My Wonderful Trip to Hemkund Sahib Ji

sweet memories.Hemkund Sahib Ji is one of the most famous sikh temples in India and is considered to be a sacred place for all sikh religion pilgrims. Gurudwara Hemkund Sahib is a real gem and a stunning place located at a height of 4329m in Chamoli district in Uttrakhand. I have immense love for the mountains and wanted to visit and explore Hemkund Sahib through trekking. So I went in September, 2018 with my friend. Before telling you my experience I just want to say that my whole journey to Hemkund Sahib Ji was incredible and the views were breathtaking. Our trip started from Govindghat which is the starting point from where you can visit Hemkund Sahib or Valley of Flowers trek. Pilgrims also have the option of using horse, Pallki (carried by 4 men) or travel in helicopter till Ghangaria, a village near Hemkund Sahib but we both wanted to travel on foot and experience everything on this adventurous journey and witness picturesque views. We started our journey early in the morning so we could reach Ghangaria till evening and stay the night there. The whole route was amazing and has enchanting views that will win your heart. You will find many eateries which serve delicious food like tea, Paratha, Maggi , cold drinks etc but yes at some places it is little costly so i advise you to carry something to eat with you. As we were going to Hemkund Sahib Ji on foot we carried important medicines, umbrellas and raincoats with us in case we needed it. And during the trek, It started raining a little which added more to the beauty of it. You should also bring umbrella and medicines with you especially if you are going on a trek during the rainy season. The view of the still mountains and the tranquility will take you to the different world and you will find many pilgrims with you during the journey who will keep you motivated. The trek was moderate because the path was cleaned and repaired. After sometime, we took a short break to have our lunch, we brought our own food with us. We had tea from the small stall there also and that tea was the best. We felt energized after having lunch and then starting the journey again. We reached Ghangaria around 6 in the evening and my feet were paining so bad at that time but every minute during the trek was worth my time and dedication. I can say that all the basic facilities were available en route which made the entire journey quite easy.

We stayed at Ghangaria for a night. We were so tired that we slept without having our dinner and moreover we wanted to start our journey to Hemkund Sahib Ji early morning so that we could return the same day . After the night at Ghangaria, we started our journey towards our final goal. The distance was about 6-7 kilometres and the trek was a bit difficult but the desire to reach the Hemkund Sahib Ji gave me strength. When I reached that place I was awestruck. We could hear the melodious prayers from about one kilometre away. It was built so beautifully and the whole place was really peaceful. I have been to Gurudwara many times before but visiting Hemkund Sahib Ji was something different because that sacred place offers tranquility from the hustle bustle of the city life and gives you an opportunity to relax in the lap of nature. We went inside the Gurdwara and spent some time there listening to prayers. Then we had Langar (free food) which is available to everybody. The food was very tasty. I also volunteered and washed dishes and felt blessed. Later we went to a lake which is situated near the Gurdwara Known as ‘Hemkund Lake’. I was mesmerized by the views of the huge mountains from the lake. Many people were also taking a dip in the lake but it was really cold so we just sat there and enjoyed some time together. Then we returned back on time. Reaching Hemkund Sahib ji was difficult but it was a treat for the eye and I am definitely going back there again and next time I would love to do the valley of flowers trek also. So to have a religious as well as adventurous experience in your life together, do visit Hemkund Sahib ji and create

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