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Pondicherry also known as Puducherry was a french colony and was established  by François Martin in 1674 which makes it a perfect combination of Indian vibe and french architecture . You can see the colorful buildings and french streets which makes this place an ideal destination for holidays . It is like Mini France where you can get to see the glimpse of its famous cuisine, tradition , french bakeries and mainly its french architecture but with indian touch. Pondicherry never fails to impress the tourists with its charm as it has something to offer to everyone. It is a nice getaway to sandy beaches, forts, gorgeous temples, museums, bakeries and lively markets as well. I have been to Pondicherry in the month of December near the christmas time when the weather was very clear and pleasant during the night. From October till March are the most suitable months for sightseeing. If you want to beat the summers you can visit the beaches in summer time and relax or do water sports. I can tell you a lot about this great city so let’s continue and give you the glance of Puducherry . 

Amazing places to visit in Pondicherry

  • White Town Promenade : It is an amazingly beautiful area with colorful streets , quirky french cafes , restaurants and museums . I really loved the exterior and interior of all the buildings as they were so unique and cool and gave us the perfect opportunity to click instagram friendly pictures. You can also take heritage walks and enjoy the journey while admiring its beauty.
  • Auroville : It is one of the most visited places of Pondicherry where you get the spiritual experience.It has a golden ball shaped temple named Matrimandir where anyone can visit irrespective of their caste and religion . It is basically a centre for mediation where you can spend your time and learn different things but you need to book in advance to visit inside this temple . Also you can visit Auroville Beach to relax and you can take a walk around the beautiful beach. I also visited the Auroville Bakery which was my favorite part of the trip to Auroville . It had delicious cakes and pastries and much more. 
  • Rock Beach : I love being by the beaches and this is a very  nice beach with golden sand , clean water and surrounded by trees. You should come and enjoy swimming here or take a sunbath . I usually visited the beach in the morning and watched the perfect sunrise . It is great to spend some alone time with nature .There are other beaches also like Paradise beach or serenity beach which are also very beautiful and clean.  
  • Churches : In Pondicherry , you will get to visit many churches and their architecture style is wonderful . The most famous churches of Pondicherry include Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Church of Our Lady of the Angels . Both the churches seem very attractive to me and have incredible interiors. 
  • Shopping Hubs : You will find various markets where you can get everything like clothes , food products , home decor items and much one in just one place. There are many boutiques and streets markets also which sell very unique pieces and I am sure you will love to shop in Pondicherry . Some of the best shopping places are  Janaki Boutique where you can buy fashionable indian clothes , Serenity beach market , Nehru street which is the best market to buy handicrafts or visit the shopping mall Casablanca and shop something precious.
  • Aurobindo Ashram : I feel that this ashram is the calmest place in the whole Pondicherry where you will see lots of greenery around you with such nice interiors. While taking the tour of the Ashram all the visitors are asked to maintain silence as many people practice  meditation there . 

Activities to do while you are in Pondicherry 

  • Try meditation or Yoga : I believe that Meditation and yoga is very important for one’s health . So you can definitely try this as there are many centres in Pondicherry especially in Auroville where you can practice meditation and learn various forms of Yoga which will be a very calming  experience for you. 
  • Take the Heritage Walk tour : Take a walk around beautiful streets of the french quarter filled with colonial buildings and get to know the hidden stories behind them. I explored the french quarter on foot and had so much fun. I clicked so many pictures and discovered different cafes and restaurants along the way and it was the highlight of my whole trip. 
  • Do Adventure sports : If you enjoy water activities then you will love visiting Pondicherry as it offers activities like Surfing , Scuba Diving etc but avoid doing these activities during the monsoon months as it is not safe at that time. 
  • Try different cafes and restaurants : Pondicherry is filled with cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy all types of cuisines. If you are a foodie then you must explore the cafes and try out new and tasty dishes and many cafes offer some of the best wines too. I remember driving from Chennai to Pondicherry for the weekend only to relax and venture out at the different French cafes and eat some delicious food. 
  • Enjoy and relax at the Paradise beach : Take a day off from life and head to Paradise beach by either a local transport or by renting a vehicle of your own. I went to the beach after lunch time and relaxed at the coast until the sun went down. I have never personally felt so calm and not seen such a serene, hardly crowded beach. Read your book, listen to your favourite songs, play beach volleyball or simply sunbath , the choice is all yours. 

I am sure that after reading this blog you also want to visit here very soon as it is such a creative town which will give you an exciting experience in your life.

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