5 Reasons Why you must visit Nepal

Nepal is an incredible holiday destination you will ever visit because it’s the people, the culture, heritage, nature and its vibrancy that makes it worth visiting. There are many reasons to lure you to this beautiful country filled with happiness and endless beauty. Everyone who has the opportunity to explore Nepal should consider themselves lucky because you are going to be bowled over by the beauty of Nepal. Mentioned below are 5 reasons that will convince everyone to visit Nepal once in their life. 


1) Nepal is blessed with breathtaking beauty

To me, Nepal is wondrous as it is home to impressive high mountains, gorgeous rivers and lakes, amazing landscapes, trek and hike routes and what not! Not to forget, it is home to the world’s most marvellous Mountain range. For all the nature addicts and photography lovers, Nepal has so much to offer you that you can’t afford to miss. 

2) People and their Amazing hospitality

Another reason for you to travel to Nepal is their hospitality. Even if you are a first time visitor, you won’t feel uncomfortable because the people of Nepal will treat you with kindness and courtesy. No matter wherever you go in Nepal, the people will always be ready to help you with a smile on their face. Nepal is such a happy country that you can feel it everywhere. 

3) Increible Wildlife

For someone looking for an exciting experience with a chance to encounter wildlife, Nepal can be a good choice. Chitwan National Park is famous for spotting elephants, rhinos, leopards, tigers and lions too. Bardia National Park is a hidden gem that offers a special experience as it is less touristy and allows the travellers to enjoy overnight safaris, getting closer to nature and seeing the animals do their daily routine. 

4) Delicious Nepali Cuisine

A true way to enjoy a holiday is to relish different types of Cuisines. Surprise your tastebuds with the exotic flavours of Nepal. You will find a diversity of dishes influenced by countries such as China, India and Tibet. Nepal is a veg-friendly place as most of the dishes are vegetarian. Lentil Soup, Nepal style momos and Dal Bhat are some common dishes to try in Nepal. 

5) Great place to enjoy Adventure Activities 

True adventurers flock from each corner of the world to Nepal to do trekking and mountain climbing. Nepal has the world-famous Mount Everest – the highest mountain in the world and many people risk their lives to climb this mountain. Tickle your adventurous side by indulging in activities like bungee jumping, paragliding, mountain biking etc. 

Nepal has its own charm and uniqueness that can’t be replaced. A place that allows you to witness nature, enjoy wildlife, indulge in adventure and learn about their culture, is indeed a true holiday destination. 

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