5 Most beautiful and famous Lord Krishna temples across India

India – A spiritual country dotted with the most ancient and beautiful temples of Lord Krishna that depicts deep history and events of Lord Krishna’s life journey. Lord Krishna is the supreme God and holds a most special place in the heart of millions of people. Krishna devotees from all across the world visit these famous temples in India to worship him, pray to him and get his blessings. These temples are masterpieces that need to be visited and seen by everyone at least once in their life to understand Indian religions and cultures. 

Shri Banke Bihari temple, Vrindavan

If you want to transport yourself in the old times and the glorious life of Lord Krishna, then Vrindavan is your destination as Lord Krishna spent many years of his life in Vrindavan. Banke Bihari temple is a gigantic Hindu temple with wonderful Rajasthani architecture that witnesses huge crowds all year round from far-off places. Banke Bihari temple was established by famous classical musician and poet Swami Haridas who brought this sacred idol from Nidhivan. Banke signifies” bent at three angles’ and Bihari signifies “supreme enjoyer”. So, the beautiful idol of Lord Krishna is seen holding the flute from his right hand and his right knee is bent across his left knee. One must visit the temple during the Janmashtami festival and Holi festival to witness the mesmerizing atmosphere of Vrindavan. 

ISKCON Temple, Vrindavan

Iskcon temple also famous as Shri Krishna Balaram Mandir is like a royal palace of Lord Krishna built with stunning white marbles. Once you enter this elegant temple, you will get to know about the different phases of Krishna’s life journey. The aura and beauty of the temple is truly a sight to behold. You will see many devotees praying and dancing to the melodious tunes of bhajans (music related to god) inside the temple. Take some time and sit there to feel the holy presence of Lord Krishna. 

Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara

The temple is dedicated to Shrinath Ji which is one of the avatars (form) of Lord Krishna. Located in the beautiful city of Rajasthan, the sacred Shrinath temple is one of the best Hindu temples in India. The temple is designed very beautifully with colourful paintings on the temple walls. Daily rituals like bathing, playing, eating, sleeping are performed at the temple for Lord Krishna. Anyone who is coming to seek the blessings of God should be a part of the Aarti Ceremony (prayers) when the whole atmosphere of the temple is so pure and you can feel a positive energy.  I have been to Shrinath Ji temple once and fell in love instantly. I also attended the Aarti Ceremony and I felt a special kind of happiness that can’t be described in words. 

Jagannath Temple, Odisha

This is another sacred temple of Lord Krishna that is quite different from other temples. Its daily practices, rituals and procedures are unique. Once you enter the temple, you will spot a lovely wooden carved statue of the deity Jagannath with the idol of his siblings by his side. The architecture of the temple itself is an art that deserves the attention of every person. Daily many food items (bhog) are offered to the deity which is later given to the devotees as blessings from God. The time spent here at this temple is definitely a rewarding experience that you will not get anywhere else. 

Dwarkadhish Temple, Gujarat

It is said that Lord Krishna lived around 100 years of his life in Dwarka which is why Dwarkadhish temple is a very important holy place of India that was built by Vajranabhji who is the grandson of Lord Krishna. Dwarkadhish temple is a gate of eternal happiness that will fill the heart of the devotees with love and full joy. The temple has 2 doors – one that leads to heaven (Swarg Dwar) and the other is a door to salvation (Moksha Dwar). Janmashtami, Diwali and Holi are some of the important festivals celebrated at the temple with dedication and full devotion. 

There are many more temples in India where Lord Krishna is worshipped in his different forms. Do come here with your family and dear friends to seek the peace of mind. You will learn a lot about Lord Krishna – how he lived his life, what he did and many more wonderful stories about him that will make you believe in God and have faith in him. 

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