5 Reasons Why Every Traveler should visit Pushkar

Pushkar is one of the ancient cities of India with rich culture and deep spirituality. With an interesting mythological history, Pushkar has become a favoured destination as the city is dotted with numerous temples, heritage sites, desert landscapes and a peaceful lake. 

This makes it a fantastic destination to experience authentic Hindu culture and witness worship ceremonies. Pushkar has many more reasons to attract travellers to come and explore this sacred city, enjoy offbeat activities and have a relaxing vacation. So, below mentioned are some reasons to visit Pushkar.

  • Home to various temples

Temples of Pushkar have beautiful architecture and enchanting stories that will keep you interested. Brahma temple, Varah temple, Rangji temple and Savitri temple are some of the best-known temples in Pushkar that will provide you with an experience of a lifetime. Brahma temple is a prominent landmark because only Pushkar has a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma and that’s why lots of people from every corner of the world visit daily to seek his blessings and worship him. 

  • Pushkar Camel Fair

This event needs no introduction because its charm and popularity are spread everywhere. This largest camel and cattle fair gives an opportunity to buy and sell handicrafts, camels, Rajasthani products and more. Many camel decorating competitions, hot air balloon rides, live music and dance events are organized during the festival that brings lakhs of people to the Pushkar Camel Fair. Photographers and foodies will really enjoy being at this fair.

  • Shopping Experience

Going on a shopping spree in the colourful markets of Pushkar will be one of the best and enjoyable experiences because everything is so gorgeous and affordable that you won’t be able to stop yourself. You will see stunning Rajasthani attires, Silver jewellery, leather products, handicrafts and endless products. Pushkar is dotted with many markets and shops that sell authentic products. Pushkar is renowned worldwide for its fragrant roses. So, Rose oil is a must-buy product that you can find anywhere in Pushkar at a great price. You can also read my other blog to know about the best shopping places in Pushkar.

–     Mouth-Watering Food

Food is also a reason that makes your vacation enjoyable when one can relax and relish different dishes while spending quality time with their loved ones. Pushkar has some cool cafes that attract a lot of crowd because of its ambience and of course taste. Some of the best restaurants in Pushkar are Laughing Buddha Cafe, Cafe Lake View Pushkar, Sixth sense rooftop restaurant. During your trip, you should definitely explore these cafes because I don’t think anything is more satisfying than relishing good food with a perfect lake view.  

  • The Pushkar Lake 

For nature enthusiasts, a visit to Pushkar will be a great choice. Pushkar lake has such peaceful vibes with amazing surroundings. It is a really nice place for practising yoga, meditation, enjoying a picnic or just sitting and enjoying the beautiful sunset view. During sunset time, you can hear religious chants as well which makes the experience very special. 

One can spend a few days in Pushkar roaming around the lake, exploring various temples, getting lost in the small streets, interacting with locals and enjoying yummy street food. Moreover, it is a safe destination for women to visit solo. I hope these reasons will make you want to visit this little gem of Rajasthan. 

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