AJMER – a city blessed by God

A small city with a population of about 2.5 million and located in the northern part of Rajasthan is the city of Ajmer. It holds a lot of religious importance in terms of history and Islamic heritage. It is one of the best known and most popular Muslim pilgrimage center in India. 

What is there to see in Ajmer?

If you have a question like this then the answer is why not as Ajmer has religious sites as well as royal architecture. The Mausoleum of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (also known as Ajmer Sharif Dargah) is an important place of worship for both Hindus and Muslims. While visiting Dargah you need to wear loose clothing; preferably cotton, if you come during summers. A harness is of utmost importance, so make sure you carry a scarf with you at least. Women could wear dupatta as in India short skirts, mini, middies are not allowed in any religious place. The city is surrounded by the extensive Ana Sagar Lake and the rugged Aravalli. Here you can also visit Adhai Din ka Jhopara which is a mosque built by Qutub-ud-Din-Aibak, first sultan of Delhi in 1199. Next is The Prithviraj Smarak, it is a statue, located on Taragarh Street in Ajmer, is a monument dedicated to the intrepid Rajput King – Prithviraj Chauhan. 

You may visit Daulat Bagh, a charming garden on the banks of the majestic Ana Sagar Lake, the garden has a charming background titled Shimla, which was erected by Maharaja Mangal Singh. The city is also significantly known for the Jain religion and is home to an incredible golden Jain Temple. Ajmer is also a well known learning center. Mayo College was one of the first schools in India to act as a stepping stone to the British style of education and is now one of the popular places to visit in Ajmer.

Time to visit

Ajmer Sharif Dargah – No Entrance fee.

Timing: 0400 to 2200 hours during the summer, and 0500 to 2100 hours during the winter months. (closed from 1500 – 1600 hours for cleaning)

Ana Sagar Lake – Free entry but there are charges for shared boat ride is approx INR 160 per person

Hours: 0800 to 2000 hours

Prithviraj Smarak (Statue of Rajput king Prithviraj)- INR 10  per person

Hours: 1800 to 2100 hours

Daulat Bagh- No entrance fee

Hours: 0800 to 2000 hours

Other attractions

You may visit Ajmer in 1-2 days which is enough but If you have more days then you may visit Pushkar which plays a significant role in Hindu religion which has one of its Brahma temples in entire world, it is about 15 kms away from Ajmer. 


We are going to take you towards traditional Rajasthani food that you will never forget once you taste it.

You will find a wide variety of items in Rajasthani cuisine and Ajmer people love to eat are Dal Baati Churma, Ghewar, Bajre ki Khichdi, Rajasthani Pulao and Gatte ki Sabzi and Sohan halwa.

Non-vegetarian food is also famous here, with the majority of the population here being Muslim. Dargah Market serves non-vegetarian food. Few of the non-vegetarian food served here are mutton curry, lal maas, sula kebabs, chicken, mutton, or chicken biryani.

All of these dishes are traditional and available throughout Rajasthan. If you ever visit Rajasthan, don’t forget to have Rajasthani thali (A traditional plate full of traditional food). Here are the arrangements of curries, pickles, special breads and desserts would delight you and other and It is a way to show hospitality to the tourist who visits Rajasthan.


Loose and cotton clothes must be your pick if you are planning for a trip in summers. It’s very hot at Ajmer from April till late September and my advise that your pack clothes must be airy enough and can let you breathe! Best is to go for full sleeved clothes, wear sunglasses and use sunscreen which will protect you from heatstroke. Winters started from the month of October to March can get a little cold, so you should bring light wool clothing, a jacket or a shawl.


If you are a shopaholic and love to explore the markets then Ajmer is the best place for you. In the  Dargah market which is near the Khwaja Moinuddin shrine one can buy flowers, cloth to cover your head, garlands, incense sticks and other items. The Dargha market has it all. In the market, you will find other stores that sell clothing, sheets, tablecloths, and other items made from the tie and dye technique which is an integral part of Rajasthan. Another place is Chudi Bazaar (the Bangle Market), Rajasthan is quite well known for the bangles. Not only are they colorful, but the designs they are available in are gorgeous. In Ajmer’s bracelet market you will find sets of bracelets that will combine with any garment in your wardrobe. There are also some small shopping malls where you can get as per your wishful thinking.

How to reach

I hope you have decided to visit this religious city, but you will have a question about how you will approach there, don’t worry as it is well connected by air and surface.

Since there is a direct and regular flight from Delhi and the closest airport is Kishangarh, which is about 28 kms from Ajmer and another is Jaipur airport, which is around 135 kms.

The train is a good option for saving time, since there are trains like Shatabdi which is known as one of the fastest trains, operate daily from Delhi and it takes 6 to 8 hours to reach the Ajmer train station.

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