if your quest is not one of spirituality, the sheer historical as well geographical grandeur of these spiritual locations will push you to question the bounds of human existence and the reason of simply being. If that’s not spirituality, what is?

As if that were not enough, the tourism industry in India has already begun to open up as the number of vaccinations against COVID-19 continue to rapidly increase. It is only a matter of time before the world returns to, at the very least, a semblance of our normal lifestyles. Therefore, it is the opportune moment to consider making your bookings for an ethereal experience of the spiritual locations of India. With a plethora of options regarding pricing and the preferred duration of your tour or visit, the only thing left for you to do is make that booking and start packing for one of the greatest countries in the world with respect to religion and spirituality! Come witness core values of spirituality unfold before your eyes in a country beckoning to your souls!

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