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Best Things to do in Mumbai

Welcome to Mumbai

Fact & figure
  • Indian union territory:
  • Area: 603.4 km?
  • Population : 1.84 crores (2011)
  • Language : Marathi & English
  • Attractions : Historical Places & Nature
  • Rainfall : 95.35 inches
  • : 14 m
  • Monsoon : June
  • Best time to visit : November to February
  • Temprature :

City Information - Mumbai

Mumbai, or as it is official known as today Mumbai, is an emotion and an experience. Rightly named as the City of Dreams, Mumbai is an ideal paradox of glamour with squalor, tradition with modernization, and heritage with urbanization. A melting pot of culture, lifestyle, professionalism and hope, Mumbai is the most dynamic metropolitan city pepping with the spirit of the local residents as well as with those who go to make the city their own forever.
Mumbai has a lifestyle and living worth boasting about with people of different walks of human survival thriving in the city and making their livings. It has always been since ages that people from outside Mumbai have come down to the city for professional and commercial reasons and have stayed back.
The true essence of the city can be explored while walking down the streets of Old Mumbai, which is the southern part of the city. It is the best way to soak into the city?s reminiscent colonial feeling, explore the heritage side and get transported to the British era which makes for a major part of Mumbai.

Top highlights - of Mumbai

  • Gateway of India located right on the waterfront overlooking the Arabian Sea, and the Taj Mahal Hotel opposite to it contribute to the most elegant spots of Mumbai. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station is another majestic construction which exhibits the colonial era at its best.
  • The street food of Mumbai is a foodie?s heaven with options of mouth-watering local delicacies to pamper your taste buds. Additionally, the city is a shopaholic?s paradise too with options of street shopping for fancy items as well as international brand stores in sparkling malls for designer wears.
  • The beaches, and the sunsets against the roaring waves of the Arabian Sea is a blissful experience in Mumbai.

What makes Mumbai famous ?

The hospitality of the people of Mumbai, their outlook towards life, their spirits towards work and life balance as a whole makes the city famous and the most lived and loved across the country. The largest slum at Dharavi and the most expensive building Antilia (owned by Mukesh Ambani) ? both can be found in Mumbai. While the slums showcase one side of the city, the posh roads do witness the livings of movie stars and industrialists balancing the other side. However, both the livings somehow converge at a single point when it comes to Mumbai as a whole.

History of Mumbai

The history of Mumbai dates back to the era when the Treaty of Bassein was signed between Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat and the Portuguese who were offered seven islands which were collectively named as Bombain. With several handovers and constructions made to the city, the changes kept on piling to make Mumbai the city as we know it today.

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