Best places for trekking in Sri Lanka

While the tropical country is already a popular vacation spot, hiking in Sri Lanka allows you to discover the island’s length and breadth in an adventurous way. In Sri Lanka, jungle trekking is one of the most popular activities for tourists to partake in during their holiday.

The dense forests hide a lot of surprises in the form of waterfalls, wildlife and breathtaking scenery. The great part is that most of these treks are only a day long, making them accessible to even novice hikers.

1. Ella Rock:

Ella is a lovely village in Sri Lanka’s Uva Province that will make one think of the English countryside. Ella Rock offers the greatest views of the lush green meadows, railway lines and tea plantations. It is the tallest cliff in the village which offers stunning views and makes it one of Sri Lanka’s best hikes.

It is only when you have reached the peak that you will agree on why hiking up to the summit is worthwhile. Even the weather, which is a combination of sunny, cloudy, and misty, provides a compelling cause to ascend the steep trail. The Ella Railway Station serves as the starting and ending point for this lovely, charming walk.

2. Adam’s Peak:

The walk to Adams Peak is Sri Lanka’s most popular and touristic path. Climb the 5,200 stone stairs at night so that you can see the beautiful dawn when you reach the summit of Adams Peak. Adams Peak, also known as Sri Padas, is revered by all religions. While Buddhists think it is Lord Buddha’s left foot, Hindus think it is Lord Shiva’s footprint.

To avoid large lines of visitors and pilgrims, avoid full moon days and Sri Lankan New Year as you would have to wait 5-6 hours to reach the summit.

3. Pidurangala:

Despite the fact that Sigiriya Rock is more popular, Pidurangala Rock’s beauty and trekking opportunities should not be disregarded. Pidurangala, which is located in the vicinity of Sigiriya, provides not only a fantastic view of Sigiriya but also enticing dawn vistas. Because most people are unaware of this hidden gem, you will encounter fewer visitors than at Sigiriya.

Even the route to the summit has several sights to see along the way, including the Cave Temple, the Reclining Buddha statue, and even gigantic lion paws. It is one of Sri Lanka’s most off-the-beaten-path trekking destinations.

4. Knuckles Ranges:

Sri Lanka is a beach country as well as a hill country. The Knuckles Ranges, 180 kilometres from Colombo, provide a variety of hiking options in Sri Lanka. The Knuckles Range gets its name from the fact that all five summits are shaped like knuckles.

The great aspect is that the trails are a little more unique, challenging, and less crowded. If you love to go hiking, this is one of the most exciting spots to do hiking in Sri Lanka.

5. Kitulgala Rainforest Trekking:

Take a hiking journey through Sri Lanka’s gorgeous rainforests at the Kitulgala Rainforest Reserve. The area is filled with lush vegetation and boasts a number of cascading waterfalls. Get charmed by the breathtaking scenery and go on a once-in-a-lifetime hiking adventure.

Rappelling, swimming with the fish, and waterfall hiking are just a few of the adventurous activities available in the jungle.

6. Sinharaja Rainforest:

Sinharaja Forest is a magnificent treasure trove of flora, wildlife, and natural variety where you may enjoy some of Sri Lanka’s greatest hiking. This is your chance to journey through untouched jungles and experience life in the wild.

Wear gumboots and have a rain cheater with you at all times because this is a rainforest.

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