5 Reasons to visit Rishikesh for a Delightful Experience

How about sitting near the Ganges ghats while looking at the river, enjoying a peaceful ambience and staring at millions of stars at night. If this is what you crave, then Rishikesh is the best place to be. Once you visit Rishikesh, you will be surprised by its culture and soon you will get used to it and fall in love with this magical place. 

Rishikesh is a spiritual destination also renowned as the yoga capital of the World where many local and western tourists visit in search of peace, adventure and spirituality. I have been to Rishikesh once and experienced the divine energy that this city holds. 

In my opinion, these are the top 5 reasons why every traveller should visit Rishikesh at least once in life!

Affordable and Authentic Yoga Classes 

Being the yoga capital, Rishikesh has some of the best yoga centres, schools where one can learn and practice different styles of yoga from professionals at affordable prices. Schools like Art of living, Parmath Niketan and other ashrams will make you understand the benefits of yoga as well as meditation. 

In Rishikesh, you will find several meditation courses and ayurvedic therapies too that will help you connect with your inner self and it will transform you into a better version of yourself. You can easily spend weeks or months depending upon your course but one thing is sure that Rishikesh will change your life for good. I joined a yoga course during my trip, learned some cool yoga techniques to reduce stress, made many new friends and enjoyed practising yoga in such a beautiful holy town.

Experience Spirituality and Hindu Culture

Someone in search of tranquillity and who wants to feel connected to God, should visit Rishikesh and completely immerse yourself in spirituality. If you are an international traveller and are keen to learn about Hindu culture, you should visit ashrams and temples to know about Hindu mythology and can attend Satsang ( spiritual talks) to learn about life and culture. 

Ganga Aarti is something you should look forward to during your visit to Rishikesh because there is nothing more beautiful and lovely than experiencing this. Ganga Aarti Ceremony is a traditional ritual where flowers and diyas (earthen oil lamps)are floated down the river and devotees use diyas as offerings. 

Thrilling Adventure Activities 

Rishikesh is a land of adventure that offers thrilling adventure activities to enjoy with friends and family. The main highlight is river rafting in Rishikesh that every adventure junkie must try. People can enjoy bungee jumping, white water rafting, mountain biking, kayaking and more.

Everyone should visit Rishikesh one day in their life to enjoy camping and bonfire with their friends. I think Life is best with good friends and a good adventure. So, you should not miss the chance of spending quality time with someone special under the stars, bond with them while having meaningful conversations, enjoy good food and make unforgettable memories. 

Plethora of Places to Explore 

Rishikesh has the best sightseeing options that you should add to your itinerary. Explore famous tourist attractions of Rishikesh like Ganga River, Parmarth Niketan, Laxman Jhula, Beatles Ashram and various temples. Take a walk around Laxman Jhula to witness the beautiful temple and take wonderful photos to light up your Instagram feed.  

But to find the real and authentic side of Rishikesh, one should go on unexplored roads to find offbeat places. You can visit several waterfalls such as Patna Waterfall, Neer Waterfall and Vikram Mini Waterfall. My friend and I took a scooter to explore these waterfalls. The journey is also beautiful because there is so much lush greenery and amazing mountain views. 

Enjoy Yummy Food and Chill at Cafes 

Rishikesh does the perfect job of satisfying one’s taste buds. There are many hangout spots where you get the best vegetarian good options and drinks. As it is a spiritual city, you will find alcohol free beverages. Just chill at the cafe all day, interact with locals, know about their culture, life and experiences. 

Relishing delicious food and chilling at the cafes was my favourite part of the day because the environment was so relaxing. Also, you can go and click some Instagram perfect pictures at these beautiful cafes in Rishikesh like Little Buddha Cafe, Sunset Cafe, Divine Cafe and Bakery, Cafe Karma.

If you have never been to Rishikesh before, I wish these reasons will help you decide better. There is so much to do and a number of beautiful places to explore in Rishikesh that you won’t regret even a single minute spent here. 

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